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There was a time when traveling was an elegant and memorable experience.

A time when you would kick back and relax and forget about your destination -- and simply enjoy the journey ahead.

Dinner time did not consist of junk food, vending machines and snack bars.

Dinner was, simply put, dinner -- an experience you looked forward to having.

Special dining cars were beautifully decorated, furnished with what was (at the time) the most modern amenities.

And the food was incredible, rivaling any restaurant in the world.

Those days are long gone, but Mitchell Menaker wants to bring them back -- and deliver them right to your own neighborhood.

Menaker has spent more than 35 years bringing numerous themed entertainment retail and food and beverage concepts to life.

Entertainment-driven retail and dining centers and themed railroad projects will be the initial focus.

Menaker plans to place as many as 25 of these train dining cars in key strategic locations over the next 48-60 months.

Each train is one-of-a-kind and will vary in age, menu, history and appearance.

We also know the provenance for most of the railroad cars, providing another element to utilize to enhance the customer experience.


All Aboard Dining Cars will source vintage railroad carriages

By enlisting in the financial assistance of external investors and the incredible talents of skilled craftsmen, we will restore the exterior of the carriage to its original condition

All Aboard Dining Cars will then ship the dining cars to a variety of locations across the United States

Independent food entrepreneurs will then convert the insides of the carriages to create their own style of dining experience

Insome locations, repurposed sea containers will be converted for use as specialty retail, food and beverage and office venues

The dining cars and sea containers will be leased to entrepreneurs, with All Aboard Dining Cars retaining overall ownership of each dining car and sea container

By utilizing this model, All Aboard Dining Cars will receive rental payments without having the risks associated with operating a food business on a day-to-day basis

The Company business model is to initially enter into ground leases with landowners in order to minimize out of pocket cash needs. As the company moves forward with successful venues, it is the intent of the Company to whenever possible, purchase the land it will use to develop this concept. 


Sea containers provide a wonderful, sturdy and reliable opportunity for both retail and food entrepreneurs.

Sea containers are also much more cost-effective than building a traditional restaurant or retail venue from the ground up.

They provide a unique option to liven up the retail and dining experiences in virtually any location.

Their versatility is unmatched -- the venues retail and food entrepreneurs create will only be limited by their imagination.


Projects under LOI or in serious negotiations:

LOI signed with Sanford Florida Construction LLC for an 8800 sq. foot ground lease in the historic district in Sanford Florida.  Project is for one dining car and 18 sea containers. Projected revenue will be 78,000/mo. NNN Ground lease max year one $2600. Total monthly Expenses including ground lease of $37,200 leaving Annual Net revenue of $489,600. 5 year lease with 5 year option

LOI signed at The Historic Rail-yard in Santa Fe NM.  Ground lease of @ 10000 feet at $5/ft or @ $4500 per month. Project to include single dining car and 30+/- containers. Projected revenue $88,000 per month less ground lease of $4500/mo. Total Projected monthly expenses including ground lease will be $42,000. Annual projected net revenue will be $552,000

Met with Triple 5 owners in November to discuss location possibilities at Mall of America. Most likely will be dining car only. Meeting scheduled for 11/16/18 at Mall of America Terms TBD


Working with Triple 5 and state of New Jersey to locate a historic dining car eating experience in the New Jersey museum being built at the $6.5B entertainment retail project adjacent to Meadowlands Stadium in East Rutherford New Jersey. We have two historic options whose routes were in service within New Jersey. One is 1915 and one is 1954. Terms TBD

Renderings of projects being worked on now:

Sanford, Florida Project

Santa Fe, New Mexico Railyard Project


Our projects have been garnering some serious buzz from around the country.

“There is a lot going on in Sanford, and we want this to be a destination location,” Menaker said. “For the containers, we’re looking for unique food, art, a coffee shop, flowers or some other kind of unique retail concepts that would keep customers within the area.”
From the Orlando Sentinel

“Menaker Development and All Aboard Dining Cars plans to convert a restored historic railroad car into retail boutiques, galleries and food venues at the Santa Fe Railyard, according to a release. The project is scheduled to open in the summer.”
From Albuquerque Business First

The project has also been mentioned in the Albuquerque Journal Press and Sanford Sentinel.

