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iMetabolic Biopharma: Fast Facts

iMetabolic Biopharma (iMBP) has been built from the ground up to disruptively transform biotech and disease treatment. We are striving to accomplish this goal through the application of our innovative digital therapeutic discovery platform. We are also going the extra mile by establishing our own drug pipeline.

Massive Problem
We all face it. We’re all vulnerable to it.
Now someone needs to fix it.

Unfortunately, pharmaceutical development isn't that simple. Traditional drug discovery and development are both expense and time-consuming. This results in a tremendously high number of late-stage failures, that waste time, capital, and opportunity to advance solutions that do work.

It also motivates the industry to focus on high reimbursement rate diseases, and ultimately decreases the ability to help the broadest number of people who have high but unmet medical needs.

One Brilliant Solution

iMetabolic Biopharma (iMBP) was conceived from a founder’s vision to change all of that.

He tested his idea and, most critically, demonstrated that it works.  iMBP was born to carry it forward. 

State-of-the-Art Technology

iMBP is more than another startup looking to change the world of biotech and pharmaceuticals. We are already changing that world, and we are doing that by combining state-of-the-art computational methodologies to aid in protein therapeutic functional modeling and design.

This is the backbone of our iPlatform™, and this digital therapeutic approach provides new biological insight and streamlines the drug discovery process for certain disease states. In other words, we enable the development of new drugs -- based on a unique class of therapeutic compounds -- that translate into safer, more efficacious drug candidates, in both a shorter time frame and at a lower cost.

This is more than a dream or wishful thinking. What we're doing is the real deal and has already been validated with four therapeutic assets in various stages of early development. A couple of them are poised for early FDA review by the end of 2022.

Given our success, and given the immense potential, iMBP is looking to continuously replicate this approach for the development of new therapeutics into existing disease areas of interest -- and so much more.

Why We’ll Lead

Unprecedented Versatility
Our key area of success will be in iMBP’s  ability, through iPlatform™ to iteratively establish therapeutic assets that can address a multitude of different pathogens associated with a number of indications. These drugs have the capabilities for in vivo and ex vivo therapeutic application.

Unparalleled Precision
iPlatform™ is more than a platform. Our intelligent assets are able to selectively target specific regions of a pathogen. Equally important is the fact that they can also be tailored to elicit specific biological function for enhanced efficacy, clearance and/or administration.

Outstanding Risk Reduction
Last but not least, the format of these assets can produce efficacious results with reduced side effects versus other treatments. These molecules can also be made at a lower cost -- and more efficiently -- to reduce expense to both drug sponsor and patient.

Traction & Accomplishments

Four therapeutic assets in development: Two of these products are in the treatment of different metabolic diseases, and the other two are in the treatment of cardiovascular disease. These therapeutic assets are in various stages of early development, but two assets have timelines that have them approaching early FDA filings within the 2022 calendar year.

Patents: iMBP has been awarded a US methods patent (9,783,600) and has filed numerous provisional applications.  There is a clear IP strategy in place focused on securing compositions of matter around the actual therapeutic molecules (including genetic sequences) in the pipeline and uses thereof.

Partnerships: iMBP has already executed two partnership deals with Ligand Pharmaceuticals as well has securing a partnership with Amazon Web Services. iMBP’s leadership is continuously building value and relationships to identify potential partnership opportunities to benefit the company.

Meet The Team

Urban A Kiernan, Ph.D. | Founder, Chairman and CEO 

  • 20+ years of experience in the life science and biotech industry
  • Has made notable scientific achievements that led to numerous publications, ~$4 Million in NIH award funding, issuance of 11 patents
  • Successfully negotiated licensing deals (deal with Johnson & Johnson) and acquisitions (Intrinsic Bioprobes acquired by Thermo Fisher Scientific in 2011)
  • Dr. Kiernan quickly rose to a Global Business Development role at Thermo Fisher Scientific where he learned significant transactional, program and business management experience
  • He remained in this role until 2016 and founded iMetabolic Biopharma in 2017

Stephen Munk, Ph.D. | Director and COO

  • 20+ years of pharmaceutical experience; former CEO and President of Ash Stevens Inc., a full service Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) development and manufacturing organization, from 1997-2017
  • Under his leadership, Ash Stevens received 12 FDA approvals to manufacture innovator drug substances which allowed him to accumulate a wealth of knowledge in compliance and process management for regulatory processes
  • He is also the author of several peer reviewed scientific publications, the recipient of NIH grant awards and issued multiple patents

David F. Hendren | CBO

  • Extensive experience in launching, funding, and building successful healthcare,  biomedical, and life science related ventures from incubation to exit
  • Expertise and perspective from all sides of the table with roles including attorney/counsel, entrepreneur, VC, CEO, CBO, Board Chair, and advisor with >$100M invested, ~$1B raised, and exits including IPOs, M&A, and licensing transactions

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