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Arion is a veterinary diagnostic service provider based on a new breakthrough non-invasive technology that allows remote screening for major pathologies via remote biological sample processing as well as in-person diagnostics for pets, research animals and large animals.


There are about 76 million pet dogs and 58 million pet cats in the United States.

Almost half of dogs over the age of 10 will develop cancer, yet for long into the illness, the animal will appear totally asymptomatic. Unfortunately, the larger population of pet owners do not do any routine screening for their pets because of the time it takes and costs.

Pets are typically brought to a veterinary clinic when symptoms are quite obvious, but this means that pathology is rather well advanced.

Standard diagnostic procedures typically include invasive methods such as biopsy and need to be sedated even when CT or MRI procedures are performed. These standard procedures are costly, stressful for the pet and require a physical visit.

Typical imaging tools such as standard X-ray often provide obscure information, making conclusions not quite accurate.

In clinical research - studies require multiple parallel tiers of research animals to investigate effectiveness of therapy over time. Since research animals have to be conditioned prior to undergoing investigational therapy, they’re quite expensive and research studies need to utilize larger populations of animals.


Arion’s At-Home Sample Kit: ARION makes regular health screenings for pets simpler by offering remote diagnostic screening via mail. Pet owners can request to have the sample kit mailed to them with a return label. A biological sample of the pet is then mailed to ARION’s central processing lab and screening results are returned to the owner within just a day by email.

Q-Ray Machines: We offer an in-person, non-invasive diagnostic procedure for pets’ internal organs. Our Q-Ray technology produces a quantitative measurement of internal structure and composition of tissues, which is tightly correlated with the presence or absence of various diseases.

Selective Imaging Device: Our selective imaging device provides high contrast selective imaging of internal organs and selective highlighting of diseased tissues. The device will pinpoint malignant tissues and show exactly which parts of the tissues need to be removed. Our solutions aren’t subjective - no interpretation is required.

Non-invasive quantitative diagnosis and selective imaging will allow researchers to characterize progress along research studies without sacrificing animals. Our technology will save a significant amount of time and money by saving research animals.


Arion’s diagnostic technology is based on X-ray diffraction, which is routinely used in physics laboratories to study the internal structure of various materials such as minerals, organic compounds and proteins. This method has been used to determine the chemical formula of many organic compounds, including proteins.

This technology has been shown to very quickly and accurately diagnose various cancers in human tissues. Arion is now the first company to apply this technology – which we call “Q-Ray” - to diagnose animals. 

The Q-Ray device includes an X-ray source, focusing optics to shape the beam, a sample holder or live animal immobilizer, and a detector. The X-ray beam coming out of the focusing optics is extremely small in diameter – around 0.3mm. Because the area of exposure to X-ray radiation is small, the dose received by a live animal is small as well.


Product Development: We have a general design of the At-Home Sample Kit system. Our prototype and proof of concept devices are in production. We have database and analytical algorithms as well as a payment platform design.

Customer Acceptance: Arion Diagnostics is spin off of Petaluma Equine Animal Clinic, which is our partner and first customer. We’re also testing within our network to gain feedback.

Patents and IP: One patent has been filed and 5 are in drafting.

Partnerships: We have partnerships with Petaluma Equine, NISTA Diagnostics Inc., Bragg Analytics Inc., and Philippe Sarazin IsoArt.

Manufacturing and Distribution: Samples by mail and test-on equipment are based in service centers, the first of which is located in Petaluma Equine Clinic.


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