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AirMid was selected under the xTech Ventilator Challenge program to ready its technology for a potential resurgence of COVID-19 in the fall/winter

Everyone on a ventilator today receives UNCONTROLLED MANUAL VENTILATION

AirMid’s VCMV + Convertible Ventilator heightens SAFETY and PRACTICALITY

Precise, patient-tailored breath delivery represents triple disruption opportunity

Current manual ventilators do not have any governing mechanism to prevent inadvertent over-inflation of patients’ lungs, putting millions of patients at risk 

Current manual ventilators are all non-compliant with existing American Heart Association (AHA) guidelines (the AHA is the leading U.S. authority regarding resuscitation practices and standards).  These single-use/disposible products range in pricing from $10 per unit to over $50 per unit for “premium” versions that offer no advantage in operation or patient safety. 

This, in itself, offers a remarkable opportunity which is further enhanced by the fact that the downstream costs associated with lung injuries exceed $20 billion annually in the U.S. alone.

Recent studies have shown that if ventilation is delivered within lung-protective guidelines, meaning over-inflation and tearing injuries are avoided, then complications and mortality decrease markedly

AirMid’s product portfolio is compelling to all three components of purchasing decisions

With an estimated 18 weeks of development remaining to get the Convertible Ventilator to regulatory clearance and market entry, AirMid is very close to revenues

These revenues can then be used to avoid subsequent rounds of dilutive capital, protecting equity positions of investors who participate in this current round

Revenues from the Convertible Ventilator will enable AirMid to rapidly diversify its product portfolio to launch the VCMV into the much larger manual ventilator market

Current products are NON-COMPLIANT and CAUSING injuries and deaths, increasing potential for AirMid VCMV to displace them from significant portion of $1.5b global market

Every year approximately 5% of newborns worldwide (about 7 million) require positive pressure ventilation (PPV) to help them start breathing on their own

This is most often provided by a 1950s-era manual ventilator (or “self-inflating bag”)

Research shows medical care givers of all skill levels – even doctors – inadvertely over-inflate in 73.8% of cases, putting newborns at risk of Acute Lung Injury

Current products are NON-COMPLIANT and CAUSING injuries and deaths, increasing potential for AirMid VCMV to displace them from significant portion of $1.5b global market

Based on CDC data, the #1 cause of death of patients aged 0-15 is trauma, with traumatic brain injury being the primary risk of death in children 0-4 years of age

The treatment for severe traumatic brain injury is medically-induced coma, meaning artificial ventilation is required (and almost always instituted with a non-compliant manual ventilator)

During treatment of brain injury, lung injury is a high-risk complication

Current products are NON-COMPLIANT and CAUSING injuries and deaths, increasing potential for AirMid VCMV to displace them from significant portion of $1.5b global market

According to two recent landmark studies, patients undergoing general anesthesia for surgery or being treated in ERs are at risk of – and actually develop – ALI

In all clinical settings, artificial ventilation is almost always initiated with non-compliant manual ventilators

Currently there are only two options to provide artificial ventilation, each representing a compromise between advantages and disadvantages

As a result, AirMid’s VCMV utilizes a proprietary mechanism to combine the best attributes of both current modalities to effectively advance manual ventilation to a new standard

AirMid anticipates no future role for non-compliant 1950s-era manual ventilators once the guideline-compliant AirMid VCMV emerges on the market, and the practicality and safety of the Convertible Ventilator postures it for clinical use in ambulances and Emergency Rooms.

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