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aimsteady: fast facts

AimSteady is an automated shooting coach that uses a mobile-connected, ring-based platform. Our advanced sensors package is miniaturized to be worn directly on the learner’s finger, wirelessly providing comprehensive data.

It is designed to pick up on the subtle movement errors that even a great handgun instructor cannot see. The ring monitors the users movements, analyzing movement errors, grip stability and recovery time, giving the user live audible feedback without them having to look away from their sights.

Users can resize the ring with our provided ring inserts (utility patent pending on this) and we also want to emphasize that our hardware is not locked to this one application, and can scale into any field.

the deliberate practice problem

There’s a common aphorism that if you do something for 10,000 hours, you can master it. In handgun marksmanship they say you need to fire 10,000 rounds to become a master marksman. So why do we send new pistol users out on their own after only 1 to 3 hours of in-person training? We tell them to shoot every day, and expect them to just start improving.

People, of course, are fallible. An afternoon’s gun safety and marksmanship training will be washed from memory by the end of the week if lessons aren’t reinforced on as frequent a schedule as possible. People who handle guns need to make regular training a priority.

Human instruction is expensive, however, as are practice rounds, and so most of the pistol-carrying populace lets training take a back seat. People often buy a gun and then don’t train because shooting solo at the range is boring, repetitive, and not engaging.

This approach does not benefit the average person. Especially not new pistol users being exposed to these powerful weapons for the first time. Experts train consistently, regularly, over a period of many years, to properly maintain proficiency.

the aimsteady solution

AimSteady was designed by Special Forces and competitive shooters specifically to improve the time to train a proficient handgun marksman. It replaces a barking drill sergeant with a ring-worn sensors package and data analytics to tailor training to the specific user needs.

By playing the “second man” during your solo practice sessions, our App monitors various aspects of your training routine, and derives important, actionable insights that you can apply in real time, to see immediate results.

With AimSteady, every round you fire, and every minute you spend training, will be improving your skills to make your shooting better when it really counts. Practice shouldn’t be plinking. Practice is about perfecting precision.

OOur unique sensors matrix and algorithms is the only solution on the market capable of measuring that precision, seeing where you personally fall away from it, and pointing you in the correct direction back along the path to perfection with implementation-ready improvement tips.

how it works

AimSteady captures 3D-motion in space before, during, and after each shot, and collects movement errors, shot statistics, grip stability, and recovery time on your phone.

Immediate audio feedback is generated for each shot in real-time, technique is broken down for post-practice review, and shot statistics are stored to allow trend analysis over time.

AimSteady operates in 3 Main Modes:

Key Features

traction & accomplishments

Hardware development complete and ready for manufacture. Back-end programming complete, with iOS/Android front-end 80% complete.

1,000 units are already sold as pre-orders.

Currently protected by two patents (for a wearable marksmanship trainer with real-time feedback and for training algorithms.)

We have had 20,000 post shares, 30,000 people sign-up for email updates about the product, and have retained over 64,000 post-engagements with with 200,000 website visits through Facebook traffic.

While we have no official partnerships currently, we have been approached by many influencers who are excited about our product.

Manufacturing and distribution will be handled by an experienced company located in Palo Alto, California. They’ve produced a dozen MVP sample units for us already.

Gun Collective, RECOIL Magazine, and Shooting Illustrated are all waiting to cover our next official announcement.

meet the team

John Daly is the CEO and was a Captain in the Irish Army, with over 16 years service.
He spent 10 years infantry and 6 years in tactical communications, and was actively involved in training teams for competitive handgun shooting within the Irish Army. He has a degree in Electronic & Computer Engineering, and a Masters in Communications Technology.

David Camp is the CTO and holds a a Bachelor's degree in Electronics Engineering, and an MBA.
He's worked for nearly a decade writing real-time embedded software, and holds several patents in software algorithms.


Michael (Operational SOF) is the training content manager. Mick is a currently serving Sgt who is the main weapons instructor in the Irish Special Forces and he is structuring our training content.

Roxana Sevestrean is the CFO and is a Chartered accountant with 11 years experience, including Deloitte and EY. She has extensive experience in financial reporting, budgeting/forecasting, and financial analysis spanning a variety of industries.

Gen. O’Halloran serves as an advisor. He is a pioneer of innovation in Ireland’s security industry having served as IDF’s Director of the Communications and Information Services Corps and wrote the First Defence Forces Cyber Strategy and developed the initial Defence Forces Cyber Capability. 

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