Wearable continuous temperature monitor alerting parents via Bluetooth


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AffirmXH Inc.:
Fast Facts

Young children often get ill, but they cannot say how they are feeling. The Welltot™ continuous temperature monitor gives parents the data they need to care for their babies when they are sick.


Today’s thermometers
are limited

Pediatric thermometers on the market today give only one measurement, and only when actively used.

What if parents could monitor the ups and downs of their child’s illness without getting out of bed?

Continuous monitoring
is the key 

The Welltot is a continuous temperature monitor. Worn on the chest, the Welltot records over 50 temperature measurements per hour and updates the parents’ phones.

Parents can set notifications and receive alerts when their child’s temperature goes too high.

Key Features

  • The Welltot contains a very accurate temperature sensor thermally connected to the child’s skin
  • Sensor can be worn 24/7 using either a strap or a biocompatible adhesive
  • Patented power-management techniques means Welltot’s battery will last for 6 months of active use, plus one year shelf life; no recharging
  • Device includes a sensitive accelerometer for future use in monitoring heart rate, heart-rate variability, respiration and other motion-based metrics

Traction & Accomplishments 

Product Development: We completed development of the first version of Welltot, are completing the first batch of manufacturing, and are applying for FCC and BT Sig certifications.

Patents / IP: We have one patent application covering the use of multiple biometrics to proactively detect illness. The priority date of this is prior to much of the Covid-related research that subsequently also showed that this was possible. We also exclusively license various power management and radio management patents from our design partner.

Partnerships: We have an MOU with Life 365/Life Connect expressing our desire to collaborate. Life 365 is a leader in remote patient monitoring.

Manufacturing / Distribution: We use a number of contract manufacturers and conduct final assembly in San Diego at the manufacturing facilities of our design partner.

Meet The Team

Tom Hall, Co-Founder & Co-CEO

  • Built teams across digital marketing, business intelligence analytics, and CRM to drive Dexcom growth from $18MM to $490MM
  • Increased marketing efficiencies of a 243-store hearing aid retailer by 43% over 4 months through data-driven marketing optimization
  • Enabled a $850MM molecular diagnostic manufacturer to increase launch capabilities by 11x through an organizational commercialization process
  • Formed first digital direct to consumer strategy across the Johnson & Johnson diabetes franchise, resulting in lead acquisition efficiencies of 92% per lead while increasing weekly responses by 1,200 people

Ian Shadforth, Co-Founder & Co-CEO

  • CTO of multiple bio-sensor companies developing products, directing research,
  • development, quality, and regulatory activities
  • Invented new machine learning systems for the processing biological signal data with low data volume
  • Defined and drove $5.8B company global strategic direction in data analytics, wearables, device connectivity, and web integration
  • Led concept development for the Johnson & Johnson diabetes franchise

Frank Westermann, Co-Founder & Director

  • Serial entrepreneur
  • MySugr Founder & CEO with successful exit to Roche
  • Founder & CEO

Leif Bowman, Co-Founder & Director

  • CEO of a biosensor startup
  • Experienced founder and executive with a demonstrated history of success working in the health technology & wellness industries
  • Skilled in negotiation, marketing management, business development, and international business
  • Strong business professional with both technical and commercial backgrounds and experience (Materials Science/Engineering and MBA; R&D, Operations, Sales & Marketing)

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