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Revolutionary RF Products for The Cars of Tomorrow

Antenum is a startup that has deep roots; It was spun out of AMI Research & Development in 2017. AMI itself was founded in 2010 with $7 million in funding from a Michigan antenna company.

AMI developed breakthrough antenna concepts and did R&D work for:

The mission of the Antenum spin-out was to commercialize AMI's innovative antenna technology within the automotive space.

“In this spin-out, Antenum received technology, patents and hard assets worth approximately $5 million.”

Revolutionary RF Products for The Cars of Tomorrow

Antenum is revolutionizing the automotive market with proprietary, radically-new, antenna designs that could dominate these three critical vehicle sub-systems:

Revolutionary RF Products for The Cars of Tomorrow

It is anticipated 92 million cars will be sold in 2020; 75% will be "connected" (linked to the cloud) and communicate over a combination of:

  • 3G, 4G, LTE, 5G (with 2X2 or 4X4 MIMO)
  • Wi-Fi (inside and outside car)
  • Bluetooth
  • Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V)
  • Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2X)
  • 5G


Revolutionary RF Products for The Cars of Tomorrow

Revolutionary RF Products for The Cars of Tomorrow

Revolutionary RF Products for The Cars of Tomorrow

  • RKE technology allows car doors to seamlessly unlock as the driver approaches the car while carrying a FOB
  • While elegant, the technology usually requires at least five antennas arrayed around a car,  plus one or two antennas inside the vehicle
  • Each antenna measures the signal strength of the approaching FOB and triangulation is used to determine position
  • These systems are expensive, require extensive cabling, and have accuracy issues when the FOB signal is attenuated (occurs when the FOB is carried in a back pocket, stored in a handbag, etc.)
  • In addition, consumers want to use their phones to access their car—not a one-more-thing-to-carry FOB; future RKE systems will have to work with Bluetooth
  • As a result, many auto OEMs are looking to redesign their systems

Revolutionary RF Products for The Cars of Tomorrow

CHEAPER: Bluekey is a fundamental breakthrough in RF physics and location-finding technology--it only requires a singular rooftop antenna versus up to seven antennas for competing systems with a proportionately lower production cost

MORE ACCURATE: No triangulation is involved, so signal strength is not critical, resulting in a more accurate system

BLUETOOTH CAPABLE: Antenum's BKE solution works with Bluetooth-based FOBs and smartphones

EASY TO DESIGN IN: Eliminates the current RKE cable harness that circles the car

SYNERGY: BlueKey can utilize the antenna elements of CALPRO and thus become a feature of that product, making CALPRO even more unassailable in the market

Revolutionary RF Products for The Cars of Tomorrow

Electric vehicles (EVs) sales are growing rapidly, but the cumbersome charging methodology (manually plugging in long, clunky cables) diminishes the user experience

This is problematic for manufacturers like Tesla, which are trying to portray their products as the cars of the future with elegant UI’s

While there are a growing number of charging stations in public locations, there is a limit to how many stanchions can be put in a parking lot given their size and the space needed to maneuver cables

Wireless charging in public spaces will become a necessity as the EV market grows and wireless charging at home will become a much desired user convenience

Current inductive wireless charging solutions, however, cost in excess of $1,000, add significant weight to the car, and require very precise parking over the charger in order to be efficient; there has been only minimal adoption

Revolutionary RF Products for The Cars of Tomorrow

COST: EVolt uses two simple loop antennas to transfer RF energy (in the FM frequency band) from a ground transmitter to the car, where it then gets converted to DC. One large loop goes under the car and a small one sits on the ground; costs should be one-half that of induction charging solutions

EASE OF USE: EVolt will work efficiently whenever the car is parked anywhere over the charging loop; parking angle or exact car location does not matter

EASE OF DESIGN (CAR): Little weight is added to the car, the loop is easily added to the under-carriage; height of the car off of ground not an issue unlike inductive

EASE OF DESIGN (CHARGER): Ground loops are cheap enough that multiple loops could be used in order to cover a greater area

Revolutionary RF Products for The Cars of Tomorrow

Revolutionary RF Products for The Cars of Tomorrow

It speaks volumes about the attractiveness of Antenum’s offering that the Company is able to deal directly with traditional car OEMs. (Most component vendors are shunted to Tier 1 parts suppliers like Bosch or Continental; Antenum deals directly with all its prospects.)

Most recently, Antenum met with the antenna team at a prominent European auto manufacturer. They bluntly said they have a corporate policy of not dealing with startups -- but in Antenum’s case they would make an exception and are now in the sampling process

Recent customer/prospect quotes:

Revolutionary RF Products for The Cars of Tomorrow

The management is experienced, has both strong business and technical skill sets, and comes with deep domain knowledge in antennas and OEM sales

Jim Logan | CEO

  • Serial entrepreneur with first IPO in 1992
  • Holder of 40+ patents
  • Graduate of Hamilton College (BA) and The Tuck School at Dartmouth (MBA)

Bob Senior | VP of Business Development

  • 20+ years of experience leading sales teams, as CEO, and as a board member of various startups
  • B Ed. Physics, Exeter University, UK

Revolutionary RF Products for The Cars of Tomorrow

Bill Mouyos | CTO

  • 30 years total experience as Project Manager for Sanders, Lockheed, and BAE Systems
  • Founder of AMI, Antenum's predecessor
  • Holds 50+ patents
  • Graduate Johns Hopkins (BS in Mech Eng + Masters Cert)

Dr. John Apostolos | Chief Scientist

  • 45 years total experience with Sanders, Lockheed and BAE Systems
  • Inventor, Scientific Fellow at Sanders
  • Founder of AMI, Antenum's predecessor
  • Holds 145+ patents
  • Holds a PhD in Physics from UNH

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