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American Procurement Services provides international procurement services to international development agencies such as the United Nations (UN), United States Agency For International Development (USAID), and World Bank (WB) development projects including the US Federal Government Agencies.


These projects assist impoverished countries with economic development and poverty reduction in developing countries especially the war-torn countries. The ultimate beneficiaries of our services are those suffering from the carnage of wars, and those living in abject poverty, who lack access to good healthcare and education, and who are simply underserved by their communities. The UN and similar agencies rely on procurement service providers like APSCO to achieve their objectives.

By operating with sound business principles, thus ensuring our longevity, American Procurement Services provides invaluable and long-term logistics support to those agencies whose goal is to ease human suffering and reduce poverty.

APSCO general objective is to provide cost-effective procurement services to development projects globally which are achieved through our manufacturing partners, strong relations with global transport partners and local agents globally; thereby, ensuring competitive prices, timely delivery, and post-sales support that enhance the attainment of these projects slated primary objectives. 

Most Development Agencies, including the UN Field Missions, do not usually buy directly from the manufacturers because this slows the crucial delivery timeline and often increases the cost of peacekeeping; instead, they use procurement services firms such as APSCO to obtain the goods and services in support of the missions. 

American Procurement sources, acquires and delivers the products needed by the agency to maintain their staff and support the local population.  In addition, APSCO offers post-sale support to the products supplied so that they are integrated into the communities, maximizing the benefits and performance.

APSCO has formed partnerships with major manufacturers to buy the same high-quality goods directly, without the need for an external procurement service. This allows us to provide our goods and services both more promptly and with better cost efficiency than other agencies, and gives us access to over 20,000 products, increasing the chances of the peacekeeping missions’ success.

Our manufacturing partners include, among others, Hewlett-Packard, Dell, Honda-USA, Moore Medical, Toyota, American Power Converters (APC), LK Furniture, Haier Medical and Lab, AOSIF-Power Generators, BenQ, Lenovo among others.

Our unique relationships with manufacturers allow us to provide goods and services more quickly and at a lower cost than competitors, but it is only one aspect of our process, which is designed to ensure maximum efficiency at every level of the buying process.

These processes are designed to mitigate risk in three crucial areas: technical specifications, product delivery, and payment. Because of our relationships with manufacturers, and our proprietary bidding and contract processes, we’re in a unique position to provide superior procurement services and logistic support to peacekeeping and poverty reduction missions in war-torn and other developing countries.


APSCO has recently completed several high-value, large scale procurement contracts, which we have detailed below:

United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS – Jordan) – APSCO Supplied and Delivered Honda Military Motorcycles for the Jordanian Border Patrol in Amman, Jordan

When the Syrian war was crossing the border of Jordan, the Jordanian government engaged UNOPS to provide military motorcycles for border patrol. UNOPS-Jordan contracted American Procurement Services to help with the sourcing, acquisition, and delivery of 42 military police vehicles within 60 days. American Procurement Services’ initial supplier of preference, Honda-UK, could not meet the delivery schedule for such large order. Therefore, American Procurement Services turned to Honda-USA and after several days of negotiation, Honda-USA accepted the offer and delivery timeline. American Procurement Services worked in close coordination with Honda-USA Team to manufacture and consolidate the motorcycles from all across the country at Oakland’s Airport in California. Within 45 days, the 42 new Honda VT750C Shadow Aero Motorcycles were packed for export and ready to ship. All motorcycles were secured in crates for airfreight, while all US Customs documentations required for export to the Middle East were obtained by APSCO.  The equipment was ready for air shipment from Oakland Airport in California on time and delivered in the 60 days deadline

United Nations Disengagement Force (UNDOF) – APSCO Supplied and Delivered Winter Gear for UN Troops in Israel

The United Nations Disengagement Force (UNDOF), was in dire need of winter clothing and gear for their troops whose responsibilities were to monitor the borders of Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria. The troops patrolling the rough terrain required rugged winter clothing and gear to carry out their duty effectively. American Procurement Services responded to UNDOF’s urgent request and was awarded the contract.  APSCO sourced and acquired the goods from eight of  their manufacturing partners, which included brands such as Northface, Arc’teryx, Alpha, Cabela’s and Hydroflask. APSCO’s team worked closely with their suppliers to synch delivery of the goods to their warehouse, where products were inspected, consolidated and re-packed them for export. The shipment was carried out of PDX via airfreight, arriving in Golan Heights, Israel just before the winter storms.

