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In an ideal world, there would never be any problems. However, the world is not ideal (yet).

Please let us know if you have any problems at all on our site.  We would especially appreciate you telling us about any of these types of problems.

Technical Issues

Please use our Technical Issue form to file a report.

System Abuse

We'd like to hear about system abuse issues as soon as you find them.  Typical cases for abuse include spammy posts, profiles that are for questionable products or offers, or just general community rudeness.  We will look at each case as it's reported and try to address it as quickly as possible.



Haven't received your reward in the time promised by your startup?  Let us know early and we'll try to help the startup get what they need to you.  Because these products are often in very early stages, it's sometimes possible that the startup improperly estimated delivery times.  Regardless, drop us a line and we'll do what we can to help identify the issues.


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