Addressing the bandwidth crisis by transforming communication networks


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Introducing Astrapi Corporation: Astrapi makes radio communications faster and more secure.

By dramatically increasing spectral efficiency, Astrapi enables a 2X or greater improvements in occupied bandwidth, data throughput, signal power requirements, reduces latency, interference mitigation or any combination of these benefits.


There is an acute need to use the radio spectrum more efficiently. While communication bandwidth is limited in supply, network operators are spending billions to keep pace with exploding demand.

Operators are expected to spend $840B on infrastructure upgrades between 2015 and 2020 to meet growing demand. 

Defense Networks suffer the same stress, with the additional challenges of communicating in harsh, contested environments subjected to intentional jamming of the signals — with the communication link instrumental to mission success.

Astrapi's Spiral Modulation provides an innovative, structured way to dramatically improve the utilization of bandwidth —  uniquely ushering in an entirely new field that addresses an acute and expensive problem while driving major value:


Why are Astrapi’s prospective customers across Defense, Satellite, Wireless, and IoT segments so interested in our technology?

Software Platform | Astrapi has demonstrated at least a 3-4 dB (>2X) signal power advantage over the theoretical limit for classical signal modulation in software simulation, for matched bit error rate (BER), occupied bandwidth (OBW) and peak-to-average power ratio (PAPR). We are now demonstrating these results for alphabet sizes from 8 to 256. This has been validated by Space Strategies Consulting Ltd (SSCL). This compelling and unique performance win derives from Astrapi’s proprietary and patent-protected symbol waveform design software package.

1st Generation Hardware Platform | Astrapi’s 1st generation software-defined radio (SDR) platform was the Ettus N210. We also have two hardware swept-tuned spectrum analyzers for OBW measurements of physically-transmitted signals. This configuration was used for initial hardware confirmation of our externally-validated software simulation spectral efficiency performance.


2nd Generation Hardware Platform
Astrapi is now transitioning to its 2nd generation SDR platform based on the state-of-the-art Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ Radio Frequency System on a Chip (RFSoC), ZCU111. This supports a more sophisticated multi-channel implementation of Spiral Modulation targeting 2X or greater bandwidth compression.

The ZCU111 also enables more rapid reduction-to-practice and simplified performance measurement.



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