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Current permeable pavement technologies are great in theory, but suffer from inherent material limitations; specifically being prone to clogging and corrosion, and requiring expensive maintenance. Without special maintenance, typical permeable pavements become ineffective in a handful of years as they lose their permeability and structural integrity.

AquiPor permeable pavers and modular curb-side units have been engineered to filter out stormwater solids. They are also chemically inert, making them resistant to  corrosion from environmental stressors. As the future of civil construction ushers in new technologies and materials, AquiPor is poised to revolutionize the permeable paving market in the coming years.



Engineered with sub-micron porosity, AquiPor material infiltrates water while keeping sediment and suspended solids on the surface while maintaining a strength and durability profile that vastly outperforms traditional permeable pavements. With no special maintenance requirements for pavers and AquiDrain units, these characteristics allow for new engineered approaches in public right-of-ways, enabling large scale on-site stormwater management. 

AquiPor is advancing its permeable technology product line to give developers an augmentative and low-maintenance stormwater solution, allowing cities and builders the ability to develop environmentally, without sacrificing usable space to cumbersome stormwater handling facilities. The net result is an improved bottom line per unit developed, and an environmentally responsible and unobtrusive stormwater solution.


AquiPor's low-energy manufacturing process uses readily available feldspathic mine tailings, an exhalative compound, and heat to produce extremely strong, surface permeable material.

Utilizing recycled by-products in our proprietary material opens up brand new, large industrial applications for mine tailings in building materials and gives us the opportunity to achieve economies of scale quickly - making AquiPor's material an "inherently green" building product for manufacturers and end-users.

With highly scalable manufacturing processes that require a fraction of the time and energy than that of traditional clay bricks, AquiPor is ushring in a material technology for the future of hardscape manufacturing.


Climate change is driving demand in stormwater solutions as cities consider the risk of flooding and clean water sustainability, and both developers and municipalities are expressing interest in our solution. 

Exclusive patent rights have been secured in April 2018 and October 2018, with more patents pending on associated work designed to provide a full-stack solution for municipalities seeking lifecycle water sustainability.

Recent proof-of-concept study via standardized sil-co-sil 106 testing proves AquiPor material’s ability to filter micro-sediment and total suspended solids. 

Over $900,000 raised to develop technology, and company advisors have each personally invested in the company.  Advisory team consists of proven operators from construction industry and mining sector.

Social demand for permeable pavement is increasing, as US municipal stormwater CAPEX exceeds $60 billion by 2026.

Permeable pavements alone are expected to account for $22 billion in annual spending globally by 2026 (current market is $12 billion annually). 

Large licensing acquisitions of technologies in this space are occurring with greater frequency as awareness of the issue increases. 


Greg Johnson is our Founder, President & CEO. 

Greg’s experience spans industry in both the corporate and startup world and his venture prior to AquiPor specialized in importing and distributing water pervious pavers for high-end green infrastructure applications.

Greg has founded and managed a handful of other startup companies focused on building material technologies and has gained a breadth of experience regarding early stage technology development, startup fundraising, I.P. strategy, and leading early stage teams. He provides both the vision and market expertise to lead AquiPor in helping solve major stormwater issues in cities.

Kevin Kunz is our Cofounder & Vice President: Technology and Product Development. 

Kevin has prior startup experience as the former marketing and sales director of permeable pavers for KloroTech. Today, Kevin directs AquiPor’s proof of concept testing, and recently directed the standardized testing of sil-co-sil 106 to prove AquiPor material’s filtering ability. Through extensive research and development cycles, Kevin has expertise in mix designs and manufacturing processes for AquiPor’s products.

Kevin has experience in product and application testing, is very knowledgeable in the stormwater management and permeable pavement market, and has experience calling on landscape architects, engineers, and design professionals in the industry. He’s also been successful launching new products as he helped land their imported paver on nearly $3 Million of job bids in its first year on the market. 

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