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New West Genetics Inc: Fast Facts

New West Genetics is a global leader in premium hemp seed genetics. We combine traditional breeding, modern genomics, and agronomic expertise to create non-GMO, proprietary hemp seed bred for high-yielding production, with tailored traits for the food, feed, supplements/pharma, and fiber industries.

Existing Hemp Has Poor Yield & Traits

The hemp market worldwide has been small, as it doesn’t yield enough to compete with larger market crops like soy.

The market has been occupied by the clonal/feminized seed (CBD focused) companies, and the grain and/or fiber breeders from Canada or the EU. However, a majority of these companies have no genomic experience and no large-scale commercial breeding experience.

Hemp has poorly adapted genetics for US production - resulting in poor yield - and there has been little to no hemp breeding work done globally on end-market traits.

High-Quality, High-Yield Hemp

New West Genetics has made hemp’s entrance to larger markets possible by creating a sustainable crop that offers double yield and desirable end-market traits.

We use genomic data to inform our traditional breeding selections and reach the end variety’s commercialization just as fast if not faster than a transgenic solution, while addressing the growing consumer market’s desire for non-GMO products.

We capture a tremendous amount of data on thousands of plants, including the genotype, phenotype, (what it looks like in the field), and chemotypes (the cannabinoid profiles, plus the nutrition profiles of the seed). The data is analyzed each season and allows us to solve problems and create better genetic products.

We then employ strict selection season after season to create the highest yielding, best adapted seed for commercialization and a cost-efficient product for our customers.

Key Features

  • New West Genetics has multiple products available plus a number of highly specialized traits in the pipeline.
  • Our current commercialized seed allows customers to harvest at least two products. They are principally grown for both grain and CBD, and in some regions harvested for the fiber as well.
  • Our varieties demonstrate higher yield performance in university trials.
  • Our varieties are certified according to multinational seed standards, through a quasi-regulatory body that enacts US federal seed law, called AOSCA. Growers value this 3rd party validation.
  • Our varieties possess multiple traits competitors do not, like frost tolerance, excellent germination, and strong pest and disease resistance.
  • With every seed sale, we also offer a comprehensive agronomic consulting package to support our customers until final harvest.

Traction & Accomplishments

Product Development: Our first product was released in 2020 and three new product releases piloted this 2021 season. The product release cycle will be about every 2 years going forward.

Customer Acceptance: Strong customer adoption and return customers from first year release.

“NWG is bringing the heat, and breeding for traits to make the crop more cruise control like what most farmers are used to, … these genetics have been trialed for years. NWG 2730 in the right conditions is growing like corn, and that’s very promising.”
JAMES G, Kansas farmer of NWG varieties, 2021 NWG customer

Patents and IP: 10 U.S. utility patents submitted in hemp genetics; patents in review and granted. 1st place in multiple university yield trials. 1st PVP issued from the USDA on a hemp variety; multiple now issued. 1st US bred AOSCA certified variety in US.

Social Proof: We have thousands of followers: LinkedIn | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

Partnerships: We have 10+ partnerships in development across academics and the food, beverage, grain, and seen industries. We have partnered with Scoular and Gro Alliance for the production, cleaning, packaging, and storage of our planting seed. We also manage our own small-scale seed production with our own farmer network.

Press Mentions: We have received press coverage from publications like Hemp Industry Daily, Lancaster Farming, and Natural Products Insider

Meet The Team

Wendy Mosher
President and CEO, Co-Founder NWG, NWG Board Member
Mosher built the company from inception. As a thought leader in the industry, Mosher is a frequently requested speaker by regulators to lend her expertise, as well as by multinational companies across the traditional agriculture pipeline. To guide industry-forward regulations, she serves on various hemp regulatory committees and industry associations.

Daphne Preuss
NWG Chief Business Officer, Founder Catalytical LLC., NWG Board Member
Preuss founded and was CEO of Chromatin Inc., a sorghum-focused seed company that she grew into a global seed distribution and operating business. Preuss was previously a plant genetics Professor and Howard Hughes Investigator at the University of Chicago and serves on various ag industry boards.  

Dr. John McKay
Director of Genetics, Founder, NWG Board Member
McKay is a professor of plant evolutionary genomics at Colorado State University. He leads a research group on the genetics of adaptation in crops and model systems, with a focus on drought and sustainability. McKay’s publications have been cited over 6,000 times, and he serves on scientific review panels in the US and internationally. 

Dr. Rich Fletcher
Director of Breeding, Founder, NWG Board Member
Dr. Fletcher was a member of and eventually a director for Cargill’s canola breeding program for 17 years. Before that he worked as an agronomist for several years, resulting in a practical working knowledge of field crop production.

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