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Quick Pitch

Alpha-e-Angel, LLC is a startup company in Dallas County with its principal offices located in Frisco, Texas has created and patient a post-production prototype of aninteractive Computer Bible Interface laptop that consists of a self-contained computerized version of the 66-books (Old and New Testaments) of the canonized bible.  The principle purpose for creating such an invention was to allow bible readers and computer enthusiast at any level to quickly access the books, chapters and verse of any scripture, anywhere.  The company’s management team includes 26 year industry expert and Chief Technology Officer has assembled a group of diversely skilled engineers with a combined 150 years of industry expertise in technology development and design, prototype implementation, laboratory test analysis/ quality control, manufacturing management, as well as aerospace and electronic engineering to complement its sales and marketing experts to successfully produce and bring to market. 

Product/Service Details

he Computer Bible Interface invention in general consists of a self-containedcomputerized version of the canonized bible that consists of the 66-books of the Old and New Testaments.  More particularly, the Computer Bible Interface invention consists of a proprietary system, method and software program for implementing an interface for efficiently accessing the Holy Scriptures.

For centuries, man has attempted to codify religious doctrines as sacred text that might be understood by the masses, or at least the privileged members of society.  In more modern times, the teachings of various religious doctrines are quite voluminous requiring one or many books of the “sacred text” to teach and study from.  Individual books are usually organized by idea, chronology, author, lesson, event, story or combinations of the aforementioned.  In many religious texts, such as Judaism, Islam as well as Christianity, these divisions are generally referred to as chapters.  Chapters may have unique names, abbreviations of chapter names or numbers.  The Hebrew Tanakhand the Christian Bible divide each book into numbered chapters, while other religions refer to chapters by name.  Within each chapter can contain tens of pages of text that may convey differing thoughts, ideas and doctrine, so are often further delineated as sub-chapters divisions, such as verses in the Christian and Hebrew Bibles.  In times past, religious scholars will combine many books into a single integrated volume that contains an entire scared text. 

Traction & Accomplishments


As a “Startup,” Alpha-e-Angel’s key objectives in executing its plan of action to penetrate this niche market of electronic bible study tools are as follows:

1. Initiate Pre-Production Protocols (see: Time Line Projections).
2. To identify and secure two international manufacturers that will allow us to expeditiously increase unit productions while lowering unit production cost.
3. Systematically decrease local production runs in the United States while ramping up international runs for a seamless transition.
4. Contract a third party Customer Service Agency (1-800#Support -line) to manage and service product inquires and warranty concerns.
5. Establish corporate website and a secure online service and order platform.
6. Penetrate the market and capture increase sales and revenue at a rate no less than 10%.
7. Increase market demand via comprehensive direct sale marketing approach.


Our mission is to manufacture and market the most innovative, user friendly Electronic Study Bible Resource System of our time.  To relentlessly strive for profitable growth, operational excellence, customer satisfaction and strong brand positioning while being the best partner for our customer, manufactures and employees.


Hollis l maxfield - CEO /INVENTOR


H. Larenzo Maxfield President/CEO For more than 30 years Mr. Maxfield has engaged and perfected an efficient methodology of money management. Mr. Maxfield gained his market expertise from working in both national and international financial management arenas. Mr. Maxfield began his career as a compliance officer with Barclay Bank located in the renowned Hyde Park area in London, England where he also earned a Master’s Degree in Finance at Oxford University. Now equipped with the skills and proven track record as a highly effective fiduciary in the Hyde Park Facility, Mr. Maxfield was soon promoted to CEO of Finance and transferred to Kuala Lumpur Branch in Malaysia. There, he completed his International Finance and Banking Services Training before returning back to the United States to further enhance his career with Southwest Securities in the Dallas, Texas where he served as CEO. Mr. Maxfield launched his entrepreneurial career 16 years ago when he founded Alpha E Angel, LLC. Alpha E. Angel, LLC provides money management services and financial counseling to some of the top NBA Athletes in the league, where Mr. Maxfield has provided a wide variety of guidance for complex road maps for helping both individuals and companies navigate the best strategic paths to success. Mr. Maxfield adopted a strong determination mindset that has enabled him to excel in the area of Advance Effectiveness Consulting. This methodology has allowed his clients to experience the maximum amount comfort needed while navigating through this complex world of finance.

