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Acreto: Securing 50 Billion IoT Devices

In case you haven't heard, there will be 50 billion Internet of Things devices in use by 2020.  And there's a major problem - they are not secured from cyber intrusion.  Experts are predicting major cyber attacks from compromised IoT devices.
The issue exists because legacy security products are not designed to protect IoT devices that are highly mobile and distributed.  Acreto provides the first comprehensive security platform for IoT Ecosystems, with an initial focus on mission critical implementations that utilize crypto-technology for transactions and/or data validation.

The Critical IoT Security Challenge

The IoT is quickly changing how businesses execute, with the deployment of billions of devices to monitor, measure and track business processes.  These massive IoT deployments are driving fundamental change in IT architecture, with CIO's scrambling to secure devices, users, and SaaS applications that are all being deployed at a scale far beyond anything ever seen before.

And the security challenge that CIO's face is daunting.  Half of today's installed 16B IoT devices are "unconventional", meaning they're built for a specific purpose - with very limited hardware capacity.  With this limited capacity, traditional on-board security is not an option for these devices - and hackers are feasting on them!  To date, the largest Internet attacks have utilized IoTs.

Over the next 3 years, millions of the IoT devices entering the market will be unconventional.  This, coupled with the still-immature crypto-tech market, has created a critical need for more secure ecosystems; but doing so creates 4 specific challenges:

Ecosystems – The New Security Model

Things are happening quickly on the IoT front, and there’s nothing currently in place to address these pressing security issues - until now.  Introducing Acreto: the world’s first security platform that is purpose-built to effectively protect distributed ecosystems like IoT devices and crypto-technologies.

IoTs used in conjunction with crypto-currency are driving a new business model called micro-transactions.  Think of micro-transactions as per sip vs. per bottle.  To this end, Acreto provides advanced & consistent protection of SaaS apps, databases, users and all types of IoT devices as well as the underlying crypto-tech. 

By providing advanced security "for" and not "on" each participant, Acreto ensures the same level of security for all regardless of device type, capability or sophistication.  Devices within the ecosystem become invisible to the external Internet - completely eliminating cross-talk between devices even if they share a network.

Meet Our Visionaries

Acreto is brought to you by a team with extensive experience and success in security startups.  The pair have successfully exited companies, and created new categories within IT giant Gartner.  Now they're ready to do it again.  Let’s learn a little more about them:


Babak Pasdar, Founder/CEO/CTO
Vision, design & development


  • Proven entrepreneur, former Founder/CEO at igxglobal & Bat Blue Networks (exits)
  • Created new Gartner categories with each of his startups (CASB and Firewall-in-the-Cloud)
  • Architedted global security for Citi, Disney, Verizon, ESPN, SoundCloud, tumblr & others
  • Holds multiple patents, including ones on NFV, Secured Anonymization, and more
  • Selected as one of New York’s top 10 CEOs over 40

Thad Eidman, Founder/COO/CFO
Full reign over operations & finance


  • Co-founded & led iFleet, Knoa Software, and Corserva to successful exits
  • Grew Knoa to 235 global enterprise customers (15 of the Fortune 50)
  • Led development of managed services and cybersecurity capabilities at Corserva
  • Finalist for Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award for the NYC area

Key advisory assistance from Maciej Kranz, CISCO’s VP of Corporate Strategic Innovation, revered as a global expert on IoT technologies and operationalized IoT solutions and a popular speaker on the subject.

Gaining Traction

Acreto’s only been around since April 2017 - but has accomplished quite a bit already:

EcoSec security functions have been fully built out and in Beta

Delivered security for a 30-location credit union as our first paying client

In advanced partnership discussions with two leading IT implementation service companies to utilize Acreto on one or more IoT customer programs.

Filed patents for 3 major security breakthroughs within the Acreto platform.

Reduced the per cloud unit CoGS to deliver 90+% margins

An interview conducted by our CEO was featured in the Internet of Things Newsletter, distributed by Maciej Kranz, VP Innovation, CISCO.

Inside Acreto

Acreto also makes it easy for clients to get secure.  The solution is self-provisioning from the Acreto Website and the security as a utility model enables customers to test and purchase the service similar to AWS’s server model.  Once a participant defines a new ecosystem, they connect through a secure tunnel to the Acreto cloud - where advanced security is provided – per each asset.

Customers can craft ecosystems based on specific requirements (over a variety of parameters) for a variety of industries including:

Acreto’s technology enables an entirely new security approach that’s cost effective and future-proof, supporting the 8-20 year life of IoTs over their entire lifespan.  The platform’s primary component, EcoSec, can overlay transparently on current client infrastructure - eliminating the need for redesign or rip & replace of current solutions.  The security as a utility model enables customers to scale on-demand.

EcoSec enables advanced security measures such as access and application control, threat management, identity, privacy and more - and communicates through the Acreto wormhole technology.  EcoSec’s security functions are already active in Beta, with 2 additional user interface components (centered on self-provisioning, management, & reporting interfaces) due in May 2018.

All told, Acreto delivers the following additional major capabilities - and then some:

A geo-diverse architecture that’s built for billions of transactions from a single console

Eliminating logistics with innovative large-scale rollouts in hours rather than months

Devices subject to heavy regulation (i.e. medical devices) can be secured over the long-term future without any need for re-certification

Delivers a transparent user experience that uses its “Acreto Wormhole” technology reducing network latencies by as much as 370%

An on-demand, pay-as-you-go model allows purchase of services as needed without resource waste

A "fog" backup model that ensures optimal functionality even if connectivity is lost

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