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The privacy of Fundable users and their information is extremely important to Fundable LLC and we take this matter very seriously.

All users of Fundable are covered by the following Privacy Policy. Fundable reserves the right to update this Privacy Policy. If required to do so, or it is in our best interest, Fundable may release user information in compliance with law enforcement agencies.

Persons under the age of 18 are prohibited from using Fundable and any associated services. These individuals are therefore not authorized to submit any private information to the system and Fundable LLC accepts no liability for such actions. 

Contact Information

Upon registering as a Fundable user, certain contact information such as your name, email address, and mailing address may be collected. This serves as an example and is not intended to be a complete list of information that may be collected at registration. is an online service that allows startups to connect with individuals who are interested in helping to support them by pledging money in exchange for a reward upon a successful fundraise. Only users who are manually approved will be able to launch a campaign on the site. 

System Emails

As part of the normal functions of the Fundable platform, we will send you email regarding your transactions on the site. We will keep these emails limited to a minimum.

Fundable will send you system generated emails and promotional materials. These communications may begin during the registration process and continue while your account remains on the Fundable platform. 

Startups will receive the email addresses of their backers if the project is successfully funded through a Fundable campaign in order to help ensure proper delivery of rewards to backers among other communication. Startups that are not successful funded will not receive their backers email addresses as no further communication would be warranted.


As part of our efforts to provide better services to Fundable users, Fundable LLC collects certain information related to the Internet and your computer. In order for us to analyze trends and provide superior service to our users, Fundable LLC retrieves the web address (URL) of both the website that you visited directly before and directly after visiting the Fundable site. We also receive certain other information about your personal computer such as the unique IP address. Fundable LLC also follows a standard practice of using cookies and logs to analyze website usage. Cookies a extremely small files that are stored on your computer and help us to provide you with a better experience by automatically recalling your preferences each time you visit our site. Cookies will not harm your computer in any way and can be deleted at any time.


Following registration, Fundable users will be prompted to complete a profile. Current users can also make changes to their own user profile. A user profile may contain, but is not limited to, your name, a personal statement, your work experience, goals, and any items contained on a resume. You should use good judgment about the information that you post in your profile since this can be viewed by others on the Fundable. Your personal contact information CANNOT be viewed unless you release this information. Additionally, the information in your profile can be edited at your discretion at any time.

Account Preferences

You may make changes to your Fundable account and any associated preferences at any time. To make changes, you must log onto the Fundable and make any edits through the My Account section. You may also request to terminate your Fundable account. To request a removal of your account, please contact us.


By entering into our User Agreement, Fundable Startups agree to not abuse other users' personal information. Abuse is defined as using personal information for any purpose other than those explicitly specified in the Startup’s Project, or is not related to fulfilling delivery of a product or service explicitly specified in the Project Creator’s Project.

Affiliate Services

WePay processes all of the transactions on Fundable. No one sees your credit card information besides WePay, not even us.


If you have a question about this privacy policy, please contact us at:

Fundable, LLC
1322 Manning Parkway
Powell, OH 43065


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