"Because I love my venture capitalist."

- Said nobody, ever.

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New Breed of Investor

Nearly half of our investors are Founders, CEOs or C-level executives. We also have a large percentage of subject matter experts who understand your product and industry.

Larger Raise Amounts

With an average raise amount 12.5x greater than Kickstarter, it’s not uncommon for a rewards raise to exceed $125,000 on average and equity raises rise well above $325,000 on average.

Save Loads of Money

We don’t take a percentage of your raise — that’s for you. Instead we charge a small, monthly, flat-rate fee of $179 per month, and provide you with hands-on training to help you be successful.


Create a profile.

It’s free to setup and you won’t start paying until you’re ready to fund your startup.


Choose Rewards or Equity.

You have the choice to do a reward or equity fundraising campaign.


Share & Promote.

Tell the world about your startup and gather commitments from investors or backers.

Fundable Helps Crowdfund Great Companies

Gary chose to do a rewards fundraise offering free beer for life. He raised $61,673 and opened a craft brewery in Grapevine, Texas.

Jessica raised $475,000 and had her flagship product endorsed by the 42nd and 44th Presidents of the United States of America.

John raised $1.25M to grow Decision Desk, application management software now used by 100+ higher education institutions.

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