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ARD Exploration is an oil exploration company that’s bucking the shale oil trend in today’s oil industry with a low cost, high reward conventional drilling strategy.

We utilize advanced magnetic anomaly analysis to quickly and inexpensively micro-target the most promising drill sites, thus avoiding the lofty capital requirements, rapid decline curves, and other issues that are prevalent in shale oil exploration.




Introducing ARD Exploration: developers of low cost, high potential conventional oil wells in proven US onshore oil basins.  Our unique processes use advanced micro-targeting technology that allows for low cost, low risk, yet high return drilling.

At ARD, we sidestep the stiff competition and exorbitant capital requirements (roughly $8 million a well) involved with shale oil.  Our conventional oil wells, on the other hand, cost just $2-3 million and our oil production is easily sold.

Our innovative prospecting process for conventional drilling identifies overlooked reserves with both an 75% success rate and the ability to limit dry hole costs to ~$1.5 M..  This combined effect makes drilling in conventional oil plays economic.

Initial Focus - Smackover
Fields of SW Alabama

Our initial focus is in Southwest Alabama’s Smackover fields, where over 39 million barrels of oil have been produced from over 3,000 wells.  Our plan is to drill two initial wells as a proof of concept and then scale up.


Best of all, our approach is expected to yield a ~75% success rate, as compared to 50% for those conventional Smackover wells developed via traditional approaches.  It’s a new level of risk vs. return.


Our proprietary method starts with the use of advanced magnetic anomaly analysis for initial prospect identification, and then utilizes traditional geology and geophysical techniques for prospect validation.

High-frequency magnetic anomalies, which are believed to derive from magnetic mineral concentrations, are often observed above underlying oilfields.

The ARD process:

To this end, we’re able to focus on developing oil production from two initial low cost wells with high reserve potential, in a proven oil basin with good infrastructure and no take-out constraints on selling the oil.

Our targeted areas are sparsely populated and have strong local support for economic activity.  We are drilling near the Little Cedar Creek/Brooklyn Field - the largest onshore oilfield discovered in the Gulf Coast region in the last 20 years - in addition to hundreds of smaller fields.


ARD was conceptualized by Roy Kligfield, PhD (Columbia University) who remains our day-to-day leader as CEO.

Roy, a former geology professor with a Master’s degree in the magnetic properties of sedimentary rocks, served in senior management positions at a number of oil and gas services companies including seismic processing, interpretation and acquisition companies.  He’s published over 50 papers on subsurface geological interpretation. 

A serial entrepreneur as well, he’s served as Founder, CEO, or investor in 5 different companies (3 in the oil industry).  One of these he founded is Wireless Seismic - the first company to develop cableless, real-time wireless seismic devices.

He’s joined by CFO John Frick, who’s spent 35 years as as an entrepreneur & investor and has experience in virtually all aspects of the domestic oil industry.  This includes raising the initial $35M for Wireless Seismic and serving on its Board of Directors.

John is also Founder & Principal at Chisholm Advisors, and previously spent time at Arthur Andersen & Co.  Wireless Seismic and ProSep (an oilfield services company).  He earned his MBA from Stanford University.

Our team is rounded out by VP Operations Robert Sencenbaugh, a former drilling engineer with Sklar Exploration, Fidelity E&P, and others.  He has 25+ years’ experience in the industry in total, with a primary focus on the Smackover region we’re targeting. Bob has drilled over 40 oil wells in the Smackover.

​The leadership of this executive trio currently has us in a great position to move forward here at ARD Exploration, having achieved the following key milestones:

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