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Quick Pitch

The first of its kind - most GPS devices on the market only function outdoors with an open view of the sky. We are ready to revolutionize the way you keep track of everything important to you from your luggage to your family members with a personal GPS tracking device that offers true indoor tracking with continuous position updates.

So, What Is It?

Track your pets, children at school, elderly out for a walk, or your luggage where ever it lands. Track anything you want, anywhere it goes right from your smartphone.

A unique first, the InSite GPS Tag is a small, coin sized GPS tracker that uses 5 different kinds of technology to ensure it works everywhere it goes- even indoors.

It comes equipped with tons of intuitive features such as Geo-Fencing where you can draw virtual perimeters around areas such as school zones, neighborhoods, workplaces etc. and receive notifications anytime your device leaves the zone, in which direction and how fast it's travelling - all in real time and with centimeter level accuracy. 

Of course this entire experience is delivered all from a feature-rich app on your smartphone, tablet, or PC. The applications for InSite GPS Tags are endless, from personnel and inventory tracking, to protecting your beloved valuables, pets, and loved ones. 

Product/Service Details

The InSite GPS Tag utilizes next the generation SiRFusion™ location platform and is based on the SiRFstarV™ architecture for optimum indoor and outdoor performance. It really is the smallest, most advanced GPS chip ever designed. 

The nerdy stuff- Our devices are capable of tracking GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, Compass, SBAS, and future GNSS signals. Our unique platform integrates positioning from GNSS, terrestrial radio solutions such as Wi-Fi and cellular, and MEMS sensors including accelerometers, gyroscopes, and compasses to extrapolate movement data when GPS is unavailable.  

SiRFusion™ can then combine this real-time information with cellular base station and Wi-Fi access point location data, ephemeris data and other cloud-based aiding information to generate accurate and reliable position updates.

The result is high availability and accuracy for positioning and navigation outdoors, in urban canyons, in parking garages, and indoors in shopping centers, airports, convention centers, and other pedestrian areas previously unreadable by GPS.

Awesome 3D Mapping

We have partnered with the world's leading indoor technology firms who are mapping the indoor world as we know it.  To date we already have over 40,000 stunning indoor 3D maps of the most common public and private facilities in our world such as airports, shopping centers, hospitals, universities, and office complexes and that number is growing every day.  

Even better, through the amazing technology of a special platform years in development, you will have the ability to easily create indoor maps in any area you want to track your device such as your home or office!

This technology is a true innovation in indoor navigation, and it's going to change the way we see everything. 

How We're Different

Many of the attractively priced "tracking" devices on the market today aren't actually GPS capable at all - infact they are simply Bluetooth devices that have a range of only a few hundred feet and can only point you in their general direction.

The InSite GPS tag is a true GPS device that can access GPS technology almost anywhere in the world, and it provides real time centimeter level tracking and exact position information, indoors and out.  

No GPS device has ever really, truly worked indoors and been able to provide the continuous position updates that we can, not to mention delivering it on beautiful overhead or indoor maps, right to your smartphone. 

We are working with some of the most brilliant minds in the world to crack the indoor GPS problem. The complex engineering behind getting so many different technologies to work together in a brand new way has resulted in this amazing breaktrough in GPS technology. 

How exactly does it work?

Many animals utilize local variations in the Earth's magnetic field to find their way around. These magnetic variations commonly exist inside buildings as well. Many sources can contribute to these variations including Earth's magnetic field, and the structures of the building. Our device uses brand new technology that can sense and record these magnetic variations to map indoor locations. 

Facilities all around the world such as shopping malls, parking garages, stadiums, hospitals, office complexes, schools, universities, airports and more will begin to integrate beacons that will communicate with your device to help deliver this experience, much of which is currently available through existing WiFi access points.


Michael Harvey - Founder

@Cornell University @Wasabi Ventures @InSiteGPS  

Serial entrepreneur and investor, Michael Harvey is the founder and CEO of InSite GPS Technologies based in Florida, USA.


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