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Abrabrand is a tech-enabled multicultural communications platform providing American investors and companies access and insight to Africa like never before. Abrabrand is a one-stop shop for US consumers to experience Africa in creative ways. Simultaneously, Abrabrand provides African companies brand management, with exposure to U.S. capital markets, consumers, and ingenuity.

Key Highlights:

Africa is considered the final frontier by U.S. emerging market analysts.

Only What’s In the News

We live in a world where what we see and hear shapes our perceptions.

Incorrectly, Americans have two main perceptions of Africa:

US & African Interests Aligned

U.S. companies need reliable direction with African business & culture.
African businesses highlights must fit American investment needs.

Like Never Before
Abrabrand aligns U.S. business interests with African business interests.

Understanding Abrabrand

Abrabrand connects U.S. business with African markets via a modern
tech platform.

Creating a pristine US-based African business ecosystem.

Abrabrand  provides digital branding and diplomacy, multimedia content production, country promotion strategies, SME organizational change advisory and event management. The Abrabrand Platform is a subscription-based service beginning at $25 monthly. For access to the exclusive members-only bistro integrated with content production studio and offices.

The Abrabrand Tech Platform includes: 
Agrifica.com, Brandmoiahora.com, Mojanews.com & KASOOK.com

Subscription Platforms

A digital publisher of content about agribusiness, energy and environment to inform and facilitate project transactions.

Everything is a brand - space, monetary systems and AI.

Covers advancing cities in Africa and innovation across Africa.

International marketplace for American consumers and International consumers

  • Offers African consumer products.
  • Africa’s eCommerce super hub for everything Africa.

Traction & Press Mentions

Abrabrand Featured & In the News

Meet the Team

Rahel Getachew, Founder & Chief Executive Officer
After 15 years of extensive professional experience in development, public relations and project program management. Ms. Getachew started Afrolehar, a consulting business. Afrolehar is the basis of Abrabrand. With a thesis on how globalization impacts subsahara Africa and African being recognized as the market frontier, globalization requires cross-cultural branding and better understanding of Africa for the US/Canada strengthen economic relations. Rahel takes on business development, product development, client relations and account management.


Brook Makonnen Tefera, Co-founder and Technology Director
Computer Engineer with a specialization in web application and software development, Brook prior to joining Afrolehar worked for a satellite company as a web application lead.

Meet the Advisory Board Members

Mr. Frank Samolis
He is the Co-Chair for Trade at Squire Patton Boggs and can assist in Trade related matters aside from supporting our services.

Dr. James Bernstein
As a serial entrepreneur he can support in promoting our brand with key stakeholders Col. Rick Orth (ret.), as a long-time supporter, he can assist with logistics, security and project management in Africa
(extensive experience in Africa).

Mr. George Sassine
Branding and manufacturing association President and integral to US-Haiti as well as Caribbean economic relations.

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