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Ah, the 21st century coffee shop - get a mean espresso, and get stuff done.

Java houses are just one venue frequented by today's increasingly-mobile workforce, who, thanks to technology, can now get massive amounts of work done away from the office. But unfortunately, these changing work environments haven't been met with suitably-adapted equipment; especially in the case of portable computer screens. Enter the SPUD - a fully collapsible, high-resolution screen developed by Arovia that's proving to be the long-sought solution that mobile professionals need.

After months of R&D and 8 prototype iterations, we're finally on the cusp of final product development - the time to get involved is now!

We are also in the midst of a Kickstarter rewards raise with tremendous success and validation. We surpassed over 500% funding with over $360,000+ committed. Keep reading to learn more about the SPUD product and Arovia!

Workers in practically all industries can now get more done without sacrificing travel time, interact "on-location" with a client, or just get out of the office and change things up. Coffee shops, airport lounges, and client businesses are just a few places where a daily influx of working professionals can be seen.  In fact, 70% of the US workforce now works at multiple locations and a number of industries - including hotels, consulting, and auditing - are on the rise as a result.

With these "temporary offices" becoming the norm, mobile pros need to be well-equipped.  Many are turning to hybrid laptops and powerful tablets as replacements for traditional office setups; but quite often, more is needed.  Though mobile devices have become increasingly powerful, they've been forced to sacrifice on screen size - and 80% prefer a portable, larger-display experience.  Having a more optically-friendly solution is a virtual necessity in many occasions - especially when giving client presentations or viewing/comparing different documents.  It's also been shown to significantly improve productivity.

In searching for the ideal product, some have settled on pico projectors - which work with most devices - as their best current option.  Though their viewing resolution has steadily improved, these projectors:

Without a viable solution on the market, we aren't getting the most we can out of our evolving workforce.  The market is ripe for innovation - and for a new leader to emerge.

Who needs a big corporate office?  At Arovia, we're all about moving mobile professionals forward.  We believe the world's people deserve the freedom to work - and play - wherever and whenever they want without sacrificing portability.

SPUD is a high resolution, 24-inch display with the awesome benefit of ultra-portability.  It quickly collapses (in seconds) to the size and weight of a paperback book - making it ideal for the mobile professional. When expanded, SPUD uses custom optics combined with the latest DLP technology to produce the sharp, bright image that you need. Either with an HDMI cord or wirelessly, it can be connected to a smartphone, tablet, or laptop - no matter where your "temporary office" is.  Studies have shown that SPUD users will be able to complete up to 3 additional hours of computer-related work in a day compared to peers who struggle with smaller screens.

SPUD truly is a breakthrough innovation for the mobile workforce.  But with 24 inches of easily-accessible screen real estate, it's not just for work - it also enhances your entertainment. From watching movies on the go to having a larger screen for video game conquests, SPUD optimizes the visual experience on practically any device.  Here are just a few more of the virtually endless usage possibilities:

At Arovia, we're committed to quality engineering above all else - and on perfecting the SPUD before releasing it to consumers.  Making a completely new product and new design has been a challenge, but with a focus on practical and functional technology, we've successfully made the SPUD experience as frictionless as possible.  Our talented engineers have developed novel mechanics, optics, and custom electronics that deliver an unmatched user experience and screen quality.  SPUD's patent pending core technology, which utilizes the concept of skeuomorphism, makes it work just like an umbrella - greatly enhancing the user-friendliness of what is the first collapsible screen on the market.

When SPUD emerges from its collapsed slumber, it has as much depth as a laptop.  When folded down and ready to carry, it's about the size and weight of a book - at less than 2 pounds.  This mobility and size is without a doubt its most significant value proposition; but it's far from the end of the line.  Check out a few more of SPUD's top features and benefits:

The SPUD screen was designed to have outstanding tension, allowing it to hold up no matter where you take it and through countless collapses.

SPUD's high quality resolution make it ideal for almost all lighting conditions, allowing for crystal-clear viewing practically anywhere.

Unlike pico projectors and other options on the market, using a SPUD requires no wall or additional hardware (like VR headsets).

