Unlocks wearable/mHealth data for customized/predictive wellness


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Over a third of US adults own a wearable device. But they lack one critical attribute: actionable insight. Sure, they've got data, but that data without insight is useless. AIM7 is here to fix the problem. We unlock wearable and mHealth data to provide customized and predictive wellness solutions.

…You wear them. Then what?

There are more than 77 million people in America who rely on wearable technology to change their behavior and enhance their lives.

They want to sleep better and exercise more. Simply stated, they want to feel better and live life to the fullest.

But wearables don’t change behavior -- they simply measure it.

They, like so many innovative products, show you beautiful graphs with amazing data, but they don’t tell users precisely how to use it to change their behavior to improve their health and well-being.


AIM7 will solve all of these problems by building a platform that transforms wearable and mHealth data into customized and predictive wellness solutions.


Smart By Design
AIM7 intelligently combines subjective measures of wellness (obtained through a brief survey the user fills out each morning) with objective wearable and mHealth data. Our algorithm then provides you with the precise dose of exercise that you can adapt to each day for over 80 different types of exercise.

Best of all, AIM7 layers on top of popular digital fitness brands such as Apple Fitness+, Peloton, and F45.

More Than Wearables
AIM7 isn't just an app -- it ingeniously picks up where wearables fail. We successfully identify and teach users how to fix their most pressing wellness issues, such as poor sleep and energy or elevated stress.

Using behavior design, dynamic educational content, progressive goal-setting, and real-time encouragement and feedback, we unlock the power of wearable technology to change long-term behavior to improve health outcomes.


AIM7 has already built and successfully deployed our MVP, and we have used what we learned to build our beta app. We are currently in private beta and onboarding new users in monthly cohorts.

We have already attracted more than 275 users, we also have a waitlist of more than 1200 people. We've had zero churn for our past two cohorts and 68% of our users are daily active users, and 91% are weekly active users.


Erik Korem, PhD

  • High-Performance thought leader that introduced sports science and athlete tracking technologies to collegiate and professional (NFL) football. Has also worked with Power-5 NCAA programs, gold-medal Olympians, Nike, and the United States Department of Defense
  • Erik is also an expert in sleep and stress resilience

Chris Morris, PhD

  • Expert in biometrics and fluid periodization
  • Currently serves as the Director of Applied Sports Science at the University of Kentucky 

Gregg Goldner

  • 10+ years of experience building mobile apps, including 4 apps in the top 100 in the Apple App Store rankings.
  • Previous work includes Stanford University, Smile Direct Club, Monster Digital, etc. 

Eduardo Geroy


  • 10+ years of full stack development experience

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