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Carla Car Rental is a digital marketplace where every rental agent and dealer can offer best-in-breed service. Its unique design puts renters and their immediate needs front-and-center, with location-aware cognizance of franchise and independent renters.

By putting actionable, crowd-vetted service-level information into an action-enabled app, Carla allows users to pick, secure and reach the situationally-best car rental solution. In doing so, we drive considerable customers to participating dealers and agents.

Moving to mobile makes sense. We see this across many industries; customer-facing business functions are increasingly migrating on to online platforms where users can interact seamlessly, on the go. Crowd-driven verification is becoming a market norm.

We see flavors of open verification processing in restaurants (Yelp) contracting (Angie’s List) retail (Amazon Reviews) and grey-market lodging (AirBnB.) By using simple, automated infrastructure, individuals become more vested in their transactions.

This form of social investment is becoming an important business driver. Online, brand-agnostic review, reputation and reservation sites drive the majority of motivated customers. This is especially true for markets involving timely decisions.

Despite all this, no brand-agnostic review, reputation and reservation site exists for the multi-billion dollar car rental market, where services levels are literally a matter of life and death. Each large franchise has their own siloed app, leaving users discombobulated.

Carla frees users from the need to install fistfuls of different car rental franchise apps. With a single-source, easy-to-use portal into all relevant rental options, Carla lets you ditch the bloat and confusion of different, competing apps from varied franchises.

With its user-driven design, Carla puts your immediate needs first. It identifies where you are, provides standardized information about the local market of options for car rentals, and then guides you through the process of booking, all the way through to final review.

By pooling the many experiences and reviews of other real-world users, Carla makes it easy to cut through the siloed-app hype and find the best deals. Once the best deal is found, Carla takes care of the remaining back-end overhead, securing the rental for you.

From end to end, Carla provides a better solution than any single car rental agency app. It does it for every provider listed in our marketplace and ensures that helpful users’ feedback is attached to each transaction that it oversees. 





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