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AllTheRooms: Fast Facts

AllTheRooms is the leading provider of short-term rental data and data analytics solutions. Our mission is to empower our customers and host through the use of our data and insights.

Access to Short-Term
Rental Data is Limited

Short-term vacation rentals are in high demand. However, hosts and the overall market have limited to no access to short-term rental data and data analytics. This data is crucial to helping property owners, property managers, investors and more understand how short-term rentals are being used, including consumers’ needs, trends, prices and more. People need access to information to make sure their rental property is attractive for anyone needing a short-term vacation.

Valuable Short-Term Rental Data

AllTheRooms is the leading provider of short-term rental data and data analytics solutions. We offer real, actionable insights to empower hosts, investors, municipalities and enterprises.

Our data is useful for:

AllTheRooms collects a wide range of data, then packages it in reports to help our customers be more competitive. We also connect customers to tools and services that can help them meet consumers’ needs.

How It Works

We provide several different solutions to our clients, including monthly data reports, daily raw data feeds and direct access to our data dashboard product, which is designed to empower the user and short-term vacation rental host by providing them with a set of tools, features and services that are not available in the market. 

Just as Google crawls, stores and organizes all of the information on the internet, AllTheRooms does the same, but specifically for vacation rentals and vacation rental data.

By empowering rental property hosts, AllTheRooms helps them attract more customers, resulting in more dollars being spent in the local economy.

Traction & Accomplishments

Product Development: We have over 5 years of solid historical data.

Customer Acceptance: We have seen strong customer acceptance for our product, with over 30,000 organic subscriptions, growing at over 2,000% since our launch and over 57% month on month, with strong return and purchasing metrics. Our enterprise sales are over $1MM.

Patents: We have 15 patents filed, of which 5 have been allowed by the USPTO.

Social Proof : We have a strong and loyal customer following, with two shows on Netflix, one called “StayHere!” which aired in August 2018 with another show, called ”The World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals” and two new series expected.

Partnerships: We have hundreds of partnerships, which include and are not limited to AWS, FactSet, GLG, Goldman, Marriott, BestWestern, State of Florida, Horwath, and dozens of others.

Press Mentions: We have been in a number of publications, including Financial Times, NYT, Bloomberg, CNBC, PhocusWire, Forbes and many more.

What People Are Saying

Hosts and Investors that owns 1 or 2 properties and are highly interested about Short Term Rentals. 

What is your favorite part from being a host?
"The hospitality and the love for my area.”

Meet The Team

Joseph DiTomaso, Founder and CEO, with over 18 years of financial services experience, during which time he was an investment banker at Morgan Stanley, and executed over $150Bn in leveraged and acquisition finance and restructuring transactions.

Juan Hoyos (5 years) Head of Tech, with more than 16 years of software engineering experience, a degree in Systems Engineering and a Masters in Empirical Software Engineering.

Steven Jankowski (4 years) Head of Growth, BS in Financial Economics from University of Leeds. Prior to AllTheRooms, he worked at Blackrock and Shell as a fixed Income and commodities trader.

Victor Bosselar (4 years) Head of Sales and Marketing, with 7 years of sales experience and a degree in marketing from Fordham University.

Lawson Taylor (18 months), masters in Mathematics and Data Science. Prior to joining the company, he worked at Deutsche Bank and Morgan Stanley Sales and Trading.

William Pearson (2 years) Chief of Staff and product development. He received his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Boston University, where he also completed the Air Force ROTC Program.

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