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Quick Pitch

Hi, my name is Chris Angulo-Bertram, my wife Alexiah and I started Angbert Enterprises as a way to help small to mid-size businesses afford quality IT support.

I have been a computer engineer for over 20 years, and during that time have worked on many projects with many differing timelines.  That is why I was super excited when I found out I could purchase the rights to ManagePro Software.

Product/Service Details

ManagePro has been around since 1995 and has had many iterations over the years, but it is still, I think the best productivity management tool ever created.

While ManagePro is a great product, I can see ways it needs to be improved.

First is that it is limited to only running on Windows.  You may think that is not such a bad thing, but in today's world, that really limits its possibilities.

Second is that it is also limited to working with a Microsoft SQL server, again this limits its potential for being cross-platform.

What this campaign will allow us to do is rebuild the software in a way that will make it more compatible with any operating system, and almost any database system.  We will also be building a cloud-based system that will allow for even more compatibility and usefulness. 

Traction & Accomplishments

So far we have the software and can deliver it to anyone as they need it, we own all the domain names, and the registered trademarks.

Recently I was able to find a freelance sales person that is working for us on a commission basis, but what I really need the money for is general expenses, and to be able to find and pay for a full-time programmer to rebuild the app so it can be made cross-platform.

How We're Different

The way ManagePro is different is that it is kind of an all-encompassing software.

You can track customers
You can track projects
You can do Work-Breakdown Structure (WBS)
You can use it to track general business tasks
You can use it to track the expenses associated with business tasks
There is Gantt charting capability
Time tracking 
Employees can make updates in the app that will allow management to see in one place what is being accomplished

We even use it to do Bug tracking

In all, it is I think one of the best business management software applications around.


Alexiah Angulo-Bertram - Owner

Wife confidant and business partner 

Lexy is a full-time student at Cal State Fullerton.

Christopher N Angulo-Bertram - Owner

Husband confidant and business partner 

Chris has been working in IT since 1995, and has worked as a systems engineer for about 15 of those years. Chris has experience in all sorts of systems with a focus on Windows and Linux.


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