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Boston Surface Railroad Company (BSRC) is a privately-owned rail transit company that will run from Providence, RI to Concord, NH, with stops at all major destination cities between the two (Woonsocket, RI, Worcester, MA, Lowell, MA, Nashua, NH, and Manchester, NH.)

Operating using existing right-of-ways on freight tracks that are already laid, BSRC will provide high-end amenities like wifi and bar cars to commuters who would otherwise be stuck driving (and parking) many private automobiles.


Every year, the number of people commuting to work in the United States increases. As more and more people move away from the high costs of urban rents, they require a means of transport that can get them back into the cities where they work.

For at least the past half-century, automobiles have been viewed as the ideal solution to this growing conundrum. It provides simple, effective mobility for anywhere from one to seven people, and is free to travel wherever there are roads, and even some places without.

However, despite its many advantages, the personal automobile is not really an ideal mass-commuting vehicle. Most cars end up carrying only one occupant most of the time, and as expected, this has become something of an environmental nightmare.

Private cars have become the bane of city planners, as they clog streets, pollute the air, devour open space for parking, and generally cause three new urban planning problems for every single problem that they solve.


Boston Surface Railroad was created to provide a seemingly old-world solution to this decidedly new-world urban planning problem. By shifting commuters away from the private automobile and towards rail travel, we solve a slew of developing problems at once.

Our train service will provide regular and reasonably-priced rail transit along one of New England’s most heavily-traveled commuter routes, with scheduled stops in each urban hub along this popular route.

By combining hundreds of commuters on a single train, we eliminate the large environmental footprints of hundreds of private automobiles that would otherwise be clogging the arteries of our cities with traffic, and clouding our atmosphere with soot.

Train travel helps our passengers save more than just the earth, however. They also save time, money and, most importantly, stress. Train travel turns commute time into productive time, when one can focus on the wifi, not the road in front.



We own two locomotives already, and they are currently being renovated and upgraded in New Haven, CT.

Public-private partnerships with cities of Woonsocket, Worcester, Lowell, and Nashua.  Partnerships are in place with Siemens, Providence and Worcester Railroad.

Media and consumer interest has been overwhelming to date, with positive coverage in local and nationwide publications. Social media grassroots response has been enthusiastic.

Social demand for a post-automobile, small-footprint format for commuter travel is growing each day, as cities become more congested and polluted.

We have completed all Level 1 studies and federally mandated safety planning for the first market segment between Worcester, MA and Providence, RI, with  Rights-of-Way, station access and railroad liability insurance policies in place. 

Typical Regional Transit Authority (RTA) timing would be 6-7 years for this level or progress, with expenditures 2-3 times what we have actually spent.

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