Multiple autonomous systems. One seamless workflow. Teamwork for robots.


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Above: Fast facts

Above is revolutionizing how industry works by connecting disparate autonomous systems into one workflow, reducing complexity, manpower and cost.

With our cloud-connected autonomy kit and intelligent, cloud-based software, we can orchestrate traditional vehicles, autonomous vehicles, robots and IOT devices to work together, creating seamless solutions for a variety of industries.

It’s teamwork for robots.

When problem-solvers
cause a problem


The world is changing. Autonomy is amazing. Teamwork is necessary.

Robotics, artificial intelligence and autonomous systems, including cars, trucks, off-road vehicles, drones and aircraft, have great potential to transform our world. These systems have the potential to revolutionize the ways we live and work.

Technology is enabling vehicle developers and robot manufacturers to rapidly deploy more and more to the field, yet these individual systems are disjointed and do not work together. When hardware and software don’t cooperate, tasks that could be effortless become complex — not to mention expensive.

Now the devices designed to solve problems have become part of the problem.

What does autonomy
with Above look like?


With Above, autonomy looks like teamwork.

Above has the power to unite the problem-solvers, connecting multiple devices with unique specializations to create meaningful workflows, seamless solutions, and cohesive autonomy.

Above’s cloud-based planning software and autonomy kit enables disparate autonomous, manned and automated systems to work together in seamless workflows.

Choosing from dozens of various robotic systems, Above’s middleware intelligently distributes workflow instructions and coordinates synchronization with all participants in the overall mission.

The Above platform improves efficiency and cost effectiveness for industries that rely on complex workflows to handle repetitive manual tasks, including ports, airports, agriculture, security and utilities.

The Above system process flow

The Above platform links a customer’s various autonomous systems to create meaningful workflows that work together in seamless missions, either single occurrence or continuously operating.

The Above connection

Building partnerships

At Above, the proof is in our partnerships.

Focus on Forests
Building an inventory of forests is too large a task for the human eye. Using our multiple vehicle hardware, the Above payload, edge processing algorithms and the Above cloud app for intelligent mission planning, we teamed up with one of the world’s largest environmental non-profits to make the collection and classification of forest inventory data.

Synthetic Detection
Above partnered with the industry membership organization for power utilities, a national nonprofit organization to develop remote inspection simulation platform and algorithms for electric power transmission infrastructure. These algorithms can be applied to create workflows using edge processing and multiple robotic systems.

Ranch Hands
Above works with one of the largest ranching, feed and hay companies in the U.S. to automate their operation on multiple levels. These new processes offer substantial risk reduction and expected cost savings totaling millions of dollars.

Autonomous Shuttles
Above is working alongside an OEM Autonomous Systems company to develop an autonomous shuttle platform and coordinate distributed fleets for environments from campuses to urban city centers.

Meet the Above team

Austin Burch
Austin Burch is an autonomous vehicle researcher with experience developing state-of-the-art unmanned systems. As a mechanical engineer, Burch has led teams in designing formula-style race cars, computer vision processing software and robotic systems. His varied expertise includes designing dynamic mechanical systems and developing intelligent vehicle algorithms. 

Dirk Beth
Dirk Beth is a technology investor and entrepreneur with experience across all operational areas of business. Beth has launched and scaled several software products in the health and life sciences markets and has been involved with international financing and mergers and acquisitions as an investor and owner. He’s worked with tech products for major automotive, aerospace and defense players, including Boeing, Volkswagen and Lockheed Martin. 

Meet the Above advisory board

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