Create Your Company's Fundable Profile

Each startup must create a Company Profile that provides an overview of the company, product, and funding goals.


Choose a Rewards or
Equity Fundraise

Startups offer Rewards or Equity in exchange for funding. The terms of the offer are available for Backers to see.


Promote Your Fundraise & Gather Commitments

Startups make their fundraise available to potential Backers who can commit funds directly to the company.


Rewards vs. Equity


Rewards-based raises allow startups to provide an item of value in exchange for a capital commitment. For example, if a Backer commits $50, the startup may offer a copy of the product once it's produced.

  • Offer pre-orders, custom incentives
  • Typically raising less than $50k
  • Anyone can back you
  • No equity dilution


Companies may offer shares of company stock directly to accredited investors in exchange for funding commitments. This may include options for Convertible Debt and Debt funding as well.

  • Offer equity stake in company
  • Typically raising $50k to $10m
  • Available to accredited investors only
  • Must issue stock in company


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    One flat monthly fee.

  • No Percentage Fees*

    Whatever money you collect is yours. We do not charge any kind of fee to be successful.

    * Payment processing fees may apply.

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