We've also been featured on Orlando's Fox 35 News.


Mitchell Menaker | CEO and Visionary Developer

  • Will locate prime real estate locations and initially secure favorable ground leases
  • Restores trains and sea containers
  • Negotiates all contracts and oversee the business day-to-day activities
  • Has distinguished himself as one of Arizona’s and Central Florida’s most influential luxury specialty developers for more than 30 years
  • Serves as president and CEO of Menaker Development and Menaker Consulting Inc
  • Menaker Development is currently making its Santa Fe New Mexico debut at The Railyard with All Aboard Dining Cars.
  • Menaker began his career in the mid 1980s in Phoenix and Scottsdale where he distinguished himself as one of the premier Adobe residential and commercial builders in the state
  • Menaker learned about Adobe design and construction from his mentor, the world-famous designer Bill Tull
  • Tull was Arizona’s premier Santa Fe Adobe designer for 50 years
  • To this day his homes are regarded as timeless works of art
  • Menaker built several of the first Adobe office buildings in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area including a 26,000 square foot Adobe medical building in North Scottsdale
  • Menaker Development has built and/or renovated more than $100 million in custom homes and commercial projects over the past 35 years
  • Menaker Development has repeatedly set the bar in every community it has built in
  • Mitch Menaker has been an approved builder in such prestigious communities as Camelback Country Estates in Arizona, Isleworth and Lake Nona in Central Florida


  • In 2009 Menaker built the most expensive spec home ever built in Central Florida:
     - $12 million
     - 14,000-square foot French farmhouse 
     - Purchased by a well-known major league baseball player 
  • Regarding itself as a “boutique” development organization, Menaker Development chooses to create fewer, more unique and detailed projects
  • Menaker Development projects are often regarded as some of the most detailed, creative, and well-executed in Arizona, Central Florida, and soon to be New Mexico


  • Menaker uses antique architectural treasures from all over the world in his homes
  • These one-of-a-kind historic pieces can range from a single antique door or window to a complete palace from Morocco that was broken up and used in several homes -- including Menaker’s prior residence at Lake Nona
  • Menaker’s creativity allowed for a parallel career from 1987 until present as CEO of Menaker Management and Menaker Consulting Inc., both specialty retail companies whose sales have been consistently up to 10x greater than other US retailers
  • Menaker developed several niche-themed entertainment retail concepts and enjoyed successful end results
  • Menaker is bringing his 30+ years of retail, development and construction experience to his new project -- All Aboard Dining Cars
  • Menaker hold active construction licenses in both Florida and New Mexico

Menaker’s retail career timeline:

Stephen Morelli | Vice President, Food and Beverage Selection Process

  • Will oversee the securing of unique restaurant and retail operators to fill the venues
  • Has owned and operated his own businesses for the last 14 years
  • Brings significant food and operational experience to the table through his family business – Urban Brick, an Italian restaurant in Deland, FL.
  • Owns and operates local frozen yogurt business - Berryville Yogurt


Douglas K. Mihigan | Director of Construction and Project Management

  • Talented and methodical professional with documented track record of success in construction leadership for commercial and residential projects of all sizes
  • Oversaw all aspects of the construction of a 12,000-square foot residential home for NWC Construction
  • Managed all areas of construction for 25 homes for Surrey Homes, Inc.
  • Ten Years of working with Menaker in various construction projects totaling over $10M


Wendi Ward | Office Manager/Executive Assistant to President

  • Repeatedly resolves customer service issues to maintain a strong working relationship with all new clients and return clients
  • Supports the company by performing the daily accounting of the company finances and bookkeeping including daily reconciliation of all banking receipts and disbursements.
  • Provides all aspects of administrative support to President of company
  • Has worked for Menaker and his companies for over 20 years

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