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Whether you’ve had it or know someone who has, cancer affects us all

Cancer is one of the most debilitating diseases in the U.S. with nearly 17 million Americans having a history of it.

Medical professionals and scientists have sought various techniques and treatments to improve patient outcomes including surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy.

One of the major challenges in treating cancer is getting drugs through the tumor barrier and across the blood brain barrier (<1% of injected drugs enter).

New research illustrates how ultrasound triggered microbubbles can be co-administered with drugs to treat cancer and improve on previous shortcomings.

Advanced Microbubbles solves these problems by utilizing the power of microbubbles.

Microbubbles are small, gas-filled bubbles used in medical imaging and can act as a navigational aid, helping guide drugs to precise locations within the body. Upon arrival at the specific tumor site, the microbubbles are activated into vibration by an external ultrasound device producing mechanical forces that disrupt the tumor barrier or blood-brain barrier and pumps the circulating drugs deep into the disease site.

This targeted approach is important, as many chemotherapy patients struggle from side effects like nausea, hair loss, and more, as the conventional doses of cancer drugs used clinically are highly toxic to the rest of the body when used in a non-targeted fashion.

Our technology allows for drug efficacy at a dosage that can eliminate side effects. In addition, the technology is drug agnostic and can be paired with immunotherapy, gene therapy, or nanoparticle drugs.

Even with the potential of microbubbles, make no mistake: there are still challenges with the technology. Often, with conventional FDA approved microbubbles used for diagnostic imaging, the amount of drug that can be loaded into a bubble can be limited.

Additionally, conventional microbubbles’ stability is lacking, as the time in vivo circulation is limited to ~5 mins, which can lower the amount of time for the microbubbles to reach the target sites and deliver the drugs.

What's more, conventional microbubbles are not size-controlled, leading to an inconsistent performance under ultrasound.

Jameel Feshitan

  • 11+ years of experience in the field
  • Obtained his PhD in Chemical Engineering at Columbia University in 2012
  • During his PhD, he worked on a collaboration studying the use of ultrasound triggered microbubbles to open the blood-brain barrier in a noninvasive, reversible and precise manner for drug delivery to treat neurodegenerative diseases
  • This work resulted in multiple publications including studies in mice and monkeys
  • He later collaborated with the National institute of standards of technology (NIST), as a guest researcher, developing microbubbles for MRI-guided focused ultrasound surgery
  • Dr. Feshitan helped pioneer the method to make the "holy grail in microbubble engineering": monodisperse size-isolated microbubbles (SIMBs), which are optimized to solve the issues facing conventional drug delivery 

Connor Slagle

  • Connor has a BSc in Chemical Engineering and Environmental Engineering from the University of Colorado, Boulder
  • He is an experienced biomedical engineer from one of the top microbubble technology laboratories in the world; focused primarily on process scale-up, microbubble functionalization, and clinical translation
  • He enjoys leveraging machine learning to improve business practices 

Dr Shashank Sirsi

  • Professor at University of Texas (Dallas)
  • Leading researcher in ultrasound-triggered microbubbles, studying treatment of neuroblastoma
  • Key part of our founding team, crucial as we work with his lab to perform the animal studies needed for an IND with the FDA, and later, clinical trials 

Advisory Board
We have a pioneer in focused ultrasound treatment of cancer on our board - Dr Joan Vidal-Jove

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