Uses DNAzymes/sensors to service a $4.5B water testing market


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ANDalyze: Fast Facts

ANDalyze uses DNAzymes and sensors to service a $4.5B water testing market. 

We provide analytical instruments that enable real-time and point-of-use, near-lab quality measurements of trace contaminants in water. Our innovative patent-protected field-deployable technology is EPA verified. Our products are easy to use and provide measurements of lead, copper, mercury, uranium, cadmium and zinc in drinking water, process water and wastewater at or below regulatory levels.

Enormous Problem

Water testing is a massive, multi-billion-dollar industry, but it is seriously lacking a proper testing solution. Traditional techniques -- for detecting heavy metals in low parts per billion (ppb) ranges, such as inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) -- are expensive to produce and require a six-figure investment. These instruments must be operated by a trained scientist and must remain stationary once installed.

Extensive sample preparation may be required, adding days to get results, and a single mislabeled sample or data entry error can result in costly mistakes and liability concerns.

For regulatory compliance reporting purposes, the EPA requires laboratories to undergo a certification process for analysis of drinking water samples. Consequently, even for EPA-approved methods and technologies, compliance testing for reporting purposes MUST be completed in an EPA certified laboratory that performs proficiency testing for each method and passes periodic on-site audits.

While the certification process for specific laboratory-based technologies is rigorous and EPA compliant, it overlooks the frequent need to measure water quality on-site and in real time, and generally precludes timely corrective action.

We Are The Solution

ANDalyze solves these problems and will properly serve the $4.5B water testing market by offering:

VALIDATION: A U.S. EPA verified technology with fully developed and commercialized products.

REVENUE GENERATION: More than 300 units and over 50,000 sensors delivered to an International client base.

ACCURACY: Results within U.S. and International regulations. Tests to low parts per billion (ppb) concentrations.

ON-SITE TESTING: Product gives on-site results in just minutes rather than days. No need to ship samples to a laboratory and wait to receive data back.

BROAD MARKET POTENTIAL: DNAzyme technology is also capable of measuring levels of biologics and other organic chemical contamination.

EXPERIENCED MANAGEMENT TEAM: World’s leading experts in DNAzyme technology and experienced IoT and finance professionals.

STRONG PATENT PORTFOLIO: Four product patents with dozens more technology related.

SCALEABLE OPERATIONS: Scalable manufacturing with partners in place.

We have received MILLIONS in GRANT SUPPORT – over $2.44 million awarded, including a $1 million DOE grant to start development of an on-line water quality monitoring system.

Key Features

Results in One Minute
Quick, simple menu navigation and one button push for sample analysis.

Fluorescence Based Measurement
DNAzyme reaction produces quantitative fluorescence-based results.

Sensor Kit
Each disposable color-coded sensor is designed for a specific heavy metal. Kits provide everything needed for analysis.

Data Capture & Reporting
Time and date-stamped and site-labeled results. Data downloadable and unit recharging through a USB cable. 

Safe and Maintenance Free
CE-marked and water and dust resistant with IP54 enclosure rating. Free software upgrades via USB connection over the Internet.

Video Training on-board
Embedded instructional video trains users without additional documentation.

Supports Multiple Languages
Selectable display languages including English, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, and German.

Environmentally Friendly
Minimal waste, no harmful reagents or special disposal requirements.

Traction & Accomplishments

The ANDalyze technology has been extensively benchmarked against industry standard spectral methods including the USEPA's Environmental Technology Verification Program (ETV) in a full range of water types including drinking, environmental, and wastewater effluent. The US EPA issued a report on the evaluation testing that concludes ANDalyze DNAzyme products provide a valid water quality measurement alternative for certain applications, such as lead measurement in drinking water at the point of use.

ANDalyze holds (2) patents to the underlying product design and also licenses other aspects of the DNA sensor technology from the University of Illinois. In addition, ANDalyze owns other significant intellectual property including the buffer, manufacturing, results calculation, fluorometer, plus more.

(4) units of the AND2000 On-Line Water Quality Analyzer’s were beta tested in various industries and environments. The remaining development needed is to address improvements identified during the beta testing phase and to complete the firmware design, finalizing the user interface and standard communication protocols. This phase can be commercially completed in (6) months.


Meet The Team

Tami Fratis | CEO

  • Veteran private equity and real estate investor with sustained experience across business life cycles from startups to buyouts
  • Has served on more than 20 boards over the last 25 years ranging in size from startup to more than $1B in revenue 

Jim Thomas | CTO

  • Over 25 years of hands-on experience in information systems
  • As CTO of ANDalyze, Mr. Thomas oversees architecture and implementation of all operational business support and IoT systems
  • As a seasoned technology executive, Mr. Thomas has a proven track record of success in both large and small technology companies such as IBM, Motorola, and Siemens 

Dr. Jennifer Cui, Ph.D | Lead Scientist

  • Has lead the efforts for all DNAzyme biosensor design and sensor manufacture
  • Her extensive experience in microbiology and biochemistry has been instrumental in sensor development, interference elimination, and application expansion 

Steven Naylor | VP Product Management

  • Formerly with Siemens’ Water division, Steve has over 15 years in the water disinfection and testing industry
  • He has extensive experience in product engineering and management in addition to lean manufacturing disciplines and acquisition and integration
  • As a chemical engineer and his experience in both large and small business processes has been instrumental in leading the development of the ANDalyze handheld and on-line fluorometers 

Jason Mangler | VP Sales and Marketing

  • Starting as a Chemist and Microbiologist in the emerging CRO industry, Mangler then moved over to the vendor side of the Analytical Instrument business
  • He has over 15 years of experience in the commercial side of the instrumentation business
  • He spent 10 of those years with GE Analytical Instruments, a division of GE Water, driving sales and the sales process across teams, both domestic and international, via direct and indirect sales channels

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