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Aroha Research Technology is a cloud-based technology provider dedicated to bringing the cloud technology and big data revolution to the life sciences.

Big data is transforming the way companies do business in industries across the board, and in countries around the world. Nowhere is the revolutionary power of big data more apparent than in the life sciences, in industries such as pharmaceuticals, bio-technology and medical devices.

Companies in these industries face a unique set of challenges when it comes to product development, with a development cycle that can take as much as 6 years, and involve multiple phases of scientific research and development in both pre-clinical and clinical stages. Throughout that process, HUGE amounts of useful data are captured by various systems — data that could provide invaluable insight to improve these companies' processes and strategies.

But before you can access all the advantages and benefits of data, you need to be able to harness it. For large pharmaceutical companies, this isn’t a problem, since they have the financial resources to spend millions of dollars building their own custom data warehouses and hiring highly experienced, highly priced data analysis specialists to man those warehouses. But for small-to-medium businesses, most of which lack the financial resources to afford such high-end data management solutions and the high price tags that come with them, big data solutions as they exist today are largely out of reach — a fact that puts small- to medium-sized companies at a serious disadvantage against their larger competitors.

At Aroha Research Technology, we're on a mission to level the playing field, by providing the kinds of data management solutions that small-to-medium businesses need to go head-to-head with even their largest companies and drive meaningful, powerful growth for their business.

The Aroha vision for more accessible, affordable data management begins with Aroha Product Data Mart, our cloud-based clinical data repository that gathers data together and displays it in a single, streamlined location.

More than just a data aggregator, Aroha Product Data Mart comes with a built-in analytic report generator, which provides valuable insight into pharmaceutical product data and development scenarios — insight that companies can use to make informed strategic business decisions quickly and efficiently.

Aroha Product Data Mart is:

As a cloud-based solution, Aroha Product Data Mart spares organizations the need to invest in a pricey data center or high-income data specialists, meaning lower costs on both an upfront and a recurring basis. Companies can gain access to the platform for a monthly subscription as low as $300 per user per month.

Unlike other data management solutions, which are built on custom data models, Aroha Product Data Mart is based on BRIDG open data model. Not only does the BRIDG model have the advantage of allowing users to develop their own custom reports and use Microsoft Excel to generate ad-hoc reports — it also has the support of having the support of key decision makers and policy setters within the pharmaceutical and bio-tech space, including both the U.S. FDA and the CDISC.

MDM Supported
Aroha Product Data Mart is built on Microsoft’s Master Data Management (MDM) System offering in data security and data traceability unmatched by traditional database systems on the market today.

Aroha Product Data Mart is just the beginning of the Aroha Research Technology vision: we’re planning a comprehensive array of platform and tools, all geared toward providing small- to medium-sized pharmaceutical companies with comprehensive tool sets for their complete data management and analysis needs.

As we work toward that goal, additional products currently in the development pipeline include:

Aroha’s safety reporting system. Aroha Safety will integrate with Aroha Product Data Mart to generate safety reports on developmental and marketed pharmaceutical products. Like Aroha Product Data Mart, Aroha Safety will be cloud-based for optimum affordability and accessibility. Aroha Safety is currently 80% developed and for a Feb 2015 release.

Aroha’s clinical trial disclosure system, currently in the planning phases and in requirement stage now.

Aroha Research Technology products are:

Built on Master Data Management System

Zero footprint client

Can be accessed from Windows Tablets

Fully integrated with Microsoft Office Suite

Powered by Microsoft SQL Server 2012 / 2014 on the Cloud

Leverages Microsoft MDM services

Unique Delivery System (Patent Pending)

Readily integrates with BI tool like Business Objects, Tablue etc

Dynamic Scalability from 1 user to 10000 user

Microsoft Excel data integration

CSV and XML Integration

Automated mapping of Clinical data to BRIDG Data Model

Our Product fully supports HTML 5 and works on IE 11

Aroha Research Technology is already making tremendous progress toward our goal of providing accessible, affordable data management options for the life sciences industry.

The Aroha Product Data Mart platform is fully developed. We demonstrated our system at NYC Bio-Tech 2014 and was able to attract interest from several major names in the bio-tech industry, including Tactical Bio-Tech.

Throughout the product development stage, we have been in contact with various bio-tech companies, all of which have expressed interest in Aroha Product Data Mart. We’ve connected with several bio-tech company CEOs and medical directors, and we’re In talks with a Microsoft partner company regarding demand generation options.

With Aroha Product Data Mart fully developed and ready for the market, it’s time to start delivering Aroha Product Data Mart to the organizations it has been designed to help, complete development of Aroha Safety and Aroha CTR and cement Aroha Research Technology’s position as a go-to data management solution for small- to medium-sized pharmaceutical, bio-tech and medical device companies across the United States and beyond. For more information about how you can be a part of the Aroha vision for simple, accessible data management solutions, please request access to the Business Plan page of this profile!

Aroha Research Technology is helmed by a team of Information technology professionals with more than 40 years of combined experience in working with pharmaceutical information systems.

Nulvi CR, President, is a practicing chartered accountant specializing in tax disputes. He provides services for many corporations and HNIs.

Praveen, CEO & VP, has over 20 years of experience in clinical information systems. He has worked with most of the top 9 pharmaceutical companies developing and implementing clinical information systems. His longest stint was with Pfizer Central Research, managing clinical data management systems, clinical trial management and clinical reporting systems.

Anil, CTO,  has 20 years of experience in SaaS product development, having been involved in many Silicon Valley-based SaaS companies, including GTNexus Inc., Maranti Networks Inc. (later merged with EMC2) and Kesdee Inc. Anil has worked on solutions for Stanford University, and has worked on high-profile products for Bearing Point and Decathlon.

Karthik, Manager of Product Verification, is specialized in automated testing of computer software. Before joining Aroha, he was involved in numerous product feature verification and performance qualification projects.

Venkat, UXL Manager,  has over 10 years of experience in developing user interfaces for web applications and mobile applications. He has served Ciber Inc. and IBM Corporation developing user interfaces.

M. Omer Pervaiz, Esq., Legal Counsel, has served as General Counsel for Aroha Research Technology since 2014. His practice focuses on corporate and business law, specifically entity formation, contract review, drafting and negotiation, regulatory and compliance, and labor and employment law. Mr. Pervaiz also has experience handling matters in immigration and intellectual property, such as trademark and patent filings.

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