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Apple, Microsoft, Intel, Micron, Fitbit…How often have you heard or thought “why couldn’t I have had the opportunity to invest in these at the beginning?” Similarly, how many times have you heard of deals that you definitely wanted to participate in, but couldn't, because the opportunity was only offered to a select inside group? Equity crowd funding is a game changer that enables any accredited investor to make an early investment in companies that will lead their industries in the future. We believe that our company, American Semiconductor, is that kind of opportunity and we want to work with investors that have a desire and vision to share in building a great company.

The Internet of Things (IoT), smart labels and wearables require flexible hybrid electronics (FHE) for new products. But, when electronic chips bend there is a problem - they break. American Semiconductor provides a solution with a uniquely superior opportunity in flexible silicon.

In fact, American Semiconductor is the world's number one flexible silicon content provider. Our customers include Boeing, AFRL (Air Force Research Lab), Emerson/Paksense, General Electric, Molex, NASA and others for FleX ICs (FleXible Integrated Circuits), assemblies and services. The company strategy is to initially sell customers FleX-ICs, FleXform kits or FHE services, then convert them to a product specific solution using FleX IP. The goal is to scale with the customers first product and derivative products.

As the world of wearable products and the Internet of Things emerge, American Semiconductor is poised to become a key player in consumer, packaging, medical and structural electronics.

As a flexible hybrid electronic supplier of flexible ICs, it's probably helpful to first explain what hybrid electronics and flexible ICs are. Hybrid electronics are the combination of printed electronics and high performance ICs. Printed electronics are well, printed, like a manuscript or something on your inkjet printer, but can be much larger and that work like a printed circuit board.  Flexible ICs are integrated circuits, often called "chips" that provide the memory, logic and communications capability for devices like your smart phone.

In short, American Semiconductor makes the ICs that are needed for hybrid electronics to bend. In fact they bend to an extreme that has never been done before.

In conventional ICs, the chip thickness is about 300um, or three times the thickness of one of the hairs on your head. An American Semiconductor FleX chip is less that 30um, that's less than a third of the thickness of one hair! FleX chips are made using a new technology that we invented and patented called Semiconductor-on-Polymer. This technology actually converts the silicon wafers that ICs are made from into a silicon on polymer material. The FleX chips have all the performance of standard chips, but they are extremely thin and ridiculously flexible.

In flexible electronics for wearable devices and labels, thickness and the amount they can bend, a measure called "radius", are crucial. The ultra-thin FleX chips can be 10 times thinner than a typical chip and bend with a radius less than 5mm --crazy small.

In other words, we turn standard chips into amazing flexible ICs that make products that could only have been dreamed of before. That results in a market focus of new end consumer products like durable fitness trackers, smart product labels, bendable tablets/notebooks and phones that don't break when they are dropped.

So what really sets us apart?  Most specifically, our chips are thinner, more flexible and higher quality than any other flexible electronic device. Why do new product designers really want our tech?

A handful of reasons, actually:

American Semiconductor was founded in 2001 with the goal of commercializing solid-state technology. Fifteen years later, we've carved out a place as a trusted name in the semiconductor industry, and we're honing in on the flexible electronics industry with a laser-sharp focus that has already made us one of the leaders in the industry.

We demonstrated the first flexible CMOS polymerized wafer in 2009 and helped place the corner stone for the flexible hybrid electronics industry. FleX development progress in 2012 provided the missing link for the industry with the demonstration of flexible ICs and in 2013 won the FLEXI award for innovation - the "Academy Award" of the flexible electronics industry. 

Recognized success has placed us at the forefront of industry development. This includes participation in the Flextech Alliance and work as a founding member of NBMC (Nano Bio Manufacturing Consortium). In 2015 we were part of the proposal team that won the contract to establish NextFlex, the newest U.S. manufacturing institute. In 2015 we released FleXform, the flexible electronics industry's first fully flexible product.

