Revolutionary activity identification for consumer wearables.

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"This Fitness Tracker Puts Everything Else To Shame" - Fast Company.

"Atlas Wearables Takes On Jawbone And Nike With A Smarter Exercise Tracker" - Techcrunch

Atlas is a wearable device designed to track and identify your activity. The Atlas can automatically identify exercises, count reps, and organize sets with close to zero user action. Our mission is a seamless and effortless user experience.

Essentially, if you do 10 pushups, run a mile in 6 min, take a 30 second break and then do 3 sets of 12 squats, Atlas will automatically record all that for you – with no user action.

See us pitch to the CEOs of Indiegogo, Ouya, and Fitbit:


All wearable technology products available today are incomplete. They normally only track a subset of metrics such as steps, sleep, and heart rate. Current solutions try to derive valuable insights based on only a couple of metrics without knowing what specific activity was performed – they are essentially guessing. What if we knew the exact activity, how fast and how well it was performed, and how it affects your heart rate? This data will not only generate specific workout and personal insights, but will enable new methods of meaningful analysis over the span of a work out and entire athletic career. 


Atlas develops technology capable of identifying discrete features from real-time streams of accelerometer sensor data. The initial application of our powerful software and algorithms is for the athletic consumer. We can identify different exercise types, count reps, and organize sets to track the effect on your heart rate, and ultimately on your fitness. This technology can also be applied to tracking other repetitive activities such as swimming, tennis, or golf.

Atlas Concept Sketch B


Atlas is riding along two major trends: the rapid adoption of wearable devices and the growing interest in health and fitness.

The wearable device market is estimated to be $4 BB in 2013, with a projected 40% CAGR over the next 3-5 years. This CAGR is based on the assumption of a 15% to 25% attach rate to the smartphone user base, equivalent to a 6% share of all consumer electronic spend in the US.  ABI Research estimates the global market for wearables in health and fitness could reach 170 million devices by 2017.

Our main competitors include other wrist wearables, like the Nike Fuelband, Fitbit, Amiigo and Push Strength. Unlike our competitors, Atlas has developed embedded algorithms to provide live feedback on the type, speed, and quality of exercises. We are focused on improving the technology further to maintain our competitive advantage.

The desire to stay fit and healthy is an international phenomenon. The health club industry generated around $75.7 billion from 153,000+ clubs globally, serving 131.7 million members. (IHRSA Global Report) Along with this increasing trend of spending on one's personal health and fitness, gyms and trainers are seeking more ways to add to the member's experience.  


Our main competitors are Nike Fuelband, Fitbit, Amiigo and Push Strength. Unlike our competitors, Atlas has developed embedded algorithms to provide live feedback on the type, speed, and quality of exercises. We are focused on improving the technology further to maintain our competitive advantage. 

Our Story

All team members are passionate about sports and have been involved in varsity athletics.  Beyond our shared personal interests, the founding team combines talent from Johns Hopkins University, and Philips Healthcare. While at Johns Hopkins, Peter developed a motivational platform for college students and faculty to lose weight and gain muscle. He realized how valuable tracking the right data and the subsequent analysis was, yet he was frustrated by the lack of adequate solutions. Mike had a similar experience but in a different context. At Philips Healthcare, he learned how data could be used to literally save lives when designing circuitry for defibrillators. 

A Techstars Company.


Peter Li

CEO of Atlas. Fellow @Techstars. JHU MSE BME 2013. Does things, gets smarter. 

Prior to co-founding Atlas with Mike Kasparian, Peter was a graduate student studying biomedical engineering at Johns Hopkins University. While at Hopkins, he co-founded Sound Body Challenge – a motivational platform that leveraged team and competition to enable health and fitness improvement. Previously, he co-founded of Froots & Company ( – an internet based fruit delivery company that makes health and nutrition convenient.

Mike Kasparian

CTO of Atlas. Former EE at Philips Healthcare. 

Prior to co-founding Atlas with Peter Li, Mike previously worked at Philip Medical Division as development engineer. Mike was a key contributor to Philip's health and life saving devices. Mike brings first hand experience on how health data effects people's lives. He also brings useful reference of processes and practices from established and well-run corporations.

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