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Regulated spot and futures exchange


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DRIVE Markets
is a regulated spot and futures exchange.

In simple terms, that means that whether Bitcoin goes up or down, our traders make money.

This is because our exchange is one of the very few that allow our clients to short the market.

Big names like Nasdaq and Fidelity have recently backed similar exchanges that aren't live - we are.

Our clients are brokerage firms and funds with cryptocurrency trading available in USD, EUR, JPY, GBP, CHF and more.


That's because these IT teams did not come from the capital or forex markets, creating significant barriers for the exchanges.



The Drive Markets infrastructure, including our wallets and regulatory approval, mean we are well on our way to offering:

Our technical vision includes:


Our exchange is built to emulate the forex and capital markets which means out of the box, we’re compatible with the trading systems our clients use. 

When you buy shares, you don't login to Nasdaq to place a trade -- you do so through your bank, broker or service (ex: E*TRADE, which is connected to the exchange). And don’t forget, many traders at banks and brokerages aren’t permitted to use anything but the systems used by the company which must be connected to an exchange.

This is how Drive Markets works, providing a much broader market and a more seamless experience.


Our clients are able to connect their existing trading software and high frequency algos directly to our exchange, just as they would in the capital and forex markets

Our ECN (matching engine) is capable of handling 2.5 million trades per second

It can also communicate order confirmations in milliseconds to trading desks across the globe

Cryptocurrency exchanges have proven to generate substantial revenue. Drive Markets makes money whether our clients buy or short the market

We have already launched an industry news and analysis website, Drive Insider (, to support our enterprise


We also secured partnerships with​



Marco Sylvestre | CTO

  • Highly experienced CTO and Scrum Master
  • 18+ years experience in enterprise software development, QA and architecture
  • Has enjoyed an evolving career that includes two CTO positions
  • As a Scrum Master and Agile Coach, Marco has worked with Fortune 100 companies, coaching large-scale development teams on the move from waterfall to agile development

Kate Hiscox | Founder and CEO

  • Serial technology entrepreneur with successful exits
  • Started her career as a software engineer before transitioning to product and finance
  • With a passion for technology and entrepreneurship, Hiscox counts private exits and a public company among her achievements
  • Has been featured in Forbes, Inc., TechCrunch and has authored three patents

Ade Onigbanjo | Head of Product

  • Financial Markets technologist with a proven track record in technology leadership and product strategy
  • Enjoyed a 20-year career with JP Morgan before making transitioning to cryptocurrency markets
  • There he helped bridge the gap between the best practices of the global financial markets and cryptocurrency exchanges
  • Onigbanjo speaks institutional and understands that in order for brokerage firms and funds to trade crypto, compatible infrastructure is key - a missing element from the majority of today's cryptocurrency exchanges

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