Products and Services are ready for sales growth.

Patents have been issued and more are in progress.

Our technology is selling. Leading companies from the world of flexible technology are already using American Semiconductor chips and services. Our customers include Boeing, Emerson/PakSense, General Electric and Molex, just to name a few.

The technology is developed, the market is ready, customers are lining up - now American Semiconductor is ready to put the foot down on the gas, and accelerate our growth into one of the leading innovators in the flexible electronics space in years to come. For more information on where to go from here and how you can be a part of it, request access to the Business Plan tab of this profile and let's talk!

American Semiconductor’s team combines veteran semiconductor industry leaders and young energetic and creative engineers. The veterans bring extensive systems, applications, technical, and management experience accompanied by numerous successes in both the startup phase transitioning through a high growth phase and into publicly traded companies. These successes include on-schedule and on-budget product design and development, introduction, international design wins, and a positive exit for investors. The new engineers bring fresh insight, innovative approaches, raw energy and a can-do attitude for realizing the potential of flexible electronics.

As a seasoned semiconductor leader for over 30 years, Doug has a proven industry track record of assembling and managing engineering, operations, marketing and management teams. He is President & CEO of American Semiconductor, having co-founded the company in 2001, and is a co-inventor of Semiconductor-on-Polymer technology. At American Semiconductor Doug maintains overall corporate and operational responsibilities. He is a flexible electronics industry advocate and leader who is known for his commitment to industry development of new flexible products. He has more than 30 years of experience in wafer fabrication, process development, manufacturing and commercialization at M/A-Com, Zilog, Intel, NorTel and General Instrument. Doug has served as the Principal Investigator (PI) on multiple projects, generated multiple patents and patents pending for conventional and flexible solid state technology and has published numerous technical papers. Mr. Hackler holds engineering degrees from the University of Idaho (MSEE), Boise State University (BSEE) and in management from Texas Tech University (BBA).


Dale is responsible for IC design, system architecture and implementing cutting-edge chip and system products from concept to production. He has been project lead on numerous programs including the design and development of flexible custom microcontrollers. Before joining American Semiconductor, Dale was employed by Zilog where he directed a cross-functional new product development team of IC design engineers, layout designers, test engineers, product engineers, and applications engineers. He has also worked as a design engineer for Seattle Silicon and the Air Force Research Laboratory. He holds patents in flexible and conventional semiconductor technology and has authored or co-authored research papers in flexible electronics and IC design. Mr. Wilson holds an MSEE from the University of Illinois and a BSEE from the University of Washington.

Rich’s responsibilities include managing the FleX Silicon-on-Polymer product line. His work with pliable ICs extends into flexible electronics including integrating flexible assemblies into system manufacturing. Prior to American Semiconductor Mr. Chaney was employed at Micron Technology where he had responsibility for the Automotive, Industrial, Medical, and Military Segment for DRAM and NAND products. In this role he was required to transition commercial memory products into high-reliability applications. He has also worked at Quantum, Cypress Semiconductor, and Novellus Systems. Mr. Chaney has been awarded multiple patents for data storage technology. He holds flexible technology patents and has authored, co-authored, and presented numerous papers in the areas of pliable electronics and advanced semiconductor technology. Mr. Chaney holds a BSEE from Texas A&M University, an MBA from San Jose State University.

Lorelli has a broad background of experience including acquisitions, SEC Filings, public financial reporting, government accounting compliance and security. Prior to co-founding American Semiconductor in 2001, she served as the Controller for Micron Technology Inc. where she was responsible for all financial accounting worldwide. Lorelli held progressively more responsible positions in cost and financial accounting during the 12 years she was with Micron. Prior to Micron, she was with Northern Telecom in San Diego in accounting, marketing and inventory management roles. Ms. Hackler is a CMA (certified management accountant) and holds an MBA from Boise State University and a BS in Business Administration from Colorado State University.

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