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TelSmart EV Charging:
Fast Facts

AIVEN Group’s Patent Pending TelSmart EV Charging network is a multi-technology solution that includes EV Fast Charging, 5G Wireless Internet, Digital Out of Home (DOOH) advertising / media and more, all from our TelSmart EV Charging leased properties.


TelSmart's current and expandable "Menu of Services" solution is unlike any other EV Charging or Wireless Network service provider today.

Our platform enables faster profits and increased ROI for investors, via multiple revenue streams.

TelSmart uses a fiber backbone that is much more reliable than cellular for data management. All of our perceived EV Charging Network “competitors” utilize cellular for their data transmission and receipt.

Our EV Charging multi technology network is Patent Pending and ready to go to market.

Our EV Charging equipment will be hardware agnostic to ensure we are not tied to any one supplier or manufacturer. This will be beneficial as it relates to potential supply chain issues and software “agility”.

Apps, Commerce, Telecommunications, Smart Cities, Platforms, Real Estate, Software, Transportation, Advertising, IT, Mobile, Travel/Tourism, Data and Analytics, Energy, Media and Entertainment, Video, Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure, and more.

Tens of billions of dollars are spent annually (and growing) in the US alone on EV charging infrastructure build out, tens of billions on 5g Small Cell and DOOH advertising.

All high consumer traffic public locations, including large chain convenience stores, fueling stations, grocery stores, shopping centers, malls, hotels, restaurants, offices, apartments, hospitals and more.

EV Charging Networks
Face ROI Issues

There will be no less than 500,000+ public EV Fast Charging sites with multiple chargers per location built in the US alone over the next 5 years.

However, owners and operators of these networks face two major challenges: time and money.

KwH sales is their only source of revenue.
Entrepreneurs wanting to build, own and operate their own EV Charging networks are all competing for KwH sales.

It will take years just to "get out of the red."
For KwH sales to be a stand alone profitable business model, there needs to be “critical volume” of available, cost-effective fast chargers nationwide, which is projected to not be achieved until somewhere between 2024 and 2025, plus enough affordable, reliable, electric vehicles purchased, registered and on the road to utilize the network of fast chargers.

This time and money ROI is not appealing to most investors, especially for a new network operator.

TelSmart Offers Multiple
Revenue Streams

AIVEN Group’s Patent Pending TelSmart EV Charging Network platform increases and expedites ROI by reaching profitability much faster. Our multi-technology solution adds two recurring revenue sources to the network: 5G Wireless Internet and Digital Out of Home advertising / media. This sets us apart from any perceived EV Charging or 5g Wireless competitors.

While other EV Charging Networks use unreliable cellular as their data management solution, TelSmart uses a fiber backbone. This allows us to develop and add new technology "menu items" as we build out our network, with little to no additional infrastructure cost per location.

Key Features

All of our key features are on the same leased area of every TelSmart EV Charging site.

AIVEN Group’s TelSmart EV Charging platform provides cost savings to business owners while increasing profit margins. There is ZERO cost to site hosts.

Traction & Accomplishments

Product Development: We have developed our patent pending TelSmart EV Charging network (also Trademarked) with a multi-technology, expandable "menu of services”. 

Customer Acceptance: All "menu items" included in our TelSmart EV Charging Network model are already proven and widely accepted by consumers and businesses as standalone offerings. We are the only network solution to provide EV Fast Charging, Public High Speed 5G Wireless Internet, and Digital Out of Home media advertising as one network. We have identified and have a “Memorandum of Understanding” for the first 14 locations for our solution and are negotiating with Marathon Petroleum for a 50-100 site pilot program (Mid Atlantic – Southeast). If successful, will expand nationally and Internationally.

Patents and IP: We have been patent pending since 5/20/21. Patent Pending file number: 63/190,907.

Social Proof: The US and countries across the globe are pushing for rapid growth with Fast EV Charging. The US and most governments have directed tens of billions of dollars in grant money, tax credits and rebates for companies to build out public EV Fast Charging. This also provides a huge benefit for investors.

Partnerships: We are partnering with Ericsson for our 5g wireless hardware, software, and Network Operations Center. We have numerous relationships and options for our EV Charging equipment, software and electrical equipment, materials.

Manufacturing and Distribution: Our EV Charging and power distribution equipment will be hardware agnostic to ensure we are not tied to any one supplier or manufacturer. There are many quality manufacturers to choose from and we have strong relationships in the EV Charging equipment and power distribution equipment industry sectors.

Press Mentions: We have purposely held off on any PR or marketing until we secure the necessary funding to roll out and support our network build out. Our founder, Kevin Flannery, has received significant press attention over the years for his pitch on the very first episode of Shark Tank in 2009. We believe we will be able to capitalize on that in a very positive and profitable manner. Although he did not get a deal, his entrepreneurial passion, resilience and never quit attitude will resonate. The Raleigh News & Observer did a story on him and his WiSpots Wi-Fi / DOOH business in 2005, as did WRAL News. In 2014 he authored an article in Business Leader Magazine titled “The Evolution of Wi-Fi”.

Meet The Team

Kevin Flannery, Founder, President, CEO
Kevin is a United States Marine Corps veteran, a 30+ year electrical contractor, Telecommunications / Wireless industry subject matter expert, leader and a 7+ year EV charging infrastructure subject matter expert, leader. He’s an experienced, respected executive, Program Manager, problem solver, solutions creator and a serial entrepreneur. The AIVEN Group and TelSmart EV Charging models are Kevin’s "brainchild" and passion. 

Steve Wall, President of SCS (our first acquisition target and JV partner
Steve is a 33+ year expert in the telecommunications industry, construction, network management and EV charging infrastructure build out. He has founded, run, sold and bought multi-million dollar contracting businesses for 30+ years. Once SCS is acquired, Steve will hold an equity position and a board seat with AIVEN Group and SCS.

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