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Quick Pitch

Advanced Consulting & Scientific, founded in 2001, was the first company to introduce an internet browser for the blind and those with a limited range of motion. Having speech to text and and text to speech, it has it's own forms language to allow the blind to work in call centers. This product was given to the State of Maryland's department of disabilities in 2003. 

We have since turned our focus to the mass consumer matket. This product, "Holdits" is the first to be ready for sale. Consider the following data....

Please note, that the consumer public already knows what an organizer is, needs them, buys them in the millions each year and has multiple uses for them. Whenever a new type of product comes out, there is usually the dilema of what is called a "learning curve".This can sometimes prove to be an expense that can easily eclipse the rest of a company's operating budget.  Educating the consumer public is a costly endeavor and is not an exacting science. Many new products fail because of this. Obviously, this product requires no learning curve. The average person, has the potential need for at least 2 of these products....a desktop (pictured) model, and an automobile model, and three for women who use a purse, which virtually all do. The product is also an ideal way to keep a companies name in front of people....literally, so the commercial potential is limitless, because on a wholesale basis, it will be priced in the same range as many existing promotional items currently selling in the millions. Imagine an insurance company giving them to their customers for home or work desk use. One large insurance company, as an example, would be worth at least a 1/2 million piece order. The product, in it's non extended position, when produced in red and grey, looks almost exactly like the Staples Easy Button, and in alternating red and white, the Target logo. Talk about having an item always right in front of your customer....there is no other product that can do this as well, and those markets are at the million piece order level. I think we all already know how many automobiles there are for the automoble model. Obviously, Holdits has a uber huge market....virtually everyone is in the demographic. The entire line, packaged as all 4 models, can also be offered on TV with QVC and other networks at an impulse buy price level.

Product/Service Details

Our current Holdits models easily organizes, when lying side to side as in the photo, almost a 2 foot row of items, from the size of paper clips, business cards, eyeglasses (without scratching) pens, markers, nail clippers, rulers, and tools, to items as large as a full size TV remote control. Even the desktop model can hold an entire set of architectual pencils, while still being able to safely hold a few pair of eyeglasses, with no risk of scratching the lenses, plus other items. There is a model which attaches to the inside of a purse, that allows for instant item identification by touch only...women...never search for your keys again! There is a model for use in an automobile that fits in a cup holder, that will even hold a standard GPS at your ideal viewing angle, and has a slightly offset base, for close quarter cup holders. A larger desktop model designed for crafters and seamstresses, or for cooks, perfectly holding hand held kitchen utensils, will round out the initial model line. In the not so distant future, we will be offering a unique line of luggage that you can easily and efficiently keep items, clothing, shoes and personal effects in a neater, more organized manner in less space than anything on the market.. Shortly after that, furniture models, using the same principle as the rest of the Holdits line will become available, and will come in a few models such as bottom of the closet "dressers" for additional clothing storage, and 2 different height cylindrical dressers for that unused room corner, in a choice of wood, stylized decor, or high tech finishes. These will feature instant 360 degree internal lazy susan style access, with a personal effects organizer, bottom shoe storage and more.                                                            

Traction & Accomplishments

How We're Different

We are also working on our technical developments, which include a home snow vaporizer for the quick clearing of driveways and walkways, that doesn't create piles of snow like with shoveling or blowing. And finally, what I refer to as our flagship product, a new renewable energy technology that needs no external energy input and can operate 24/7/365. This product was originally invented to power a cross country MAGLEV train. It will be the world's largest linear generator, and is scalable from 1/2 to more than 5 full Megawatts....the equivalent of over 20,000 solar panels. It will be priced competitively with existing technologies. Unlike wind generators, it can be located virtually anywhere, and does not have the expensive ongoing replacement of 400' rotors and tremdously expensive transmissions due to material fatigue. The power plant can be maintained and repaired without the need for a complete shutdown, uses all existing technology, and has components which are economical by industry standards. Our goal is to sell or license it to a corporation such as GE or Seimens. Watch for our upcoming equity offering on Fundable to get in on the ground floor. Right now, the market is void of competition, and is a sector which is in the trillions of dollars worldwide. Electrical production, without a doubt, is the largest open market segment after digital devices and transportation, but with less competition.

As you can easily tell, Advanced Consulting & Scientific is on track for success. I think that is very clear, because our products do what they do in a superior manner, while addressing all the protocols in the world of business and marketing. We understand our consumer base, have the constant goal of offering products for "Virtually Everyone" by indentifying mass markets with the widest demographics for each product. And that, along with only offering significantly superior solutions to life's common problems, at readily acceptable price points, sets us apart from most contemporary innovators. Additionally, our products offer multifaceted marketing opportunities, such as the Holdits product's potential in retail sales, as well as a promotional and/or value added item. Another example, is our power generator's potential for general grid production, as well as for pathway stations to power intercontintal MAGLEV high speed transits. 


Stan Stein - CEO, Chief Technology Officer

Science, business and education professional 

Advanced Consulting & Scientific uses contract professionals, and is operated by myself, and an adminstrative assistant. I have over 20 years experience as a top performer and national management leader.with global corporations like Xerox and United Standard,. Other experience includes the educational community, in both secondary and post secondary education, at both the instructor and administrative levels. I have 1 US Patent, and over 20 Copyrights on original works. I was a Science and Education advisor at the State Senate level, and have extensive experience in the renewable energy sector, including a position as an administrator for Utility Company programs which provide funding for Residential Solar Programs. I was first involved in the Solar Power Industry in the mid 80s in the capcity of management consultant for a national corporation.



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