United Nations Office of Project Services (UNOPS – Myanmar) – APSCO provided Digital X-Ray Equipment for diagnosis in fight against Tuberculosis in Myanmar

Tuberculosis is the fourth prevalent disease in Myanmar and remains a major national health concern for the Ministry of Health in Myanmar.  Weak health care access and limited resources in the past did not allow early detection and diagnosis of TB, but funding from organizations like the UN have greatly improved early detection and care of those with TB.  American Procurement Services (APSCO) was awarded a contract funded by UNOPS - Myanmar for the supply of Portable Digital X-Ray Machine and accessories.  This project provided five Digital X-Ray Machines to National Tuberculosis Centers throughout Myanmar including; Yangon, Bago, Dawei, Mawlamyine and Mandalay.  

APSCO acquired the X-Ray units from manufacturing partner, Source Ray Inc., located in New York, USA, who were able to finalize production within 5 weeks and have them packed in rugged military grade cases for export. Once the goods arrived at Yangon Int. Airport, APSCO partnered with a local company who would be able to transport the units via ground to the 5 locations. The challenges were in surmountable because some of these locations were not accessible via vehicles and they cover vast geographic landscape. Once the X-Ray units arrived at the TB Centers, APSCO arranged for their after-sales service partners, CEA Projects, to be on site in order to install the equipment and provide training to the end users.

The success of the contract was fused by APSCO Management ability to effectively coordinate all activities and communicate with parties involved to ensure a successful execution and implementation of this contract despite all the challenges. Though the execution of the contract came across logistically challenging, particularly, during the monsoon season, APSCO was able to execute the contract and satisfy their end users. APSCO continued to supply post-sale support under warranty for the next two years and provided the end-users with spare parts and technical support for maintenance and repairs when required. APSCO’s seamless execution of the contract left the end users extremely satisfied and UNOPS Myanmar – Millennium Challenge Fund re-issued a secondary contract less then a year later for an additional six units that would be supplied to TB centers and hospitals in six locations throughout Myanmar.


USAID-Liberia – Acquisition, Delivery and Commissioning of Airport Ground Support Equipment for Robert International Airport

American Procurement Services (APSCO) was awarded a contract to supply and deliver Airport Ground Support Equipment for Robert International Airport in Liberia. Corollary to this was the installation, commissioning, and training of the end user's operators and technicians. USAID’s Mission in Liberia expressed the urgency to supply and deliver the Airport Ground Support Equipment to RIA since their previous efforts and several attempts to acquire the equipment through regular acquisition processes were futile, leading to significant delays in the procurement process for the Mission.

Upon receipt of the award, APSCO negotiated with our three manufacturing partners to have the equipment manufactured and shipped to Monrovia within four months. This was an unprecedented challenge because these sets of highly technical equipment have a standard production lead time of at least six months, exclusive of transit time. The equipment came from three factories located in different regions in the US and were consolidated and shipped within 90 days of receiving the award from USAID-Liberia. APSCO’s management took extreme caution in packaging the equipment to ensure that all the goods were safe while in transit, but also to have the equipment ready for use with little assembly when they arrive in Monrovia.

APSCO’s team coordinated the shipping time precisely with the arrival of their factory engineers, so that once the goods were cleared and delivered to Roberts International Airport, they were quickly ready for use and airport personnel were trained in operation and maintenance of this equipment.


United Nations Industrial Organization (UNIDO-Austria) – Design, Build And Distribution of Unique Bio-Hazard Medical Waste Bins And Trolleys to forty-five medical facilities in five regions in India. 

