ALLPUR Nutrition, Inc.

Innovative beverages that provide Nutritious alternatives


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21st Century Beverage Innovations
ALLPUR Nutrition, Inc.: Fast Facts

ALLPUR Nutrition, Inc. produces nutritious alternatives to traditional sugary and chemically supported beverages without sacrificing great taste or refreshment.

21st Century Beverage Innovations
Drinking Soda Contributes to Obesity

Obesity and Disease

Obesity affects over 100 million adults and children in the U.S. This medical condition is linked to severe chronic diseases, including type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, cancer and serious Vitamin Deficiencies such as D and B12 associated with about 1 in 5 deaths in the U.S. each year.

Regularly consuming high dietary amounts of traditional, empty calorie, non-nutritious, carbonated soft drinks has been shown to be a major contributor to disease related obesity in children and adults.

21st Century Beverage Innovations
Tasty and Nutritious Drink Alternatives

Using our patented milk processing method, we uniquely remove ALL lactose from milk. What remains is the “Complete Protein” and essential qualitative milk nutrients that serve as the base for our beverages.


We then infuse fresh fruit flavors, a small amount of 100% fruit sugar, and mild carbonation for a taste and texture that kids, adults and senior consumers alike will love.

21st Century Beverage Innovations
Key Features

ALLPUR beverages provide chemical free nutritional benefits, refreshment, great taste and mouthfeel.

Our patented carbonation technology for milk provides nutrient enhancement, refreshment, mouthfeel, increased product stability as well as an anticipated taste and mouthfeel.

Our beverage line offers a variety of choices such as an excellent meal replacement, an energy enhancement and muscle rejuvenation choice and a unique alternative to traditional sugary sodas.

21st Century Beverage Innovations
Traction & Accomplishments

National distribution of ALLPUR beverages to retail, food service, military commissaries, colleges and hospitals has been established through KeHE and UNFI.

Final negotiations with various dairy processors to complete full domestic manufacturing are pending.

21st Century Beverage Innovations

Mary Ann Clark, RN
Co-Founder & CTO

Mary Ann helped create the nutritional standards for snacks allowed to be sold in MA schools and has consulted with the FDA on the development of consumer package inserts for over-the-counter medications.

George Clark
Co-Founder & COO

George is a pharmaceutical chemist with years of expertise in the development of new food and beverage forms. George and Mary Ann co-invented ALLPUR’s licensed patent technologies.

Robert O’Connell
MBA, Dir. of Marketing

Bob has been in senior management at Kraft and Entenmanns. He is a co-founder of National Retail Marketing Network, Inc. and has taught retail marketing at NYU.

Thomas Leib
MS, Dir. of Sales

Tom is a former senior VP of Man-Dell Food Stores an owner group within Key Food COOP,  the largest NY City Supermarket Chain. He is very strong in sales planning, analytics and marketing implementation. Tom is also a co-founder of National Retail Marketing Network, Inc.

Anthony Coles
Dir. of Logistics & Distribution 

Anthony was previously a principal in logistics, production cost control and process planning for Westinghouse as well as  Reynolds Metals/ Alcoa.

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