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Advance International Inc. has developed a patented ingredient system allowing the global food chain to be supplied delivering the world’s most sustainable and nutritionally superior protein.

APP - A Perfect Protein ®  is virtually odorless, tasteless, and plentiful. Thus, it is highly adaptable to many commercial production needs, such as unique meat alternatives, health foods and snacks, supplements and other innovative products.

Planet Underfed

Children’s Diets Are Absent Of:

  • •Protein
  • •Minerals
  • •Vitamins

In Response:

  • •Public Interest has Shifted Towards Nutritious, Conventional Meat Alternatives and Alternative Ingredients
  • •Public Interest is Focusing on Resource and Production Sustainability

APPⓇ Feeds the Future 

Over 5 Years and Multiple Patents Later Advance International Developed a New Protein Extraction Process.

Fish: The Most Nutritious Protein Source

Introducing RUSF, The First Ocean-Based,
Ready-to-Eat Food Packet

  • Patented Ingredients
  • RUSF is made with wholesome and sustainable, 100% wild oceanic protein
  • APP - A Perfect Protein® is the Active Protein Source in RUSF
  • For Every 1 Kilogram of APP® Protein Sold, Advance International Will Donate 1 Child’s Daily Meals

Ocean-Based Ingredients


APP – A Perfect Protein® is a patented protein extracted from 100% wild, sustainable, and abundant white fish sourced from pristine ocean waters.

Patented Protein Extraction Process

Our Patented SEAVIOR™ System is a Gamechanger


Ultra - Sustainable Ingredients

*Resources Consumed in Manufacturing Protein, per pound of finished protein powder

Customer Testimonials

Partnership & Mentions

Sample of Completed & Ongoing Studies

"Growth, Bone Health, and Cognition: Nutritional Evaluation of a Sustainable Ocean-Based Advance Protein Powder (APP®)"

A peer-reviewed and published study on the effects of APP on human health, nutrition and functional characteristics.

"Biological and nutritional evaluation of marine-based protein diet on rodent growth and health”

Study to evaluate the safety and impact of an APP-enriched diet in mice.

“A Culinology® based approach to Culinary Applications with APP - A Perfect Protein”

Professional formulating and testing of common and unique food product recipes using APP including meatless burger patties and protein enriched ramen noodles, taste tested, and evaluated by a panel of industry professionals.

“Combating Child Malnutrition in India (Pilot Study)”

A collaborative effort between OSU, Swasti Health Catalyst & Advance International. Studying the short-term and long-term effects of using APP to combat malnutrition in children located in Bangalore, India.

Meet The Team

Mazi Ghorbani

  • Co-Founder, Pledge to Humanity
  • Serial Entrepreneur
  • Co-Inventor, Advanced Protein Powder and Super Omega 3 Oil Manufacturing

Dr. Kal Mentak

  • Holds 23 Patents
  • Ph.D in Materials Sciences and Bioengineering
  • FDA and Medical Application Expert
  • Successfully Led Several Startup Companies to Liquidity Events

Leighton Smith

  • Over 20 Years of Corporate Finance Experience
  • Finance and Operations Expert
  • Expertise Includes Launching and Expanding Early Stage Companies

Fred Jewett

  • PhD. in Food Science.
  • 30 Years of Professional Experience as a Food Scientist.
  • Focused on Quality Management, R&D, and Manufacturing.
  • FDA Compliance, Sanitation and Food Formulation Specialist.
  • Experience includes UN and UNICEF Hunger Relief Food Package Design.

Brandon Aldridge

  • Over 15 Years Sales Development, Marketing, and Account Management Experience.
  • Founded a Successful, Independent Market and Sales Consulting Firm.
  • 6 Years of Experience in Market Research, Sourcing, and Events.
  • Substantial Experience in Protein and Oil Ingredient Sales.

Dr. Alex Woo


  • 30 Years of R&D Leadership Experience.
  • Experience at Cargill, Pepsi, Starbucks, and Wrigley.
  • PhD in Food Science.

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