American Procurement Services (APSCO) was awarded a contract from UNIDO for the design, build and distribution of bio-hazard Medical Waste bins and trolleys to health facilities in five states of India.  The overall objective of the UNIDO project was to provide a system for segregation of waste, decrease decontamination and compaction of medical waste (intended to reduce disposal volume by raising awareness and dissemination of know-how), while incorporation a waste management system.  

The first phase of this project called for the distribution of standardized color-coded bins for segregated collection of bio-medical waste provided to 140 healthcare facilities of the five participating States (Gujarat, Punjab, Maharashtra, Odisha and Karnataka).  Before the bins and trolleys were supplied, many of these healthcare facilities had limited waste segregation system in place which caused contamination and spread of diseases.

UNIDO awarded this contract to APSCO in October 2016. The first phase was carried out by APSCO, as implementing partner, in collaboration with its manufacturing partner, Avishkar International PVT LTD (“Avishkar”). APSCO and its manufacturing partner, Avishkar, went through multiple proto-type inspections, conducted by hospital and UNIDO staff, to confirm that the custom designed and manufactured bins exceeded the required standards and specification of the end users. Bins of this design and quality have never been available before and include a seamless thick stainless-steel design to ensure simple yet incredibly effective sterilization and cleaning.

Upon acceptance of the awarded contract, APSCO built the proto-type of the waste equipment based on the UNIDO-approved specification. However, the specification was unacceptable to the end-users. APSCO worked with the local Indian Pollution Control Board representatives from all five states to produce new prototypes that exceeded the initial technical specifications and visited the manufacturing facility multiple times to oversee the production and samples inspection. Once new prototypes were approved by all stakeholders, APSCO began production of bins and trolleys for the first state, Punjab.

Before equipment could be delivered, a UNIDO field officer and Punjab’s top Pollution Control Members visited Avishkar’s factory where an independent service provider carried out a pre-delivery inspection to confirm all bins conformed to the required specifications. Stakeholders reviewed the inspection report and approved the bins and trolleys. Finally, all the finished goods were dispatched to the healthcare facilities in Punjab. Production continued for the remaining four States, in the following order: Karnataka, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Odisha. Production in each state followed a similar cycle to that in Punjab and the contract was completed June of 2018. Photos of the Bins and Trolleys are available.

African Development Bank (WB/ADB) – APSCO Supplied, Delivered and Commissioned Solid Waste Management Equipment for Monrovia City Corporation (MCC) – Government of Liberia

Monrovia City Corporation (MCC) of the Republic of Liberia awarded American Procurement Services (APSCO) a contract to supply and deliver Solid Waste Collection Equipment for their Cheesemanburg Landfill Urban and Sanitation (CLUS) Project. The equipment supplied included three (3) Wheel Loader Tractors with three years supply of spare parts from APSCO’s manufacturing partner. APSCO’s factory engineer also commissioned and trained end-users, conducted at MCC’s location in Monrovia. At the time of contract award, MCC was renting this set of equipment from private sources at significant daily rate for the waste management program. They pleaded with APSCO to expedite the delivery of the equipment. Initially, MCC had issued the contract for only two Wheel Loaders, but because of the urgent need of the equipment for the CLUS project, they increased the quantity to three (3) units and stressed the importance of prompt delivery to the end location. Upon receipt of the award, APSCO’s management negotiated with their manufacturing partner to have the three units manufactured and shipped to Monrovia within ninety (90) days, the same timeframe offered for just two (2) units. Not only the short production lead time was a challenge, but because of the size of the bull dozers, shipping the goods fully assembled in containers was be nearly impossible.

APSCO’s team worked with the manufacturer and shipping agents to devise a plan so that the equipment was mostly assembled and able to fit in opened containers so that once unloaded at the final destination, little assembly was required, and the units would be ready for immediate use. Extreme care was used in packing the Wheel Loaders with the front buckets unassembled and spare parts carefully marked and accounted for. Once the shipment arrived at Monrovia Seaport, APSCO’s Management had already produced the required documentation to Liberia Customs and their local shipping agents, and the shipment was moved from the seaport within one week from receiving the Notice of Arrival.

