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ANCON: Fast Facts

ANCON specializes in nanotechnology molecular tagging (NMT) -- a unique method of detecting trace chemicals with wide-spanning application in healthcare, security, military, pollution monitoring, and beyond. 

With the ability to screen and diagnose early-stage disease by a non-invasive breath test for the Healthcare industry and using similar technology to detect trace amounts of explosives, narcotics, chemical weapons, and air pollution -- ANCON is poised to deliver ground breaking innovation for numerous large and growing global industries. 

A World Under Siege 

However, many of the current systems designed to provide early warning are far from flawless -- relying on technology that is hindered by several core issues: 

The Technology 

ANCON’s patented nanotechnology molecular tagging (NMT) detects trace chemicals in the air, at the level of single molecules. 

The technology, which has taken over 15 years to develop, enables real-time, non-contact measurement of explosives, drugs, radiation, and chemical weapons for the very first time and has been successfully tested across various multibillion dollar sectors: 

Industry-Spanning Applications: Medical

ANCON has developed a medical desk-top unit called Nanoparticle Biomarker Tagging (NBT) for use in clinical environments and designed to detect the presence of trace amounts of disease biomarkers in the breath of patients.

The patent-protected core technology has been developed exclusively for the medical market and the high sensitivity medical device -- coupled with machine learning software (Artificial Intelligence) -- enables healthcare professions to screen and diagnose cancers and other diseases at an earlier stage, in a quick, non-invasive manner while improving outcomes for patients. 

Industry-Spanning Applications: Security

ANCON is currently working in collaboration with L3 and Smiths Detection to develop the next generation of security products based on the ability to detect trace threats such as concealed explosives.

Our working relationships with security market leaders (and potential buyers) will be instrumental in a successful exit in the security sector through a trade sale or licensing agreement restricted, which will supply additional resources for our medical business. 

Industry-Spanning Applications: Air Quality

Our team has developed and launched a range of air quality monitoring products with applications in indoor and outdoor monitoring, exposure in occupational/industrial environments, and process quality control.

Landmark Achievements By Industry

Key Achievements in Healthcare 

Completed first human trials using breath analysis with the University of Maryland Medical School (US) to positive initial results.  

In-vitro study completed with University of Keele Medical School and NHS Trust (UK), distinguishing reliably between healthy human and diseased cells.  

Currently bidding for a contract with NIH in collaboration with Cleveland Clinic (US) for human trials detecting lung cancer (worth $1.5 million). – This is now at referral stage, having successfully passed previous stage.

Currently bidding for a contract with Department of Defense in collaboration with Medical School of University of South Carolina (US) for human trials detecting lung cancer (worth $1 million). – This is now at final stage, having successfully passed previous stage.

Key Achievements in Security 

5 tech development contracts awarded by the Ministry of Defence (UK) and 4 by a consortium led by the Home Office (UK). A further 2-year contract awarded in January 2017 to detect concealed explosives, worth up to £600,000. 

Awarded a contract by the Home Office to develop explosives detection products with Future Airports Security Systems (worth up to £1.2 million). 

Partnered with L3 Communications Inc. -- a multi-billion dollar US-based leader in airport and other security markets. 

Partnered with Smiths Detection -- a multi-billion dollar leader in airport and other security markets. 

Awarded a contract by the MoD to develop a demonstration prototype for the detection of chemical weapons for the protection of military personnel.  

Leaders In Innovation

Dr. Robert Muir | CEO (UK) | Experienced leader of large, industry-spanning multinational organisations with revenues in excess of $1 billion. Proven track record of turning round businesses from losses to profit, leading successful acquisitions, and implementing post-acquisition mergers. Successfully raised £ millions in private equity. 

Dr. Boris Gorbunov | Founder & Technical Director | Inventor, CTO, and world-renowned aerosol and nanotechnology scientist. 150+ scientific papers published in prestigious scientific journals, 15+ patents granted in the UK and US. Co-founded Naneum with Dr. Muir in 2005 and lead the business to successful acquisition in 2013. 

Wesley Baker | Development Director (UK) & CEO (US), Medical | Proven CEO and Sr. associate member of the Royal Society of Medicine. Has raised £ millions via investment across a range of industries. Experience spans Medical Device, Tourism, Software, Airlines, Manufacturing, Business Incubation, Lifestyle, Innovation Tech, and Space Tech.  

Dr. Dale Whalstrom | Board Advisor, Medical | 24-year tenure as VP of CRDM Venture Programs for Medtronic. Former CFO for Medical Alley and The BioBusiness Alliance of Minnesota. Founding Executive Director of the Medical Device Innovation Consortium, a public-private partnership between the FDA and medical device industry.

Dr. Alexander Chapovsky | Data Scientist | Renowned specialist in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Gold medal winner for the development of algorithms for CT Scans to detect and predict lung cancer. Expert in data analysis with 12 years as a Medical Quantitative Analyst.

Nicholas Briggs | Financial Director | Raised over £100M in equity financing as CFO of Hurricane Energy, preparing Hurricane Energy for a UK IPO listing. Engineering degree with experience in Biotech industries. 


Dr. Susan Hallowell | Board Advisor, Security | Many years as a senior executive in the US Department of Homeland Security. 14 years as the Director of the Transportation Security Laboratory (US, 2002-2014). Unrivalled knowledge of security markets, with a particular focus on explosives detection in airports. 

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