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AdviNOW Medical:
Fast Facts

AdviNOW Medical resolves issues
around healthcare access.

ANM’s revolutionary automated medical encounter platform uses artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) to better serve patients at all places they may access care —  home, work, retail clinic, clinic or hospital setting.

Like a highly qualified virtual physician’s assistant, our pioneering solution automates repetitive tasks, freeing doctors to work at top of license, increasing satisfaction and quality of care, and providing value to patients, health care professionals and insurance companies.

Health care crisis

The current health care system model is broken:

Consequences Include:

  • Limited patient access
  • Longer wait times for patients
  • Lack of care compliance for chronic conditions
  • Lack of consistent quality of care

The AdviNOW Medical solution

AdviNOW Medical aims to ease the crisis and revolutionize health care through our unique patient engagement platform.

The groundbreaking platform – a virtual physician’s assistant – uses artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) that guides the patient to the most appropriate and convenient point of care . Acting as a liaison between the patient and provider, the ANM solution:

less than 5 minutes.

Once the doctor selects the diagnosis and treatment suggested by the AI, the AI then scribes the doctor note and completes the patient chart for billing. This reduces doctor time from around 20 minutes per patient to less than 5 minutes.

AdviNOW platform.

The ANM platform addresses major issues on the health care landscape for patients, providers and payers, saving time and money without sacrificing accuracy, consistency or level of care.

How AdviNOW works

Based on the patients symptoms and predicted illnesses, which defines the need for labs or other measurements, ANM’s revolutionary platform is available 24/7 to guide patients to the most appropriate care path. 

Regardless of where the patient accesses ANM, the AI:

Walks the patient through a thorough and personal interview in under 5 minutes.

Offers a complete working diagnosis, breakdown of potential illnesses and suggested treatment for the provider to thoroughly review and determine next steps.

Completes the electronic health record (EHR) and orders any necessary prescriptions, labs or imaging.

Reaches out to the patient for post-care follow-up.

AdviNOW accomplishments

Since its founding in 2016, the ANM comprehensive patient and provider engagement platform has made great strides in revolutionizing health care:

Meet AdviNOW Medical’s founder

James Bates, Founder | President and Chief Executive Officer

Bates has over 20 years of experience with the invention and management of revolutionary products. His talent for innovation and dynamic leadership style have proven successful in organizations both large and small.

Most recently, he ran a $1billion business for Freescale (now NXP Semiconductors), delivering self-driving vehicle technologies to auto manufacturers worldwide.

At Silicon Labs, counted among his start-up successes, Bates was founder of Asian Operations. His infrastructure grew revenue from almost nothing to over $300 million, while using technology to shrink mobile phones to fit in the palm of a hand.

Major technological breakthroughs have been a hallmark of his career, providing Bates with a unique perspective on the vast potential of AI in health care.

Meet the ANM team

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