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Atlis Motor Vehicles:
Fast Facts

Atlis Motor Vehicles is a unique American heavy-duty pickup truck company built around an entirely electric powertrain. This technology enables us to compete head-to-head with existing diesel trucks as well as add the considerable benefits inherent to electric vehicles.

While our XT pickup truck remains our most visible flagship product, we are currently operating a tripartite fabrication model producing our own trucks, modular powertrains for other electric vehicle innovators, and high-speed, safety-forward vehicle chargers.

The Electric Compromise Problem

Clearly, the planet is in crisis. The legacy economy, built on the back of the petrochemical cartels, is imploding. Regulatory hurdles faced by existing diesel-fueled vehicle manufacturers continue to grow, as legislators quantify true environmental costs.

The commuting market has already seen a growth in electric automobile manufacture. Once seen as no-torque jokes, all-electric coupes are now recognized as elite luxury cars, offering more than gasoline ever could. But there still remains a gap between fossil fuel and electric vehicle development, where OEMs offer ”compromise” electric vehicles with low range and slow charge times – unsuited for people who use their vehicles for work everyday.

On the business end of this equation, we see electric development and innovation slow to meet the performance needs of the market, as traditional manufacturers remain hesitant to push the technology to it’s full potential for fear of cannibalizing their fossil fuel products. As a result, most electric trucks take on a “Truck-Lite” character, compromising many characteristics innate to modern work trucks. This model prioritizes the needs of producers, suppliers, and dealerships over those of their end-customers. This need no longer be the case.

While situation-specific electric "truck-lite" solutions can be the right choice for some specialized fleet operations, there remains no complete, reliable, electric-powered solution that captures the general-purpose functionality of a full-size diesel pickup truck.

The Atlis Solution

Our solution to the compromise problem is simple: focus on customer needs first. We built a general-purpose XT Pickup Truck with an all-electric powertrain that can outperform any legacy full-size diesel pickup platform available on the market.  No compromise on anything from range, to power, to charging, or cost.

As we did so, we realized that many different specialized producers required modular, all-electric powertrains to use as platforms upon which to construct new, carbon-neutral models of their legacy fossil fuel vehicles (RV’s, delivery trucks, step vans, Class 4-8 Trucks, tractors, etc). This is our scalable XP Platform - bringing "plug and play" electrification to any vehicle, manufacturer, or upfitter.

As we expanded our development drive to capture this large secondary market, we quickly learned that existing “recharge” technologies for electric vehicles are another vast point of compromise. While commuters can charge all day, work trucks must work.

Leveraging our XP battery and charging technology, we developed our Atlis Advanced Charger (AAC) high-speed vehicle charging station - capable of a zero to 100% charge in 15 minutes. Now we are building up to produce this ecosystem of technologies at scale, for both B2B and B2C sales in the full size heavy-duty pickup truck and work vehicle market.

Key Features / How It Works

The XP Platform is the base for the XT Pickup, including a “rolling platform” of components to enable electrified mobility.  The platform includes a frame, battery pack and charging systems, drivetrain, suspension, brake, and steering systems. 

Our primary product will be the full-size, battery-electric XT Pickup Truck that will be fully competitive with legacy pickup offerings from the big three auto manufacturers, and based on our XP technology. It will be configurable to meet a variety of specifications and price points. 

Cab size, bed size, towing capabilities, and range (up to 500+ miles on single charge) will be some of the primary configuration variables. This will be Atlis’ largest source of income, with a starting purchase price of around $45,000, and a flexible subscription model as well.

Our Atlis Advanced Charging system will be the highest power system yet on the market. It is an open design DC fast-charge off-board charging system with “plug-and-charge” capabilities. It will provide a full charge in 15 minutes or less (a 4C rate).


Fully-charged our Version 1 battery system in
under 15 minutes
using a public Chademo charger for a proof-of-concept in 2018.

XT Pickup interior and exterior completely modeled in CAD.

Numerous patents on battery and motor technology already filed, with regular additional filings to protect our results-driven development model.

Meet The Team

Mark Hanchett
has over ten years of product development experience with 16 successful electromechanical and software product launches with 10+ patents filed & awarded.

Greg Hassler
comes from a background in the automotive industry where he was a key asset in building a company to 150+ employees and executing an acquisition by Cox / 

Glenn Reese
has continually straddled the line between finance and technology with years of experience in energy and mobility focused on new technology development, engineering finance, and venture capital.

Ross Compton
has a background in automotive design, previously working at Bollinger Motors where he designed the original Bollinger B1 prototype, as well as Vector where he led design on electric motorcycles.

Ishaan Puranik
has a Master’s Degree (MSc) from Arizona State University in Electrical Engineering and holds specializations in Power Electronics, Lithium-ion battery applications, and Electrical Machines.

Derek Duff
graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Maine and worked with IAV Automotive Engineering at the Chrysler Proving Grounds.

James Bock
has worked in the automotive industry his entire professional career, covering everything from dealership technician to vehicle dynamics development and autonomous mobility systems architecture.

Matt Wilkins
competed in the SAE Supermileage competition as a body design team lead. Matt then pursued his creative side and achieved his Masters in Design, New Product Innovation with Arizona State University.

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