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Direct to Consumer, E-Commerce Triathlon bike company


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A-Squared Bikes: Fast Facts

A-Squared Bikes is a Direct to Consumer, E-Commerce Triathlon bike company delivering a high-quality triathlon bike for less.

A-Squared Bikes is focused on providing a unique lease-to-own model that allows flexibility in purchase and usability.

Major Problem.
An Incredible Solution

Triathlon bikes are expensive, and therefore, stick with you for a long time.

Businesses are always looking for a way to  in a relationship with their consumers.

A-Squared has accomplished this through our unique lease-to-own (T3 program) allowing for a constant dialogue between consumers and the company.

Ready To Serve

The T3 program allows A-Squared to constantly
interface with our customers.

The program allows the customer to trade in/up their
current product for the newest product. Through the sale of partner upgrades A-Squared is constantly in contact with our customers

The T3 Program provides a free flow of dialogue between A-Squared and our customers, where we are constantly learning what the customer needs, but also providing an opportunity for up sales.

Why We’ll Lead

Why We’ll Dominate

The Triathlon market is the beachhead for lease-to-own programs

  • Lease-to-own service models are becoming more popular in consumer goods
  • Enables once-in-a-lifetime experience (due to cost of owning the bike outright)
  • The lease-to-own business model is applicable to general sporting goods as well
  • Cuts down on the amount of redundant equipment people have if they can turn in what they have towards upgrading
  • With reselling component, A-Squared can increase revenue on items that costs $0 to reproduce

A-Squared enhances LTV by providing product upgrades and establishing an ongoing relationship with customers

Traction & Accomplishments

Meet the Team

AJ Alley | CEO

  • Started in 2016 as a newbie triathlete in search of an affordable tri bike
  • When he couldn't find one, he asked the same question all triathletes ask at some point: Why are tri bikes so expensive?
  • To get the answer, he started investigating -- first, by calling bike shops, then by reaching out to manufacturers
  • When he couldn't get a satisfactory answer, he went straight to the source -- Taiwan, where many carbon bike frames are manufactured
  • While touring factories and discussing the future of cycling with industry leaders, one thing was clear: Triathlon bikes don't have to cost so much

Fiona Martin | Digital Marketing

  • In charge of all digital marketing of A-Squared Bikes

Aaron Seipel | Fulfillment

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