Designs and builds air vehicles for true point-to-point travel


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Designed from the ground up for greater convenience, safety and efficiency, ZEVA is the future of mobility. Our first vehicle, ZERO, will transform the transportation landscape for mission-critical travel (police, first responders, etc.) with a groundbreaking eVTOL (electric vertical take-off and landing) concept. Founder Stephen Tibbitts first started working on the precursor to this project back in 2003. Now ZEVA is ready for its grand debut.


Populations continue to grow throughout the world.

And with that growth comes a greater emphasis on urbanization and a greater number of individuals living in the world’s largest cities.

That growth is far outpacing the world’s infrastructure, which is simply inadequate at best and crumbling at worst.

Now is the time to open up a third dimension to travel.

It is essential that medical first responders, police departments and others have transportation modes that are not impeded by gridlock and impassable roads.


ZEVA will solve these problems - and build technology that will work its way into the lives of individuals for commuting - with our brilliant eVTOL concept

Our vehicles generate lift with our lifting body and are very efficient flying at 160 mph with a 50 mile range (which will improve as battery technology advances).

ZEVA's personal flying vehicle designs can take off and land in a small area

They don't require a runway

They are designed to fly over traffic and obstacles

And they are 100% electric (and therefore produce zero emissions)


The ZERO consists of four thrust pods that surround a carbon fiber, aerodynamically-efficient blended wing-body.


We’ve achieved a tethered hover flight with a full-scale vehicle. We've been flying a scale model for more than a year.

Our progress has gotten the attention of the US Defense Department, which is watching our development and looking forward to seeing more of what we're doing.

Case in point:
Commanding officers have stated that they want our vehicle.

We also have multiple patents pending to protect our incredible intellectual property.


ZEVA is proud to be a participant in GoFly, an X-Prize competition sponsored by Boeing that will take place on Leap Day in 2020.


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