SPUD features both an HDMI hardware connection and a USB power outlet that will allow for native wireless connections in the future.  So no matter if you're in a coffee shop, a car, or on the beach, it can be fired up and viewed.

We give you significantly more screen to work with than even a standard laptop, despite our very manageable size.  In fact, a 13.3-inch laptop screen would cover only 30% of the SPUD screen.

No more squinting, and no more getting lost.  Complex edits, comparisons, presentations, and other split screen activities can all be accomplished in a fraction of the time with SPUD.

$30,000 of our founders' funds, $50,000 NSF grant, and $90,000 in a previous angel round have helped fuel operations to this point. After using these funds to gain some early development traction, we got into 2 different accelerators ran through 7 different iterations to get to the final design of SPUD. Now, as we prepare to move forward with a key Kickstarter campaign and product design, we're reminded of the most significant accomplishments that have brought us to this point. These 5 top the list:

Key development milestones reached.  We put the wraps on our 1st prototype back in April 2015.  Since then, we went on to complete industrial design this February and finish our 8th prototype in April.

The press and public are taking notice.  Thanks to a huge organic boost this March, we now have positive press mentions from over 20 known sources - including Gizmag and Discovery. In addition, over 6,000 people have signed up for pre-buy notifications on our website - a figure that grows by 500 per week.

Big names are reaching out.  Ernst and Young and BP have both reached out for testing partnerships, which we'll likely move forward with very soon. Global giants: Sony (VC pitch), and Google (digital marketing partnership) are also in talks with us.

The supply chain is taking shape.  When the time's right, we'll be good to go with manufacturing thanks to Dragon Innovation's Dragon Certification process. Suppliers for critical components are locked in as well.

IP protection.  In addition to a filed US design patent, we've also filed 2 PCT patents that we fully expect to receive very soon - giving us IP rights in other countries.  We also own the trademarks for Arovia and SPUD.

Looking ahead, our next strategic move will be the Kickstarter campaign - which we'll launch once our pre-buy notification list gets to 10,000. This campaign will be a huge validation point for both our company and for SPUD. Once we're publicly validated, we'll move forward with developing larger screen sizes and ruggedized versions, which are designed for military and field engineering. We're also planning on offering software that enables a wireless, one-click connection to SPUD.

Time to meet the executives tasked with guiding Arovia towards its ultimate "vision":

Alexander Wesley, CEO - Our founding visionary is a mobile professional himself, having traveled the world launching products internationally as a Product Manager.  He got the idea for Arovia and SPUD after becoming increasingly frustrated relying on his small laptop screen.  A skilled Optical Engineer schooled at the University of Rochester's Institute of Optics, and a Rice University MBA, Alexander quickly identified the market hole that needed filling.  He's directly responsible for guiding day-to-day operations, as well as long term strategy.

George Zhu, CTO - Our tech guru is a rapid prototype expert hailing from Shenzhen, the manufacturing capital of the world.  George is a Mechanical Engineer with a versatile set of skills, which he used to develop the SPUD IP, and all 8 of its prototypes.  He's in charge of all technical product activities - ranging from industrial design to electrical engineering.

Justin Mintzer, CMO - Justin has a Rice University MEE degree with a 10 year background in the tech industry, extensive experience as a customer advocate, and a Rice University MBA degree with a marketing specialization. He's a key asset for us in terms of marketing strategy, customer acquisition, and incorporating feedback.

Mark Kimbrough, Industrial Design Lead - Doubling as an Industrial Design Professor at the University of Houston, Mark has 7 designs on permanent display at the Chicago Museum of Design and Architecture.  He's also the former Creative Director at a top ID Firm in Austin - gaining skills he uses as our aesthetic design head at Arovia.

Julie Bentley, Optical Design Lead - Julie is widely considered the best lens designer in the world.  She's the former Lead Lens Designer at Corning Tropel, and currently teaches at the Institute of Optics.  She's fully responsible for optical design.

For more information on our business model and this investment opportunity, don't forget to request access to our profile's private side!

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