APSCO arranged the arrival of the manufacturer’s factory engineer to be onsite while the goods were clearing customs, so that the end-users would be trained on the technical design of the equipment before its delivery to the end-user’s location.

When the equipment reached our client’s site, the front buckets to the wheel loader were assembled and by the engineer and he conducted the operation and maintenance training for all personnel, completed in under two weeks.

Given the excellent services provide by APSCO, on February of 2019, again American Procurement Services was awarded another contract from the Monrovia City Corporation (MCC) to supply and deliver Solid Waste Collection Equipment Phase II for their Cheesemanburg Landfill Urban and Sanitation (CLUS) Project. The equipment to be supplied included five (5) Heavy Duty Dump Trucks and one (1) Sanitation Landfill Bull dozer, manufactured from two of APSCO’s manufacturing partners. These units also would be delivered to MCC’s facility in Monrovia. APSCO will provide factory engineer to conduct the commissioning and training of MCC personnel for the Sanitation Landfill Bull dozer.


USAID-Liberia – APSCO is Implementing -The Ganta – Gbarnga Power Grid Extension Project that provides electric power distribution lines from Ganta (Nimba County) to Gbarnga (Bong County) in rural Liberia

The Ganta - Gbarnga grid extension project, funded by USAID- Liberia, has been awarded to American Procurement Services who is currently working to extend the power grid line through the Ganta- Gbarnga corridor.  Along its route in the Ganta-Gbarnga corridor, the new line will traverse several communities, including Nengbein, Menyen, Sokopa, Baila, Shilling Ta, Jahmue, Tomato Camp, Palala, Gbanjah, Jinnepleta, Gbao-Ta, Gbarnga City and up to the final interconnection point in the proximities of Cuttington University in Bong County.

The overarching objective of the Ganta-Gbarnga grid extension project is to provide services for the construction of the Ganta-Gbarnga 33kV line and associated distribution, protection, and control facilities. The Ganta-Gbarnga line shall extend 77.28 km from Ganta to the vicinity of Cuttington University in Gbarnga at point directly opposite the entrance of the Phebe Hospital where the line will connect with the Phebe-Cuttinton-CARI-Suakoko. The Ganta-Gbarnga grid extension project also includes the installation of a grounding transformer bank, a voltage regulator, a main disconnect switch, a primary metering set, approximately 25.5 km of single phase distribution line and associated transformers, approximately 10km of low voltage line and 500 consumer service drops.

American Procurement Services is currently working with several reputable manufacturers located in the US to acquire all goods to construct the new line which include; utility poles, line hardware, crossarms, conductors, transformers, street lighting, and protection, measurement and voltage control equipment.  Working in parallel, APSCO’s Liberia team has successfully completed Mobilization, established operation camp Site and deployed construction teams for survey, engineering designs, poles erection, etc.  Procurement is approximately eighty percent completed under the project to date.  The construction phase is being accelerated. 

APSCO was born of the acquisition of Kwaplah International, another procurement services company that grew too quickly for its financial resources to keep pace with. Prior to its acquisition, Kwaplah International had been a highly successful procurement services company in its own rite, and Kwaplah’s founder, Sherlock Mahn, is now APSCO’s Senior VP of Transition and Business Development. Mr. Mahn allows us the luxury of his vast knowledge, resources, and expertise as he oversees the seamless transition of Kwaplah’s assets to APSCO and helps the firm to deliver new business.

APSCO presently has over $5 Million in contract awards and with more than $7.5 Million proposals under evaluation for award.  The firm will cease submitting new proposals in order to seek working capital since we were able to execute only 53 percent and 33 percent of the contracts received in 2017 and 2018 respectively due to lack of adequate working capital.  When we reach our funding goal, we will commence submitting proposals to WB and resume normal operations with the goal of executing on 100 percent of awarded contracts.

