Open device and software platform for use-tracking transit services.


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4PT is a Danish firm concerned primarily with decreasing overhead and increasing use value, with regard to big-data analytics, in the public transit sector. Our hardware and software solutions work together to make public transit systems reach peak capacity.

We began as a software-only platform, and last year acquired the transportation department of hardware-maker M-Comp A/S to begin providing full-spectrum solutions.


Big Data” is a cliché term. It’s also obfuscatory. It suggests an organization problem, while obscuring an underlying interoperability problem.

Capital always drives towards bifurcation. Where one solution exists, free markets spawn many, in a pantomime of choice.
More choice is not better things.
It’s just more.

Public Transportation is usually a place-based monopoly. Monopolies need no panoply of choice in their providers. They need uniformity and rapid scalability; the hodge-podge nature of evolved legacy measures using disparate commercial tech is neither of these.

Data is only an asset when it is in action. Like holding cash money in an inflationary economy, sitting on data has costs, with rapidly-decaying utility not least among them.

Data siloed inside its own vendor-locked vertical cannot contribute to informed, data-driven decisions. Only open-standard solutions can capture and compare relevant variables across silos to improve operational efficiency across all spectrums.


4PT was launched as something more than just a software studio. We are a standard.
A standard for public transit data modeling that puts the emphasis on public.

We know, from extensive work in the civic sphere, that black-box, closed-IP, protected data formats are only as useful as the corporations peddling them. Public infrastructure must be open, so that anyone in office can freely build upon it.

The standard shouldn’t be a fashion of the times, or dictated by capital’s innate need

to control and profit from growth. It should reflect the humane nature of public transportation itself.

By acquiring M-Comp A/S we are moving to manifest in hardware the unique, open, interoperability principles already resident in our software standards.

By replacing closed-source legacy hardware “solutions” with our effective, open, low-cost devices, we can rapidly leverage our software models into a myriad of real-world uses. 




Chrestine Nordberg is our CEO and comes to us as the former CEO of M-Comp A/S, with a special focus on the Transport Department. She has 30 years of industry experience, and familiarity with our production methods, our market and our customers.

Our CTO is Søren Pedersen, who was the main HUB developer for M-Comp A/S, and who has been providing tech support to FARA and other customers. Søren Pedersen brings us many years’ experience in dedicated software for resident devices in transportation. 

Lars Nordberg-Hansen is our Business Development Officer. He brings us 35 years of experience in the international small-footprint electronics market and co-developed the Hub Grand and other devices with Søren Pedersen.

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