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Quick Pitch

Simple Syrup is an Essential item to stock in any bar or cafe. 4 Pours is a line of Simple Syrups using Organic Raw Cane Sugar, and the Freshest and Locally Sourced ingredients to naturally infuse our Syrups with flavor.

Our Motto and Mission

At 4 Pours our motto is "Make life Simple." Therefore, it is essential that we provide a product that uses high quality and NATURAL ingredients. 

Our primary focus at 4 Pours is to produce a sweetener that offers a Highly Flavorful and Unique taste experience, unlike any other on the market. Our Simple Syrups can be used in the gourmet COFFEE culture, in BARS and RESTAURANTS and by HOME cooks. Combining the freshest combination of NATURAL ingredients, our product will be attractive to chefs and experimental food blogs. This original idea will give us a crucial advantage over the competition.

How We're Different

Organic Cane Sugar

4 POURS uses a blend of the best-certified Organic Cane Sugar and Pure Extracts, while most simple syrups use processed flavorless white sugar. Compared to white sugar, organic cane sugar has the full-bodied taste of sugarcane and is less processed, retaining a lot of the nutrients present in cane juice. 


We utilize company's committed to food safety, quality and sustainability. We use local sources for our fruits and herbs to provide the freshest ingredients possible.


NO more boring ugly squeeze bottles of simple syrup at the bar, coffee shop or in your cabinet. 4 Pours not only taste amazing, it comes in a beautiful teardrop shaped bottle that can be used as a home accessory. 


The 4 Pours family consists of 3 Creative Young Professionals with extensive experience in the Bar Scene, Beverage Marketing and Sales, and the Event Production world. The 4 Pours team has a solid grasp on the newest trends and latest culture from living in Manhattan, Williamsburg Brooklyn, and Los Angeles. The 4 Pours team are well traveled and well educated driven professionals.

4 Pours is NOT Your Average Syrup!

4 Pours offers 8 Unique Flavors of Simple Syrup, and 1 Stevia flavored Simple Syrup for the health conscience consumer. We believe in NO WASTE. We offer 3 different flavored popsicles, which use our delicious remaining fruits and herbs.






MOCHA (Made with Cold Brew Coffee)



Traction and Accomplishments

  • The company has been legally formed.
  • Trademarked logo and motto.
  • Created a unique business model.
  • Attained a wholesale account to purchase our beautiful bottles.
  • In-house graphic designer and web-builder. 
  • Strong sales and marketing team. 
  • Great network connections throughout industry and target market.
  • Sales and marketing plans created.
  • Reviewed and tested recipes.
  • Our team has secured our suppliers, commercial kitchen, permits and licensing.
  • 4 POURS Merchandise 
  • Our team will sell our Simple Syrups at food fairs and farmers markets, in the form of flavored lemonade. We will pre-make 3 to 4 flavors of lemonade using filtered water, fresh lemons and our syrups.

Ex: Citrus Mint Lemonade or Chili Chipotle Lemonade. This will not only build capital, but will also provide an opportunity to educate.


Our social media presence would propel our product globally! Together, we have over 5000 social media contacts. Our website, Facebook and Twitter pages, and our blog would all contain video recipes as well as written copy of how to use our product. We will demonstrate our Syrups in cocktails, new innovative mixed drinks, specialty desserts and an assorted variety of hot beverages.

Where are the Funds going?

4 Pours is working directly with Power Brands. Power Brands has customized a package to fit our needs.


Product Development Package W/Prototypes: $12,500 includes label & packaging design, formulation, raw material sourcing, manufacturer setup, ongoing executive consultation and 15-20 prototypes.


  • Creative Brief: meetings/conference calls to determine and define brand identity, including packaging design, recipes/formulas, target demographic, etc.
  • Lay flat Artwork: Once the concept design is approved, our and their graphic designer will create a lay flat file suitable for printing which will include back and side panel elements such as nutritional panel, ingredient list, UPC barcode (to be supplied by client), and any sell (or romance) copy.  
  • Formula Research and Development: An R&D brief will be created by Power Brands based on the direction, recipes, and samples provided by client. Final formulas will be converted into bottling formulas for mass production.
  • Packaging Material Sourcing: Power Brands will provide supplier information for bottles, caps, labels, cans, cartons, and any other component that is used in the manufacturing process for this brand.  
  • Contract manufacturers: Power Brands will recommend manufacturer(s) who are capable of running the specifications of the client’s new product, i.e. machines that are able to manage the chosen package design and have the correct processing equipment for the ingredients selected.






