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75Health, a product of Kaaspro Enterprise, is an innovative, accurate, and completely cloud-based electronic health records (EHR) and electronic medical records (EMR) platform that helps health experts worldwide maintain the most accurate and up to date records for all of their patients. A trusted platform for thousands of patients and medical professionals, 75Health is about so much more than going paperless: it teaches doctors and other healthcare professionals to work simply yet effectively to provide the best patient care they possibly can.

Quality healthcare starts with patient data. Before a medical professional can accurately diagnose and effectively treat a patient’s condition, they must have all of the information, and that goes beyond current symptoms. It starts with medical history and up-to-date health records, two things that are difficult to access in many physician’s offices all over the world.

Despite the prevalence of technology in our modern world, doctors in many parts of the globe are still relying on paper records to track and treat their patient’s medical conditions and history. This system, however, is slow, complicated, unorganized, and ineffective. Often times with these traditional and voluminous records, crucial patient data is left out or lost in the the sea of paper.

Information technology is a powerful communication tool, and over the last decade, the popularity of Electronic Health Records — EHR — has increased substantially. Many medical professionals and facilities are starting to rely on EHR software to keep the most accurate and up-to-date medical records, as well as access past patient data. As a whole, the medical field is moving into the future, with EHR lighting the way.

The EHR software that exists, however, is still plagued with problems. The programs are time-consuming to set up, and frustrating to use patient to patient. Existing software is clunky and awkward, lacking a seamlessness that medical professionals rely on to treat their patients quickly and effectively. Why they solve some of the problems paper medical records create, current EHR programs on the market are an inefficient partial solution.

The possibility for a better solution exists, and now, with 75Health, it’s finally here.

An innovative medical technology service provider, 75Health is a complete cloud based Electronic Health Records (EHR) solution for traditional paper medical charts. Without the hassle of downloading or installing, medical professionals can have instant access to medical records and begin charting their patient’s visit immediately, and at the touch of a button. It is a simple, streamlined process that makes providing quality healthcare easy for everyone, no matter where on the planet they’re being treated.

We have taken all the steps necessary to make sure that the 75Health EHR platform is HIPAA certified.

At 75Health, we strive to help medical professionals increase their efficiency and productivity while prioritizing patient safety and data privacy, and that all starts with data. It all starts with 75Health.

At 75Health, we care about more than just going paperless. Our goal is to help healthcare professionals provide the highest quality of patient care, safety, and privacy while fostering an environment of streamlined health information exchange, meaningful use, and regulatory compliance. 75Health strives to ensure the highest level of quality, accuracy, and security of patient information, so medical professionals can have access to the proper information they need to help patient get healthy and stay healthy.

Here’s how:

On 75Health’s user-friendly platform, medical professionals can access and edit health records with the touch of a button, without downloading or programming a thing. Our streamlined platform makes it easy to see past medical history, record new information, attach files, and refer patients, all in one simplified online portal.

With 75health, medical professionals can easily manage their patients, no matter what medical field their in. The platform’s portal makes keeping track of a patient’s personal information is as easy as click, type, save.

The days of calling and confirming appointments are over, because 75Health allows medical professionals and their patients to schedule, adjust, cancel, and reschedule online, no phone needed.

Get paid faster and more efficiently with 75Health’s simplified billing, that allows users to manage hospitals, clinics, and doctors offices all online.

Physicians and patients stay in touch with 75health's Message center. There, they can send information, ask question, and perform basic follow-ups without having to meet in person.

75Health’s EHR system adheres to the healthcare industry’s standards of privacy and security, including the SNOMED CT, ICD-10, CPT, HCPCS, LOINC, RxNorm codes and more. While our platform may make it quick and easy to access and manage EHRs on multiple devices and from all over the world, the records remain safe, secure, and up to professional code.

75Health was established in 2010 and launched in 2015 and is now a fully completed product in the marketplace. Already, 75Health boasts 50,000+ users, and an additional 1000+ accounts are created every month and used in more than 120+ countries.

Since the initial launch, we 75Health has released several new and updated versions of our platform, the most recent one in February 2019. The latest version includes advanced features such as e-prescription, patient label, CDS rule, etc We are always striving to improve our platform, and improve overall patient care, with each new feature and platform development.

In addition to our traction in the marketplace with healthcare professionals, 75Health’s constant drive toward innovation led us to be recently recognized by Capterra, a world-renowned software reviewing website, as one amongst the "Top 20 most popular EMR Software"


We were also recognized by Healthcare Tech Outlook magazine as one of the “10 Most Promising Document Management Solution Providers - 2017.”


Also appeared as "Product of the month" in Silicon India magazine - 2017. The future of healthcare lies in accurate, secure, and accessible patient data. 75Health is that future.


75health was also featured in the Insights success magazine as the "The 10 Best Emerging Healthcare Startups in 2017"


The most recent accolade we received was from Insights care, they have ranked us amongst the "The 10 Most Trusted EMR/ EHR Solution Providers"



We have featured in Insight Success for "The 10 Most Trustworthy Healthcare & Life Science Solution Providers"


Mirror Review magazine honored 75Health in "The 10 Foremost Enterprise Document Management Solution Providers, 2018"

75Health is a cloud based EHR platform serving online users all over the world. To make our service even better and more accessible, we are working with private cloud clients across the globe who are in the final stages of signing on with our service.

In addition to the private cloud clients we are currently onboarding, 75Health is working with several White labeling partners who are interested in branding our product as their own. Several of these deals are in the final stages. Already signed two white labeling partners, one in China and another one in Nigeria. We are also setting up distributor reseller partners across the globe, one already signed in South Africa and the other in Trinidad and Tobago covering their entire regions.

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75Health is an innovative medical information technology service provider that was founded by entrepreneurs who understand the importance of accurate, secure, and accessible patient data. Born out of a desire to help medical professionals increase their efficiency and productivity so they can provide more accurate, effective, and safe healthcare, 75Health is the future of easily accessible, easily sharable medical data, a crucial component to the continued improvement of medical care.

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