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3GSolar Photovoltaics is a photovoltaics manufacturer with a mission to improve wireless devices around the world with dye solar cells.

Our cells eliminate the need to continuously maintain and replace batteries on connected devices - without sacrificing price or efficiency.  Plus, manufacturing PV without the use of silicon produce far less of an impact on the environment.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is now here to stay.  From smartphones to sensors to wearables, the number of connected wireless devices around us is increasing by the second.

But along with this device influx comes a huge increase in required maintenance - which is proving costly both economically & ecologically.  Look no further than battery needs.

Many of the billions of wireless devices & sensors around the world use perishable batteries which are not only expensive to replace, but also harmful to the environment.  This is especially true for the many wireless devices used in hard-to-reach locations.

Hope persists for a better solution, though, with photovoltaic (PV) technologies that convert sunlight directly into electricity.  But despite its efficiency and potential, PV isn’t currently well-matched to wireless/IoT indoor applications for a variety of reasons:​

The time is now to take PV technology into widespread device adoption.  Introducing 3GSolar Photovoltaics: a global leader in producing PV dye solar cells (DSCs) that supply energy under conditions where others cannot. 3GSolar has a mission to improve wireless devices around the world with a unique photovoltaics technology.

Our DSCs power indoor electronics & sensors using fluorescent and LED light with exceptional efficiency - revolutionizing wireless devices by eliminating the need to ever replace batteries and making them truly maintenance-free forever.

Waive goodbye to the cost of disposing & replacing batteries and say hello to the ultimate energy solution for IoT devices.  Both economically and environmentally, 3GSolar DSC is the lowest cost high-efficiency PV technology for wireless electronics.

Our tech platform is designed to incorporate various PV materials and is also aesthetically customizable to the customer’s needs.  This, along with its reliable & wide-ranging power output, make it ideal for a number of conditions and applications:

DSCs use a sandwich of titanium oxide, electrolyte and photoactive dye to create electric current.  Like a battery, it’s electrochemical - but functions similar to the natural process of photosynthesis by converting any light into electricity.

The dye collects light and seamlessly converts it into electric current.  We produce the cells using a silicon-free screen printing process that carries low environmental impact - resulting in a final product that works significantly better in variable lighting conditions.

Our current solution is available in glass, with ultrathin formats to also be released in the near future.  Sizes range from 5 cm2 to >200 cm2 (designed to wireless product dimensions) and meets all key electronics reliability specifications.

Perovskite, which has seen the fastest power efficiency progress of any light-harvesting layer, is just one of the many PV materials that our platform can incorporate.  We’re also involved in R&D of this breakthrough compound in addition to our product launches.

These efforts are creating a pipeline of next-generation photovoltaics with even higher power - leading to energy solutions for an increasingly broad range of wireless electronics.

To this end, at 3GSolar, we will further increase our market lead through additional product releases over the near future - focusing on continuous form factor and power performance improvements.  Other benefits that our solutions readily deliver include:


3GSolar was founded by Dr. Jonathan Goldstein, an electrochemical device expert with 56 patents under his belt.  His unparalleled domain expertise led to a vision to commercialize DSC technology - and the rest is history.

Jonathan’s experiences in consulting on batteries, chemistry, and more are a huge asset to our team.  As President, his primary functions include IP, financial management, and supplier relations - and he’s joined by the following talented executives:

Barry Breen | CEO | Has held senior positions at AVX Corporation & a GE engineer after earning a Nuclear Engineering degree from MIT.  Also former Owner of ABN Consultants and has valuable experience with thin-film innovation.  Winner of Kyocera Corporation President’s Award.

Nir Stein | CBDO & Director Product R&D | Versatile skill set includes expertise in solar energy, interfaces, solid state physics, and molecular electronics.  Product development, partner relations, and business development are amongst his primary responsibilities.

Daphna Pearl | CFO | Seasoned CA/CPA with 20+ years of financial services experiences, including with high tech firms.  Past roles include CFO at Israel Seed Partners and Senior Accountant at KPMG.  Heads up financial management and R&D grants for our team.

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