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Next Gen Voice A.I.: Tackling Distracted Driving Today, and Self-Driving Tomorrow.

Smartphones are the #1 cause of car accidents - 6x worse than drunk driving!

Existing voice technology simply is not powerful enough.

The automotive experience requires a vastly superior option.

Car companies are directly competing with Tech Giants.

Focused in Auto = Highest Intelligence A.I.

Voice is the most natural means of communicating.

It has the potential to be the most universal way for us to communicate with machines, but existing voice technology has not lived up to expectations.

Current voice assistants are general purpose engines, attempting to achieve a wide range of uses with as many generic terms as possible AND grabbing your data as fast as possible to sell it.

Consequently, accuracy levels and overall effectiveness vary widely enough to be untrustworthy for critical tasks.

Many of them were created by tech giants that sell your data -- or worse, your voice and everything you say -- to the highest bidder.

Cars are becoming commodities, and software is the future - as said by Elon Musk & Ford CEO. The issue is Car OEMs don’t have the software development capabilities, instead they acquire or buy (Cruise $1Billion, Argo $1B, Here Maps $3B). 

Voice engine built from the ground up.

Apollo is a voice engine that is:

Highly intelligent; combines the world’s top AIExtremely Reliable; over 94% comprehensionTrustworthy and transparent Data

Runs anywhere: app, after-market, or in-car

Apollo is training to drive your self-driving car

Our approach is radically different from other companies, who are trying to boil the ocean with AI. Apollo is only focused in the Auto domain.

By design, Apollo handles any car related questions, since the AI is trained heavily in the domain.

For general questions, Apollo plugs into the world's top AI for enhanced capabilities.

Since Apollo is use-case focused, we are able to add depth to a domain.

At Apollo we are super focused on perfecting a few key functions.

This yields significantly higher intelligence and more human-like conversation.

No other voice technologies have the same capacity or feature set as Apollo. This provides us with a distinct advantage over others in the field.

How did we build Apollo?

Current voice technology is powered by three components:

Siri is among the voice-activated solutions that is confused by user intent, due to over 1 million command types. Its NLU fails too often, preventing hands-free communication.

In short, parts 1 and 3 have been proven to be really effective in many voice technologies, but NLU is far behind and requires heavy computing power and artificial intelligence.

Apollo was built by the world's experts in voice technology with the latest A.I. reasearch, tech, and techniques. 

Apollo is focused on specific use cases to reduce the number of command types and significantly reducing NLU failure.

Team: Pentagon + Google Streeview inventor


  • Mechanical engineer
  • 2x founder
  • Was hired by President Obama to oversee engineering at the Pentagon


  • Background in Natural Language, computational linguistics with focus in Deep Semantics.  (building voice engines)
  • 20 yrs experience in A.I. at Microsoft + Intel
  • Founding father of Google Street View

 ALEX CALKINS | Head of Product Development

  • Product Design Engineer who worked at Apple on the Mac Pro and Macbook Pro
  • Head of iOS and hardware development for Apollo

 JOE MATTHIES | Head Cloud Engineer

  • An experienced engineer who built large cloud infrastructures
  • Head of Android development, Cloud infrastructure at Apollo

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