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McAvoy Capital Group is a holdings company specializing in manufacturing and machining companies and facility acquisitions. Our investment criteria seek companies where our focus on centralizing business administrative services will maximize profitability.


Over 18K, U.S. machining and manufacturing companies
make a
common mistake.

Prevailing Misconception
These companies waste profit and resources by inefficiently spending on several areas:

In turn, these companies neglect to deliver high-quality products with high-profit margins.

All Stakeholders Lose

  • Companies make less money
  • Customers receive inferior products and services
  • Less trickle-down profits and compensation for investors and employees


McAvoy Capital Group identifies, acquires, and subsequently increases profitability.


Centralize Administrative Services

With each one of our acquisitions, we will centralize administrative services within the holdings company. Post-acquisition, we will deploy a series of employee/company trainings.

Proprietary Employee Training

  • Executive Management (Ability to drive results that align with our vision)
  • Project Management - Lean Process (Ability to produce a higher quality product)
  • 6 Sigma (Enables companies to deploy higher-quality products faster)


Our training will eliminate department inefficiencies. Our value-add is always to free up existing resources prudently by refocusing them to produce better products while increasing profit margins.


Strategically Constructed Portfolio
Our acquisition strategy sources companies within our very stringent investment criteria and parameters. Each potential acquisition will be judged in the following areas.

Our Considerations





Patrick McAvoy, MBA, Chief Executive Officer
Patrick was raised in his family’s machining and manufacturing company cultivating over 15 years of skilled knowledge and experience. Patrick served honorably in the U.S. Army for 10 years where he developed and honed his servant leadership mindset. Over the years Patrick became Project Management, Six Sigma, and Executive Management certified. He has served as the Chief Executive Office of multi-million dollar corporations and has been in executive leadership for over 20 years. Patrick is the creator of the Business Success System that will be used to ensure success of each acquisition. Patrick has inspired others as a leadership and culture consultant which will be deployed to ensure continued coaching is embraced as a company.

Timothy “Shamil” Bond, Chief Acquisitions Officer
Timothy was born and raised in Boston, MA. While studying corporate finance and accounting in his undergrad, real estate investing became his passion. After learning the ins and outs of real estate investing, his focus transferred to securing capital for real estate investment purposes.

From building business relationships within private equity groups, family offices and the likes, this opened the door to advising clients on capital structures for alternative income producing assets. Timothy's well-balanced working experience and attention to details allows him the capability to adapt as needed. Timothy has overseen and led negotiations with asset managers at financial institutions.

Yvans Cator Jr., Chief Operations Officer
Born to two Deaf parents, Yvans started his business career as a full time, Nationally Certified sign language interpreter and communication specialist. He would later transition his professional interests towards investing in real estate and seeking ideal businesses to acquire. After establishing a strong investor network over the course of several years, he went on to develop a number of properties in the Washington, DC Metro Area to add to his investment portfolio. This led him to establish Millstone and Windsor Group, an investment consulting firm that specializes in providing hard to access investment resources to members of the Deaf community. Yvans is Six Sigma certified and his expertise includes communication logistics, project management, as well as targeting and identifying value-add opportunities. Yvans is an apt communicator that displays a high attention to detail.

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