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Able Device:
Fast Facts

Able Device was founded to forever change the world of IoT devices on mobile networks.

We have developed, patented and commercially launched a simple, standards-based method to deploy, manage, and enhance Internet of Things (IoT) devices on mobile networks. We will do this on a mass scale to ensure that the Internet of Things can truly cover all things.

IoT Challenges

The Internet of Things is supposed to be the Internet of everything.

But more often than not it feels like the Internet of limitations.

IoT devices are frequently bespoke-built. Adding to the challenge is the lack of mass adopted IoT Operating Systems, such as iOS & Android in handsets.

This impedes development of massively scalable tools to address the needs of OEMs, Enterprises, Networks, and Platform providers for:

  • Standards-based
  • Simple
  • Low-cost security
  • Reliable communications (QoE)
  • Device management
  • And app enablement

Ongoing Problem

SIMs (eSIMs, UICCs, etc.) are the only standards-based component in every IoT device deployed on the mobile network.

This makes them the perfect location to mass deploy tools and apps horizontally across the universe of IoT devices.

Unfortunately, SIMs have been a passive processor in the architecture.

Consequently, they require external input to trigger them to execute a predefined function, greatly limiting their value.

The One True Solution

Able Device solves this problem with its unique SIMbae™ framework, which provides an embedded application engine that resides on top of a SIM’s OS. This enables the development and deployment programs for assuring connectivity, security, credentialing, code storage, etc.

While the UICC standard creates the environment to support these capabilities, no other company is leveraging these standards to provide such value-added innovations.

How it Works

A small Java Card software applet that embeds on any standard SIM or eSIM, which is the only standard component contained within every IoT device connected to mobile networks. As a result, SIMbae can effectively reach all IoT devices.

SIMs are small, very secure processors complete with operating systems, standard file structures, form factors, and logical I/Os.

While SIMs have the capability to execute applications, they have traditionally been limited to authenticating users on a network.

And then upon being authenticated, the SIM normally goes dormant until instructed to run another function by the baseband or application processor.

The interactions between these components are executed via the SIM Tool Kit (STK), a global standard dating back to 2G networks and supported by all standards-compliant SIMs and embedded cellular modules.

Why SIMbae Will Make a Difference
SIMs have a vast global reach because they are the only ubiquitous component in every IoT device on the mobile network, highlighting the enormous market that can benefit from SIMbae.

SIMbae expands the SIM’s capabilities to act as a secure, independent processor by enabling the execution of user-defined IoT tools and applications. This effectively turns the tables in the device architecture to control the device’s connectivity and IoT functions.

Unprecedented Value
SIMbae’s framework enhances the value and utility of the IoT device’s sunk SIM and integration costs by providing a:

  • Standard
  • Secure
  • Low-power
  • Low-touch
  • Easily deployed processor that can be securely updated remotely via standard over-the-air (OTA)

Built for Connectivity
SIMbae can actively manage IoT device connectivity Quality of Experience (QoE) at the edge without any cloud-based intelligence required.

For example, SIMbae has the capability to ensure that a mobile credit card reader is always connected to a network with an acceptable signal strength. SIMbae can also ensure that data is working on that network at that time so that the transaction is executed seamlessly. Lastly, SIMbae can be programmed to manage the efficient use of mobile network resources in poorly designed autonomous IoT devices.

These capabilities can be enhanced by also utilizing the built-in security of SIMs while leveraging SIMbae’s innovative, unique capabilities with the GSMA’s IoT-SAFE guidelines.

All told, our small applet’s patented innovative technology yields significant value by leveraging existing standards and assets to effectively address common mobile IoT challenges.

Traction & Accomplishments

SIMbae™ is in its second-generation commercial offering and generating early customer revenue.

We anticipate two additional releases during 3Q20. These releases will accelerate orders from existing customer(s) while meeting the requirements of prospective customers in phases of testing and commercial discussions.

Able Device has secured a partnership with Emnify, the Berlin-based global cellular IoT and M2M connectivity platform provider. The partnerships mean that SIMbae’s  framework and features will be offered on EMnify SIMs. We are also in discussions, under NDA, with an eSIM provider and connected systems company to bring a combined solution to OEM automotive customers.


Meet The Team

Roger D. Dewey

  • Pioneer and Leader in the IoT/M2M industries by leading industry publications since 2004
  • Successfully launched and managed IoT/M2M businesses for Ericsson, Sony Ericsson, and Telit Wireless Solutions

Ryan Rangel

  • Nearly 20 years of experience in the wireless and IoT industries
  • Founder of ClearConnex, a successful IoT application and device enablement company, which he successfully exited via a sale to Telit Wireless Solutions in 2015

Leigh Ann Ryals

  • 20+ years of marketing, strategy, and operations experience in wireless and IoT/M2M for Ericsson, Sony Ericsson, and Telit Wireless Solutions
  • Awarded as an industry leader by Connected World for the 2017 Women of IoT/M2M; named to the award’s annual panel of judges since 2018

Jeff Simpson

  • Extensive wireless industry and software experience
  • Documented success in all phases of startup financial management; experienced in M&A transactions, corporate restructuring, venture funding, and financial modeling

Ric Murray

  • Over 30 years of successful leadership in wireless and IoT industries
  • Jasper founding team member, acquired by Cisco in 2016 for $1.4B

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