Bryan p Messor - CTO


Bryan P. Messor Chief Technology Officer With more than 25 years of industry experience, Mr. Messor has been at the forefront and cutting edge of electronics engineering and design, technology development and design, hardware and software design, component selection and specification, schematic capture, programmable logic design, device level firmware, PCB development, BOM generation, prototype implementation followed by detailed laboratory testing, analysis, design validation and verification, and well versed in project and engineering management as well as research and development. Mr. Messer received his Engineering degree for the University of Texas at Arlington and served as an Aerospace Environmental Health Engineer in the United States Air Force. (See more information about Bryan Messor along with our full Technology Team enclosed in this packet).

Todd R Adams - CFO


Todd R. Adams Chief Financial Officer A Seasoned Professional with over 26 years of proven Leadership and Management experience that includes experience in budgeting, planning, coaching, facilitating, operations and executing production plans. Mr. Adams is a self-motivated, resourceful and dynamic leader with extensive experience in sales management within the financial industry. He has extensive amount of experience in business and community development along with Banking at Work experience and a true difference maker. Developed successful close working relationships with upper management within the Banks listed and Upper and Senior Management of various companies and organizations. With that being said, Mr. Adams is an industry expert in Production Planning, Contract Negotiations, Compliance, Sales, Operations and Community Development, to mention a few. Mr. Norman received his Bachelors of Arts in Finance from the University of Oklahoma in Norman, and his MBA from the University of Phoenix, Dallas. His places of employment include: Goldman Sachs, VP at BBVA, VP of Park Cities Banking Group, VP, Branch Manager at Bank One, JP Morgan Chase, VP, Branch Manager Bank NA., Wells Fargo and Owner/Director of Gibraltar Financial Resources

Luis Casiano - CFO


Luis Casiano Chief Operating Officer Luis began his career in the discipline of Financial Services and Property Casualty Insurance more than 23 years ago as a Personal Lines Sales and Service Agent. He soon perfected his craft and moved up the ranks after becoming a five time recipient of the President’s Council and a member of the Million Dollar Roundtable. Luis soon established and operated a successful Independent Insurance Agency of his own where his leadership abilities helped grow multiple lines such as Business, Commercial Lines, as well as the Life, Health and Accident markets. After selling his agency and now a seasoned fiduciary, Luis contracts his services as a Consultant and Regional Director of Marketing with First Financial Securities, LLC where he specializes in Executive Benefits and Retirement Planning. Also has extensive experience in the areas of Risk Management, Business Development, Operations Management, Compliance, also Business/Product Marketing and Sales and Service of Financial and Insurance Products. Mr. Casiano is a graduate of Southwestern Christian College, in Terrell, Texas and he completed course work in visual arts and business at East Texas State University (now Texas A&M Commerce), in Commerce, Texas.

Albert Ongesa - Web design/Quality control


Albert Ongesa Web design/Quality Control Albert has a vast array of expertise and skills that are highly desired for the ongoing success of Alpha e Angel. Educated in Hatfield, UK he earned a Graphic Design degree from University of Hertfordshire, a BFA in Design Communication from Texas A&M Commerce in Commerce, Texas and a AAS in Multimedia Design from Richland College in Dallas, Texas. Mr.Omgesa has an extensive amount of experience in as an IT Business Analyst Consultant while in the medical field, Data Reconciliation Analyst as well as a Quality Control Analyst with the Ettain Group. Also Integral Development Solutions while with Time Warner Cable, and extensive Technical Software Support, Networking, and Applications Management Software knowledge.

How We're Different

What make Alpha-e-Angel, LLC different are its 3 distinct multi-language editions at 3 different price points to capture a broader audience.  There is the Disciple Edition for those who desire to replace their traditional book for a more efficient multi-version (KJ, NIV, NAS, etc.) electronic portable, the Apostle Edition for intermediate learners and the Evangelist Edition for more advance scholarly learners that will interface with any desktop or projector via its USB Port.


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