RENT $9,600




Additional Fees go to: Travel, PR, Marketing, Tradeshows:

Our Story and Family

As you may know, living in NYC is expensive, along with our day jobs, The 4 Pours team have held bartending positions at high-end bars. After creating our own cocktail recipes for years, we asked ourselves... why aren't there better simple syrups used in cocktails?? Yes, I've seen some bars make their own simple syrup out of plain white sugar, and throwing it in an ugly squeeze bottle. Quite the eye sore, and there's no excuse for that! So, we teamed up with mom, who has experience with The French Art of Food Combining and the raw food movement, and we created 4 Pours Simple Syrup. 

4Pours Simple Syrup will revolutionize the beverage/sweetener world! 


  • SPEED – Decisions are made quickly meaning products can go to market faster. Not having to go through the politics of a large corporation accelerates productivity.
  • AUTHENTICITY – The strength of a family is its ability to be emotionally honest with on another, helping the business thrive.
  • TRUST – Trust is essential and an integral part of the business. Family members can talk openly without fear, without risk of exposing trade secrets.
  • INGENUITY – The fate of the business being in the hands of the next generation insures not only fresh ideas but also a technological edge.
  • Like any other business, families have their challenges but ultimately the continuance of the company is for the common good.

Giving Back

Our Solider and Sales Manager, Steven Millar, served in the Army for over seven years. Steven served two tours in the Middle East. It is important to 4 Pours that we give back! A percentage of our annual proceeds will be donated to:

 The Wounded Warrior Projecthttp://www.woundedwarriorproject.org.

  • To raise awareness and enlist the public's aid for the needs of injured service members.
  • To help injured service members aid and assist each other.
  • To provide unique, direct programs and services to meet the needs of injured service members.

The Wounded Warriors' team up with: http://www.generositynyc.com/teamrewalk

Everyday at their Research Center they continue trials of the Rewalk device--a revolutionary bionic exoskeleton that allows paraplegics to walk.           

Founders of 4Pours

Catherine Millar - Founder/CEO


I've been working in beverage marketing and events for the past 5 years. Some of my duties consisted of educating consumers on the brand, finding sponsorship and placement, running events and trade shows, hiring and managing a promotional team and coming up with INNOVATIVE MARKETING TACTICS. I was one of the first hired in the marketing division at Real Beanz Iced Coffee, and remained in charge of sampling and events. I've worked as a freelance beverage specialist for such companies as Grady's Cold Brew, Function Drinks and Crispin Hard Cider. The beverage industry is my world, and I love it!

Steven Millar - CEO/Sales Director


Steven was VP of Sales at Newton and Associates LLC. He has been highly effective at analyzing customer and marketplace needs while developing brand strategies that deliver added value and increased sales. He established relationships with many of the major national spirits and beer distributors. Along with marketing, Steven has head bartending experience, making him well versed in recipe development.

Jade Gorman - Creative Director/Marketing/Events


Jade has 11 years of experience working as a Special Events Manager and as a Strategical Marketing Manager for Bacardi and Redbull, which has provided her with in-depth knowledge of beverage marketing. Along with being a marketing and events wiz, Jade majored in Visual Communication, and went back to school to learn the current versions of the most relevant visual and graphic design programs. Her current role is to work directly with the Founder and Sales Manager producing and running all special events and samplings to increase sales. Jade is the point person for graphic art and layouts, and performs graphic design functions.

Cynthia Millar - Co Founder and Product Development


Cynthia has been a home chef for over 30 years. Being a vegetarian for 30 years, provided Cynthia with vast knowledge in our product's ingredients. Cynthia has experience with The French Art of Food Combining and the raw food movement. No longer a vegetarian, Cynthia is now creating new recipes for 4 Pours. Cynthia oversees the development of 4 Pours Product Line from concept development, system demonstration, and into production. Cynthia is responsible for the COST of the overall program to bring the item to market, the Schedule of the development process, and the performance of the item once it is into production.


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