Anna Karleskind, Contract Coordinator: Anna is responsible for ensuring that all awarded contracts are executed according to the terms and conditions stipulated in the contract and if there are deviations and revision, they are done in most cost effective manner with all parties concerned approval. She works in close coordination with the Procurement Services Manager and Operations manager.

Sherlock Mahn, Senior VP Transition & Business Development: With over thirty-five years practical experiences in managing large scales international procurement services firm and serving as high volume manufacturing equipment acquisition and qualification manager at Hewlett Packard, Sherlock is charged with the responsibilities to seamlessly transition the acquired assets of Kwaplah International. He is also responsible for APSCO business development given his vast knowledge and expertise in the industry.  Mr. Mahn has successfully established the Engineering Services Division of APSCO that is presently executing several large-scale power and construction projects in Liberia.

Jeannette Luc, Operations Manager: Jeanette is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the firm which include the supervision of key personnel in the preparation and submission of proposals to development agencies to ensure the accuracy and content sufficiency of the proposals.

Ethan Colvert, General Manager Procurement Services - UN & USAID: Ethan has extensive international procurement experiences dealing with with various international develpment agencies such as United Nations, World Bank, United States Agency for International Development (USAID). He also worked for Kwaplah International, one of the leading international procurement services firm in United States.

Mrs. Sonie Ford-Gongloe, Country Manager – APSCO-Liberia: Mrs. Gongloe joins the firm bringing critical management skills from both private and public sectors ranging from the USA to Africa.  This wealth of knowledge and experiences will propel the firm growth and expansion objective especially in the African market under her leadership. She has administrative responsibilities for APSCO’s two divisions of Procurement Services and Engineering Services.

Mr. David Wounuah, Head Resident Engineer / GGEP Project Director– APSCO Engineering Services: Mr. Wounuah has over fourteen year of engineering experience covering a progressive career path that rose through the ranks of the engineering practice from a Site engineering, design engineers, resident, project and program Manager.   Mr. Wounuah has specific experiences with donor funded projects including EU, World Bank, SIDA and USAID. He is a steadfast engineering professional with experience in project and program designs, management, monitoring and evaluation and environmental management.

Mr. Augustus Woods – Chief Procurement Officer / GGEP Deputy Chief of Party – Engineering Services: Mr. Woods has over ten years of professional experience working as a logistics, procurement and administrative professional for multiple organizations. His experiences include: Senior Procurement Manager /specialist roles in several internationally funded development projects as well as administrative roles in several USAID and EU funded projects.   Mr. Woods is an ardent procurement and supply chain professional. 

Ms. Shelley Anderson, Finance Manager: Shelley is responsible for coordinating all invoices and billing as well as the firm monthly financial planning and reporting. She works closely with our CPA firm regarding all financial matters from contract payments to payment to manufacturers.

DISCLAIMER - Various statements contained in this presentation, including those that express a belief, expectation or intention, as well as those that are not statements of historical fact, are forward-looking statements. These forward-looking statements may include projections and estimates concerning the timing and success of strategies, plans or intentions. American Procurement Services LLC (APSCO) has based these forward-looking statements on our current expectations and assumptions about future events. These assumptions include, among others, our projections and expectations regarding market trends in the international procurement industry (market) for goods and services and in the local markets where we operate, our business strengths, our development agencies and clients profiles, the quality of goods and services provided to our clients, our ability to create a cash flow opportunity with attractive current yields and upside from increasing sales and cost efficiencies and our understanding of our competition and general economic, demographic and current economic development trend in the industry that may impact our business. While we consider these expectations and assumptions to be reasonable, they are inherently subject to significant business, economic, competitive, regulatory and other risks, contingencies and uncertainties, most of which are difficult to predict and many of which are beyond our control and could cause actual results to differ materially from any future results, performance or achievements expressed or implied by these forward-looking statements. Investors should not place undue reliance on these forward-looking statements. We undertake no obligation to update any forward-looking statements to conform to actual results or changes in our expectations, unless required by applicable law.

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