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New to Crowdfunding?

You're not alone. We've compiled a list of common questions that you're bound to ask at some point, so why not now.

Is a rewards raise just for products?
Products and services both work well for Rewards campaigns. As long as you are delivering value to your backers, your rewards can come in any shape or size. We've seen plenty of service companies successfully raise funds by offering their services at a discount.
What’s the typical amount most investors will commit?
The average amounts we see committed through Fundable range from $25,000 to $50,000. The minimum commitment we allow is $1,000, and there is no maximum. Most deals on Fundable contain no more than 10 investors.
How do I know if an investor is interested in my company?
You will receive an email each time an investor requests access to your Business Plan, which will contain the investor’s name, email, bio, and a short message. You will want to respond using personal email, looking to answer any questions or set up a call to gauge interest level.
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